Do I Need Term Insurance If I Am Unmarried?

Yes. Every earning individual needs to have a term insurance plan irrespective of married or not. Term insurance should be taken to protect your family’s financial condition in case of your sudden demise. Term insurance should be taken as soon as you start earning irrespective of your marriage. The early you take the term insurance plan, the cheaper premium you would end up paying...Read More

How to choose Best Term Insurance Plan in India?

Choosing the right term insurance plan is a difficult task. There are so many insurance companies and plans to choose from, and it is difficult to know which one is best. The best way to do this is by comparing various plans that are available in your locality online at PolicyBachat.

While choosing the best term insurance plan is the one that offers the maximum coverage at affordable premiums and with all the possible add-ons. To get the best term insurance plan please talk to our life insurance agent who will guide you in selecting the best term insurance plan in India. The following points should be considered while selecting the best term insurance plan:

  • The cost of the policy
  • Type of Insurance
  • Age of the Insured Person
  • Current Health Condition
  • The type of coverage you need
  • The life expectancy of the person
  • The amount you want to invest in life insurance
Which is the Best Term Insurance Plan in India?

Term insurance is a type of life insurance that provides coverage for a specific period of time. It is also called temporary insurance as it does not last for the entire life but only for a certain term. The best term insurance plan in India should have a low premium, no exclusions, and a good sum insured. The best term insurance plan in India can be found online by comparing quotes online at PolicyBachat.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance is the extension of the term insurance policy. In whole life insurance the insurance coverage is provided till the death of the policyholder or till attaining 99 years of age. Since the coverage if for complete life time, it is known as the Whole life insurance. While the term insurance policy has a particular period of time for which the coverage is offered the whole life insurance policy is covered for the life time of the policyholder.

What is Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is a form of life insurance in which the insured customer and the insurance company enter into an agreement, in which the insurance company promises to cover the life of the insured in return for a nominal amount known as “Premium” and for a period of time known as the term. A term plan policy provides claims to the nominee in case of the death of the policyholder. Whereas few term plan policies provide maturity benefit to the insured customers in case of survival till the end of the term policy period.

Which Term Insurance is Best in India?

The best term insurance In India can be found on the portal Life Insurance after entering fill the basic details of the applicant. The best term insurance is the one that offers the maximum coverage at affordable premiums and with all the possible add-ons. To get the best term insurance please talk to our life insurance expert they will guide you in selecting the best term insurance.

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