Bajaj Allianz Individual Health Guard Daycare Procedures

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The standard exclusions and waiting periods are applicable to all of the below procedures depending on the medical condition/disease under treatment. Only 24 hours hospitalization is not mandatory.

  1. Suturing - CLW -under LA or GA
  2. Surgical debridement of wound
  3. Therapeutic Ascitic Tapping
  4. Therapeutic Pleural Tapping
  5. Therapeutic Joint Aspiration
  6. Aspiration of an internal abscess under ultrasound guidance
  7. Aspiration of hematoma
  8. Incision and Drainage
  9. Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal - Trachea /- pharynx-larynx/ bronchus
  10. Endoscopic Foreign Body Removal - Esophagus/stomach /rectum.
  11. True cut Biopsy - breast/- liver/- kidney-Lymph Node/-Pleura/-lung/-Muscle biopsy/-Nerve biopsy/-Synovial biopsy/-Bone trephine biopsy/-Pericardial biopsy
  12. Endoscopic ligation/banding
  13. Sclerotherapy
  14. Dilatation of digestive tract strictures
  15. Endoscopic ultrasonography and biopsy
  16. Nissen fundoplication for Hiatus Hernia /Gastro esophageal reflux disease
  17. Endoscopic placement/removal of stents
  18. Endoscopic Gastrostomy
  19. Replacement of Gastrostomy tube
  20. Endoscopic polypectomy
  21. Endoscopic decompression of colon
  22. Therapeutic ERCP
  23. Brochoscopic treatment of bleeding lesion
  24. Brochoscopic treatment of fistula /stenting
  25. Bronchoalveolar lavage & biopsy
  26. Tonsillectomy without Adenoidectomy
  27. Tonsillectomy with Adenoidectomy
  28. Excision and destruction of lingual tonsil
  29. Foreign body removal from nose
  30. Myringotomy
  31. Myringotomy with Grommet insertion
  32. Myringoplasty /Tympanoplasty
  33. Antral wash under LA
  34. Quinsy drainage
  35. Direct Laryngoscopy with or w/o biopsy
  36. Reduction of nasal fracture
  37. Mastoidectomy
  38. Removal of tympanic drain
  39. Reconstruction of middle ear
  40. Incision of mastoid process & middle ear
  41. Excision of nose granuloma
  42. Blood transfusion for recipient
  43. Therapeutic Phlebotomy
  44. Haemodialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis
  45. Chemotherapy
  46. Radiotherapy
  47. Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA)
  48. Pericardiocentesis
  49. Insertion of filter in inferior vena cava
  50. Insertion of gel foam in artery or vein
  51. Carotid angioplasty
  52. Renal angioplasty
  53. Tumor embolisation
  54. TIPS procedure for portal hypertension
  55. Endoscopic Drainage of Pseudopancreatic cyst
  56. Lithotripsy
  57. PCNS (Percutaneous nephrostomy)
  58. PCNL (percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
  59. Suprapubic cytostomy
  60. Tran urethral resection of bladder tumor
  61. Hydrocele surgery
  62. Epididymectomy
  63. Orchidectomy
  64. Herniorrhaphy
  65. Hernioplasty
  66. Incision and excision of tissue in the perianal region
  67. Surgical treatment of anal fistula
  68. Surgical treatment of hemorrhoids
  69. Sphincterotomy/Fissurectomy
  70. Laparoscopic appendicectomy
  71. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  72. TURP (Resection prostate)
  73. Varicose vein stripping or ligation
  74. Excision of dupuytren's contracture
  75. Carpal tunnel decompression
  76. Excision of granuloma
  77. Arthroscopic therapy
  78. Surgery for ligament tear
  79. Surgery for meniscus tear
  80. Surgery for hemoarthrosis/pyoarthrosis
  81. Removal of fracture pins/nails
  82. Removal of metal wire
  83. Incision of bone, septic and aseptic
  84. Closed reduction on fracture, luxation or epiphyseolysis with osetosynthesis
  85. Suture and other operations on tendons and tendon sheath
  86. Reduction of dislocation under GA
  87. Cataract surgery
  88. Excision of lachrymal cyst
  89. Excision of pterigium
  90. Glaucoma Surgery
  91. Surgery for retinal detachment
  92. Chalazion removal (Eye)
  93. Incision of lachrymal glands
  94. Incision of diseased eye lids
  95. Excision of eye lid granuloma
  96. Operation on canthus & epicanthus
  97. Corrective surgery for entropion & ectropion
  98. Corrective surgery for blepharoptosis
  99. Foreign body removal from conjunctiva
  100. Foreign body removal from cornea
  101. Incision of cornea
  102. Foreign body removal from lens of the eye
  103. Foreign body removal from posterior chamber of eye
  104. Foreign body removal from orbit and eye ball
  105. Excision of breast lump /Fibro adenoma
  106. Operations on the nipple
  107. Incision/Drainage of breast abscess
  108. Incision of pilonidal sinus
  109. Local excision of diseased tissue of skin and subcutaneous tissue
  110. Simple restoration of surface continuity of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  111. Free skin transportation, donor site
  112. Free skin transportation recipient site
  113. Revision of skin plasty
  114. Destruction of the diseases tissue of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  115. Incision, excision, destruction of the diseased tissue of the tongue
  116. Glossectomy
  117. Reconstruction of the tongue
  118. Incision and lancing of the salivary gland and a salivary duct
  119. Resection of a salivary duct
  120. Reconstruction of a salivary gland and a salivary duct
  121. External incision and drainage in the region of the mouth, jaw and face
  122. Incision of hard and soft palate
  123. Excision and destruction of the diseased hard and soft palate
  124. Incision, excision and destruction in the mouth
  125. Surgery to the floor of mouth
  126. Palatoplasty
  127. Transoral incision and drainage of pharyngeal abscess
  128. Dilatation and curettage
  129. Myomectomies
  130. Simple Oophorectomies