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Corona Health Insurance Exclusions

Not all medical expenses are covered under your coronavirus (COVID-19) health insurance policy. Take a look at the list of exclusions under your coronavirus insurance.

Exclusions under Corona health insurance

It is no secret that your health insurance plan will not cover each and every medical expense. And it’s also quite obvious that every health insurance comes with a list of inclusions and exclusions. Exclusions are however the ones that can give you a bad surprise if you do not know them beforehand.

“Exclusion” can be a medical condition or a healthcare expense that is not covered under your health insurance plan. As it is not covered, it means that your health insurance provider will not pay for it.

If you are a smart insurance buyer who takes out the time to read the Inclusions and Exclusions, and the Terms and Conditions, then you can surely save yourself from those nasty surprises in the future. Most people are only interested in what the policy offers (inclusions) and tend to overlook what the policy does not cover (exclusions). That’s the reason why you must always read the policy wordings before you sign the policy document.

Corona health insurance policies such as Kavach and Rakshak have certain exclusions under them which are listed below:-

  • Treatment or Diagnosis outside India:The policy doesn’t cover the treatment costs for the Corona virus outside India. In case the corona infection is spread when you are outside India, then the coverage is not applicable in that case as the diagnosis is done outside India. The policy covers only for the diagnosis and treatment in India and the claim is made as per the treatment done.
  • Hospitalization: The corona health insurance policies require a mandatory hospitalization of 24 hours to 72 hours for the Kavach and Rakshak, without which the claim is not admissible under the policy. In Case of domiciliary treatment, the claim is not admissible unless the hospitalization condition is satisfied. The main thing to note is that all the Corona infection cases are not serious and most of the cases are treated at home.
  • Other Illness: Any other illness or diseases not related to Corona are not covered under your Corona health insurance policies. The claim is admissible for the Corona related illness treatment which requires mandatory hospitalization. Since the policy covers only Corona related illness, the premium charged for this policy is very less compared to the standard health insurance policy.
  • Waiting Period: Any claim reported before the waiting period is not covered under the corona health insurance policy. The waiting period under the corona health insurance policies is 15 days from the policy start date. The waiting period is not applicable if the insurance policy is renewed on time without any break in the policy period.
  • Renewals: There is no chance for renewal under the Corona rakshak policy and a new policy is to be purchased after the expiry of previous policy. The renewals are possible in case of Kavach policies are permitted and the waiting period is waived off in such cases.
  • Portability: Portability is permitted only for the Corona Kavach insurance policy subject to the new insurance company accepting the policy. The portability is easy for the Kavach policy as the terms and conditions are same for every insurance company and only the premium differs from one company to the other.
  • Diagnosis: The diagnosis for the Corona should be done at Government recognised test centre only and the report should be submitted to the insurance company to process the claim. Any diagnosis report from unrecognised centres would not be acceptable by the insurance companies.
  • OPD & Day Care: OPD and Day care is not available the Corona health insurance policies as these policies require mandatory hospitalization of at least 24 hours in recognised hospital as per the definition mentioned in the policy wordings.

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