Canara HSBC OBC Vs AEGON Life Insurance Comparison 2024

Updated On: 2023-03-30

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Life insurance is an important financial planning tool that helps you to prepare for your future. The importance of life insurance is not just limited to the individual, but also extends to the family. It provides financial support in times of need and helps them plan for a better future. Life insurance companies are the most important service providers for people. They provide a financial safety net in the event of death or disability.

Looking for Canara HSBC OBC life insurance vs AEGON life insurance comparison, Key Benefits, and Features to buy the best Life Insurance Policy. PolicyBachat is helping you find the best life insurance that fits your requirement.  Comparing life insurance quotes from distinct carriers is a daunting process. Comparison of insurance online leads to cost efficiency due to low operating costs to maintain online.

PolicyBachat helps to calculate the pros and cons of the policy and buy the desired policy. It gives you the distinction between the carrier backgrounds, and incurred claim ratio to configure the right insurance policy. Let’s take a look at the key differences between AEGON and Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance, and see which one is better suited for you.

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited is a joint venture between Canara Bank and HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Limited and Punjab National Bank. The company brings the trust and market knowledge together of two big public sector banks in India namely Canara Bank and Punjab National Bank combined with the global insurance expertise of HSBC. The company has been in the insurance sector since 2008 and ranks amongst the top insurance providers in India today. Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance offers an exciting range of life insurance policies to its vast clientele situated across India.

Benefits of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

  • Variety of Insurance Products
  • Excellent Customer Service Record
  • Excellent Claims Settlement Ratio
  • Easy Premium Payment Options
  • Lifelong Coverage Option
  • Tax Benefits
  • Affordable Premiums
  • Facility To Renew Lapsed Policies Online

How Does Carana HSBC OBC Life Insurance Work?

  • Carana HSBC OBC Life Insurance is a life insurance plan that offers protection to the family members of the policyholder in case of death.
  • Carana HSBC OBC Life Insurance offers a wide range of products that provides different types of benefits and the flexibility of an investment product.
  • Carana HSBC OBC Life Insurance is a life insurance product that offers cover for both term and non-term policies.
  • Protection for spouses and children up to age 25 in case of death of the policyholder.
  • A lump sum amount upon maturity, which can be used for various purposes including education, marriage, and funeral expenses.
  • The option to convert into an immediate annuity at any time during its tenure with an interest rate of 4% per annum.

List of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Plans

Type of Plans Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Plans
Term Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Saral Jeevan Bima
  • Canara HSBC OBC iSelect Star Term Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Pos Easy Bima Plan
Online Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Invest 4G
  • Canara HSBC OBC iSelect Star Term Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Health First Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Guaranteed Savings Plan
Savings Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Guaranteed Income4Life Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Invest 4G
  • Canara HSBC OBC Guaranteed Savings Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Flexi Edge Plan
ULIP Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Invest 4G
  • Canara HSBC OBC Titanium Plus Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Smart Goals Plan
Child Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Smart Future Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Jeevan Nivesh Plan
Retirement Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Smart Life Long Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Secure Bhavishya Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Smart Monthly Income Pla
  • Canara HSBC OBC Smart Future Income Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Pension4 Life
  • Canara HSBC OBC Saral Pension Plan
Health Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Health First Plan
Group Plans
  • Canara HSBC OBC Group Advantage Term Plus
  • Canara HSBC OBC Group Advantage Term Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Group Term Edge Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna
  • Canara HSBC OBC Sampoorna Kavach Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Credit Secure Insurance Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Group Secure Plan
  • Canara HSBC OBC Group Traditional Plan

AEGON Life Insurance

The AEGON Life Insurance Company is a multinational insurance company headquartered in the Netherlands. The company provides life, health, and property-casualty insurance and other financial services. AEGON Life is one of the top digital life insurance companies; it was the first life insurance company to inaugurate online term insurance plans in India. AEGON Life insurance was launched together with AEGON N. V, an international provider of life insurance, pensions, and asset management, and Bennett Coleman & Company, India's largest media conjunction popularly known as the Times Group. AEGON is performing to help its customers achieve healthy and financial security. At AEGON Life insurance, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family’s unique needs are being taken note of and fulfilled.

