Smart Health - Optimum Plan

When it comes to plan for medical emergencies financially, one tends to worry mainly about the hospital bills. Sudden hospitalisation can wreak havoc on your finances and impact your regular financial liabilities. Bharti AXA General Insurance gives you the smart alternative to stay on top of such situations by wisely choosing it's health insurance policy. Our smart health insurance provides a complete protection shield. It includes everything under the health insurance umbrella, ensuring that you are completely covered with standard health insurance covers. There are 3 coverage variations (Basic, Premium and Optimum plans) available under different premium levels, ensuring complete coverage for you and your family during sudden illness, surgery and accidents.

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  • Emergency ambulance upto Rs. 2,500
  • Home Nursing covered upto Rs. 500 per day for 10 days after the first 3 days
  • Discount 5% on the renewal premium for every Claim free year
Major Illness Covered Covered*
Age Eligibility   Entry age (5 yrs-55 yrs),Proposer(18yrs-55yrs), Dependent Children(90 days-23 yrs,if atleast one parent is covered under the policy)
Coverage for pre existing diseases After 4 yrs.
Critical Illness   Covered*
Cumulative Bonus Not offered
Daily Hospitalisation Allowance   Upto Rs. 1000 per day for 30 days after first 3 days
Day care procedures Covered
Domiciliary Hospitalisation Upto 10% of Sum Insured
Emergency Ambulance charges Upto Rs.2,500
Family Discount Not Offered
Health Check up   1 % of Sum Insured at the end of 4 claim free years
Income Tax Benefit Yes
Maternity Benefits Not Covered
Nursing Allowance   Covered
OPD Expenses   Not Covered
Organ Donor Expenses Covered
Post hospitalisation expenses Upto 60 days
Pre hospitalisation expenses Upto 30 Days
Swine Flu / H1N1 influenza Covered
Terrorist activities Covered