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FAQs of Care Health Insurance:

Do I need health insurance if everyone in my family is healthy?

Health insurance covers the hospitalization and other costs related to the treatment in case the insured or family members are admitted in a hospital. The claim paid by the insurance company would not exceed the sum insured mentioned under the policy terms and conditions. Health insurance should be considered as a mandatory requirement by every person as the diseases or illness cannot be anticipated in advance. For instance no one can firmly say that they would not be contracted with any illness for a particular period of time. Hence, health insurance should be taken even if everyone in the family is healthy. If we consider Covid-19 pandemic, there have been many cases where people who haven’t had even a common cold were admitted to hospital with Covid-19 and underwent treatment for the same.

Is health insurance mandatory?

Unlike motor insurance, there is no law in India making health insurance mandatory. Health insurance should be mandatorily taken by each and every individual to safeguard themselves and their families from unnecessary financial hiccups at the time of hospitalization. Having a health insurance can save a lot of your money at the time of hospitalization as the rising health care costs can burn a big hole in the savings of customers.

Does care health insurance have health insurance for diabetic patients?

Yes. Care health insurance covers pre existing conditions such as diabetes, hypertension etc. Care freedom plan from Care Health Insurance Company provides health insurance to diabetic customers without any pre-policy medical check-up. The pre existing conditions are covered after a waiting period of 24 months from the date of first policy start date with the coverage being continuous.

Is there a health insurance plan for Cancer coverage?

Yes. Care health insurance has introduced health insurance plan to cover the customers treated for Cancer. Care Cancer insurance provides treatments costs in case the insured is diagnosed with Cancer and needs to undergo chemotherapy and other treatments as a process. The cancer cover is available lifelong with sum insured options ranging from Rs.10 L to Rs.2 Cr.

What is the tax exemption under Care health insurance plans?

Health insurance premium paid for Care health insurance plans are eligible for income tax deduction under the section 80D of the Income tax act. The limits are as mentioned below:-

Category Exemption category wise Total Exemption
Self & Family Rs.25,000 Rs.25,000
Self & Family + Parents (Not Senior Citizens) Rs.25,000 + Rs.25,000 Rs.50,000
Self & Family + Parents (Senior Citizens) Rs.25,000 + Rs.30,000 Rs.55,000
Self & Family(Senior Citizen) + Parents (Senior Citizens) Rs.30,000 + Rs.30,000 Rs.60,000

Is there cashless facility under Care health insurance policies?

Yes. Care health insurance(Religare health Insurance) has tied-up with almost 5050+ globally and all these hospitals provide cashless claim settlement service to the Care health insurance customers. The cashless facility can be availed by enquiring on the toll free number 1800-102-4499.

How many network hospitals are available with care health insurance Company?

There are more than 5050 network hospitals to provide cashless facility to the Care health insurance customers. The detailed list of tie-up hospitals can be found at Health Plan Certified Network Hospitals

Does my Care health insurance policy provide free annual check-up?

Yes, most of the health insurance policies from Care Health Insurance Company provide with free annual health check-up to all the individuals covered under the policy. The list of medical check-ups available differs from one plan to the other.

What is the eligible age to buy Care health insurance plan?

The minimum age to buy health insurance from Care Health Insurance Company is 18 years which is the legal age in India. There are certain plans where even a 91 day child can be included in the health insurance plan subject to one or both the parents already covered under the plan.

What is the pre-existing waiting period in care health insurance plans?

Any condition or illness which exists prior to taking the health insurance policy is known as pre-existing illness or disease. Every health insurance policy has a provision to cover the pre-existing diseases after a certain period of time. The pre-existing diseases waiting period in care health insurance plans range from 24 months to 48 months depending on the type of plan chosen. Care health insurance even offers an add-on named “Reduction in pre-existing waiting period” where the pre-existing waiting period can be reduced from 48 months to 24 months on payment of additional premium. This add-on is specific to few plans of Care Health Insurance Company.

What is the specific waiting disease in my health insurance policy?

There are certain diseases or illnesses which would be covered only after a certain period of time such as Hernia, Knee replacement etc. These diseases require a certain waiting period to be satisfied and it is known as specific disease waiting period. The specific disease waiting period in Care health insurance plans is 24 months from the date of policy start date.

Can I take health insurance and claim immediately?

Health insurance plans have an initial waiting period before which no claim would be paid except for the accidental claims. Only accidental claims are payable immediately after taking the health insurance policy. The initial waiting period in Care health insurance plans is 30 days from the policy start date.

What is the maximum sum insured offered under care health insurance plans?

The maximum sum insured offered under pre underwritten Care health insurance plans is Rs.1 Cr for general health insurance plans and Rs.2 Cr for Cancer plans. Higher sum insured can also be offered to customers after satisfactory underwriting from the insurance company. Pre underwritten plans are those where the premium is fixed for any particular sum insured.

Can I take health insurance for more than 1 year?

Yes. Care health insurance offers plans ranging from 1 year to 3 years. Please contact our Care Health insurance customer care number 1800-123-4003 to have a clear understanding of the Care Health insurance plans. The time period of health insurance policy depends on the type of plan selected by the customer.

Are there are health insurance plans for Senior citizens?