Benefits of AEGON Life Insurance

  • Wide Range of Products
  • High Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Most Trusted Brand
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Flexibility in Premium Payment Options
  • Financial Protection
  • Tax Benefits
  • Low Premiums

How Does AEGON Life Insurance Work?

  • AEGON Life Insurance provides life insurance policies that are designed for people who want to protect their families. It helps to provide financial protection for the beneficiary in case of death or permanent disability.
  • The policy includes a cash sum and an annuity that is calculated based on the number of years that you have been alive. This means that if you die before your annuity, your beneficiary will receive all the money as a lump sum. If you live longer than your annuity, they will receive an income each year until they reach their maximum age.
  • The policyholder has to be an individual who has been in good health for at least 5 years. If the policyholder dies within 5 years after buying the policy, then the company will bear a loss of 10% on the premium paid.
  • AEGON Life Insurance is a company that provides life insurance plans to its customers. It has grown to be one of the largest life insurance providers in India.

List of AEGON Life Insurance Plans

Type of Plans AEGON Life Insurance Plans
Term Insurance Plans
  • Aegon Life Saral Jeevan Bima Plan
  • Aegon Life iTerm Insurance Plan
  • Aegon Life iInvest Plan
  • Aegon Life iMaximize Plan
Retirement Plans
  • Aegon Life Saral Pension Plan
  • Aegon Life Jeevan Riddhi Insurance Plan
  • Aegon Life Insta Pension Insurance Plan
Savings Plans
  • Aegon Life POS Guaranteed Return Insurance Plan
Money-Back Plans
  • Aegon Life Regular Money Back Insurance Plan
Group Plans
  • Aegon Life Group Credit Shield Insurance Plan
  • Aegon Life Group Term Plus Insurance Plan
Other Plans
  • Aegon Life Rural Term Insurance Plan
  • Aegon Life Covid-19 Insurance Plan
  • Aegon Life Critical Illness Insurance
  • Aegon Whole life insurance

Comparison Table of Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance vs AEGON Life Insurance

Parameter Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance AEGON life Insurance
Claim Settlement Ratio 97.10% 99.25%
Solvency Ratio 3.27 3.40
Inception 2008 2008
Number of Branches 4000+ 83
Availability Online/Offline Online/Offline
Life Cover Up to 99 years Up to 99 years
Types of Plans
  • Term Insurance Plans
  • Online Life Insurance Plans
  • ULIP Insurance Plans
  • Child Insurance Plans
  • Retirement Insurance Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • Health Insurance Plans
  • Group Insurance Plans
  • Term Insurance Plans
  • ULIP Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • Retirement Plans
  • Money Back Plans
  • Group Plans
  • Pay Premiums
  • Track Application
  • Download Receipts
  • Claim Settlement
  • Buy Policy
  • Renew Policy
  • Update Information, etc.
  • Pay Premium Payment
  • Claim Settlement
  • Renew Online
  • Buy Policy Online
  • Track Policy
Riders Available
  • Accidental Death Rider
  • Critical Illness Rider
  • Total And Permanent Disability Rider
  • Child Support Benefit
  • Critical Illness Rider
  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider
  • Waiver of Premium Rider


Life insurance is a form of insurance that pays a fixed amount of money to the policyholder, who typically dies during the term of the policy. There are many types of life insurance policies available for purchase such as term, whole life, endowment, savings, retirement, and so on. Each policy has its benefits and drawbacks but before you buy one make sure you know which company gives you the best life insurance policy.

PolicyBachat is an insurance web aggregator that will help you to make the right decision on a life insurance company. Here you can compare life insurance plans from the top life insurance companies side by side to get the best life insurance policy. If you are looking for Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance vs AEGON Life Insurance Comparison. Know all the features and benefits and choose a life insurance plan as per your requirement by considering factors such as premium, coverage, claim settlement ratio, etc.

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