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Look Out for The Problems Occur During Insurance Claims

Car Insurance Policy

We all know how insurance policy works. The cover starts from buying insurance policy from the insurer and signing up for yearly premium payments that keep your pocket away from any mishap incurred to the insured vehicle in an accident.

Auto insurance is mandatory in India and you might have owned a best insurance policy for your car. With insurance in hand come claims. Have you ever thought why claiming is so strenuous even if the requirements are crystal? There you might have missed some major aspects that actually carry a huge difference in your claim like old claims.

These insurance claims come with an expiry date. When you normally claim for your expenses on your insured vehicle your insurer usually find any reason to avoid paying the monetary coverage. So make sure you have set a certain time period for your claims. Following this incomplete paper work will take huge burden of claim rejections as your insurer refuse and hold your claim amount based on your insufficient information.

Lastly you might have failed in setting the sufficient amount of deductible for your car insurance policy and never let your insurer decide on your deductibles as they set them to low and you need to pay high premiums. These all are avoidable mistakes you commit, so try and avoid them for gaining a hassle-free claim settlement.

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