Extra Care - Floater Policy(upto 3 Children)

Bajaj Allianz's Extra Care can be taken as add on cover to your existing hospitalization - medical expenses policy.

Why you should choose Bajaj Allianz's Extra Care?

  • In case of higher expenses due to illness or accidents Extra care policy takes care of the additional expenses.
  • Floater Policy (upto 3 Children)-Sum insured floats over members covered.
  • Pre-Acceptance Medical Test: No test till 55 years of age for clean proposals.
  • For all cases where medical tests have been conducted in empanelled diagnostic centre, and the proposal has been accepted / and premium received the Company would reimburse 50% of the medical test charges
  • Covers ambulance charges in an emergency subject to a limit of Rs 3000.
  • Continuity for waiting periods would be given for any indemnity cover irrespective of Sum Insured in the earlier policy


  • Extra Care policy covers the medical expenses in excess of the specified deductible amount. For example - If the Sum Insured is Rs 10 lakhs and deductible is Rs 3 lakhs , Company liability for a claim of Rs 13 lakhs would be Rs 10 lakhs(which is over and above the deductible)
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses covers relevant medical expenses incurred 60 days prior to and 90 days after hospitalization.
  • Age of entry for proposer 18years - 70 Years. Renewable upto 80yrs
  • Children from 3 Months - 5 years can be covered if both the parents are insured with Bajaj Allianz.
  • Children from 6 years to 18 years can be covered if either of the parents are covered with Bajaj Allianz
  • Children from 18yrs to 25yrs can be covered as self proposer or as dependents
  • Income tax benefit on the premium paid as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


  • Pre-existing diseases covered after 4 years in Extra care plan.
  • 30 days waiting period applicable.( Disease contracted during the first 30 days from the commencement of the policy is excluded)
  • Joint replacement surgery (other than due to accidents)-a waiting period of 4 years before it is covered.
  • Other standard exclusionsof Extra Care plan are applicable.