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Mediclaim Insurance Policy Online in India

Mediclaim Policy is a health insurance coverage policy, which covers the charges incurred during hospitalization. Here in this coverage one can claim in two different ways which involves cashless facility, where the insurer directly pays the hospitalization charges to the network hospital instead of the insured. The second way of claiming involves a process called reimbursement, where the insured will be repaid all the hospitalization coverage charges from the insurer after completing the treatment from any hospital.

Treating diseases now-a-days is the costliest expanse. On the other hand, Private medical facilities are very expensive and are becoming onus to pay. Mediclaim policy comes to rescue in such plights reducing the burden on the insured by granting some monetary help. The premiums on this policy completely depends the sum insured.

Before buying a Mediclaim policy, one needs to possess a basic awareness on the coverages, limitations and exclusions proposed within the plan.

Coverages offered

  • Hospital room and board along with OT charges.
  • Doctor's or Physician's fee
  • Nursing expenses
  • Medicines and diagnostic expenses
  • Expenses on day care treatments
  • Charges on domiciliary hospitalization
  • Pre and Post hospitalization expenses

Limitations of the plan

  • Maximum Cover
    Many insurers have put a limitation on the sum insured which is up to 5 Lakhs. At the same time some insurers relaxed their limit till 10 Lakhs.
  • Sub-limits
    Mediclaim plan imposes some sub-limits on Sum insured for room and boarding charges during the treatment.
  • Hospitalization
    With this plan in hand one need to wait for 24 hours to claim hospitalization charges. However, for day care treatments, this limitation is waived-off.

Exclusions in Mediclaim plan

Mediclaim policy has excluded situations where it will not cover the expenses. They include

  • Existing Diseases
    The insured should wait for 4 to 5 years to claim on pre-existing diseases.
  • Specific Illness
    For claiming these specified illness cases, the insured should wait for minimum 1 year.
  • Illness in the case of domiciliary hospitalization
  • Treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Treatment related with drug/ alcohol
  • Naturopathy treatment
  • Vaccinations and Inoculations
  • Overseas medical treatment

Add-on Benefits with Mediclaim Policy

  • No medical checkup is needed, if the insured is below 45 years.
  • Free medical checkup is provided to insured after 4 claim free renewals.

In the final analysis, Mediclaim policy ensures you effective protection for your health and you will be free from paying huge treatment costs from your pocket. With the optimized coverages and benefits, you will stay protected.

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