Yes. Care Health Insurance Company has introduced health insurance plans specifically for senior citizens such as Care Senior. The minimum entry age for this plan is 61 years and there is no maximum entry age under this plan. There is a 24 months waiting period for Named ailments and 48 months for pre-existing diseases under this plan. This plan is designed to provide maximum benefit to senior citizens aged above 61 years.

How are senior citizen plans beneficial?

Senior citizen plans such as “Care Senior” are beneficial as these plans are designed keeping in mind the needs of senior citizens. In this plan there is a co-pay of 20% per claim for every claim made by the insured under the policy within the policy period. The need for hospitalization is high in case of senior citizens and there is a need to have a separate health insurance plan which covers all the requirements of senior citizens.

Is there are plan to cover Maternity?

Yes. Care health insurance company offers health insurance plan which specifically covers the Maternity and New born baby expenses. Care health insurance plan “JOY” is a perfect blend of hospitalization and maternity. The policy tenure is 3 years and the maternity waiting period would be 9 months from the date of policy start date. The maximum sum insured under the “JOY” health insurance plan is Rs.5 L and the claim is also paid for new born baby under this plan.

Is personal accident cover available under health insurance?

Yes, personal accident cover can be availed under health insurance plan from Care Health Insurance Company. Care Plus – A Complete health insurance plan provides personal accident cover as a part of the policy with Accidental death and Permanent total disability cover.

Is it mandatory to undergo medical check-up before taking health insurance policy?

For most of the health insurance plans with Care health insurance, it is not mandatory to avail pre policy check-up. But there might be a requirement to undergo few medical checkups in case of customers with pre-existing conditions which varies on a case to case basis.

I forgot to renew my health insurance policy on time, what should I do now?

There is a concept of Grace period in every health insurance policy. If you are unable to pay the premium before the expiry date, then the insurance company would give you a grace period of maximum 30 days to pay the health insurance renewal premium. If the premium is paid before the grace period the policy would be in force and all the conditions satisfied under the policy would remain intact. If you do not pay the renewal premium after the expiry of the grace period, the policy would lapse and all the bonuses accumulated would be expired.

What is the maximum hospital bill that would be paid by Care health insurance Company in case of hospitalization?

The maximum claim amount that would be paid in case of any hospitalization would be the claim amount or the sum insured, whichever is less. For instance, if your sum insured is Rs.4 L and your hospital bill is Rs.5 L, insurance company would pay Rs.4 L which is the maximum liability of the insurance company.

What if I get diabetes or Hypertension after taking the health insurance policy?

Few illnesses or diseases such as Diabetes or hypertension are considered as pre-existing diseases only if they are present prior to health insurance policy purchase. If these conditions are detected after taking the health insurance, the claim is paid considering these conditions as new. But for the claims to be paid in future, the health insurance policy should be renewed every year without fail.

What are pre and post hospitalization expenses?

There are certain expenses which are incurred before the hospitalization such as investigation tests, routine checkups and certain expenses which are incurred after the hospitalization such as follow-up tests. There are expenses incurred on the pre and post hospitalization tests which are covered under the Care health insurance plans. The pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered for a certain period such as 30 days and 60 days respectively.

How many day care treatments are covered under Care health insurance plans?

The number of day care treatments covered is different for different care health insurance plans. Few plans cover up to 700 day care treatments while few plans cover 120+ day care treatments. It is advisable to talk to our health insurance expert before deciding on the type of health insurance plan. Due to the advancement in technology there are many diseases which are treated within a day and do not require in-patient hospitalization. These treatments are known as day care treatments and the maximum coverage under these plans is the sum insured mentioned in the policy.

Is there any co-payment in my health insurance plan?

Yes, most of the health insurance plans from Care Health Insurance Company have a co-pay of up to 20% of the total claim bill. In most of the plans the co-pay is applicable to people above 61 years of age. It is important to check the co-pay condition before purchasing the policy as the co-pay would be applicable to each and every claim payable under the policy.

What happens if my sum insured is expired before the policy period?

If your sum insured expires before the policy period, Care Health Insurance Company would reinstate/recharge your sum insured up to the existing limit without any premium to be paid. The reinstated sum insured can be used only for the treatment of new illness and the reinstatement is generally done only once during the policy period unless and until you opt for unlimited reinstatement option in which the sum insured would be reinstated unlimited number of times.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my health insurance plan?

Every health insurance plan offers a cooling period or free look period of 15 days to react on the health insurance policy. If you are not satisfied with the service or the terms and conditions of the health insurance policy, you can cancel the policy by giving a notice to the insurance company within 15 days of receiving the policy copy. This 15 days time period is known as “Free look period” or “Cooling period”. If you wish to cancel your health insurance policy after the free look period a pro rata premium would be deducted by the insurance company and the remaining premium would be paid.

What is the waiting period to avail Maternity cover?

The minimum waiting period to avail maternity cover is 9 months while the maximum maternity waiting period is 2 years under different health insurance plans available with Care Health Insurance Company. The maternity waiting period would be applicable to all the new policy holders.

What is the renewal bonus available under Care health insurance plans?

Care Health Insurance Company offers renewal bonus for customers renewing the health insurance policies. The renewal bonus is given if there is no claim in the previous year. It is also known as No claim bonus which is given at the time of renewal for every claim free year. The maximum renewal bonus that can be offered is 200% of the basic sum insured available under the policy with a certain percentage for each claim free year. The no claim bonus differs for different health insurance plans.

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