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Types of Life Insurance we offer

Term Insurance

It is a type of life insurance which provides coverage for a certain period of time or a specified “term”. If the policyholder expires (should pass away) during the term then the death benefit (which is the sum assured in this case) is paid to the nominee (beneficiary). There is no survival benefit in term insurance.

Whole life insurance

This is considered as extended term insurance (with a savings and cash value component* if the insured survives the whole life i.e.100 years) which covers the whole life of the policyholders.

Endowment/Savings Plans

The only difference between term insurance and an endowment plan is that there is a maturity (with bonus*) benefit at the end of the policy period in addition to the death benefit during the policy period. (Term insurance + maturity benefit at the end of the policy period) * If applicable

Money Back Life Insurance

This is similar to endowment insurance with the only difference being the survival benefits along with any accrued bonus are paid proportionately over a period of time.

Child Plans

This is a form of savings for the future of children to build a corpus which can later be used for higher education or marriage. Payout can be at the time of maturity of child or during regular intervals of time. (Savings + Death Coverage for Parent*) Waiver of premium payment.

Retirement/Annuity Plans

These type of plans help to build a corpus for your retirement. At the time of retirement the policyholder can opt for lump-sum payout or monthly income payout.


A part of the premium paid is for life coverage and the other part is invested in funds depending on the risk taking capacity of the insured. (Life Coverage + Returns)

Why you need Life Insurance


Life insurance can be used as a tool for future savings (also tax savings) with our endowment plans. These savings also accrue some bonus depending on the plan selected.


Life insurance plans protect your loved ones against unexpected expenses by providing financial assistance to your family as a lump-sum or regular income.


One additional reason to purchase life insurance is to invest your income for future returns. Life insurance plans such as ULIPs and annuity plans provide a scope for investment which can be utilized at a later stage of life.

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