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How to Choose The Right Family Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is considered by many as much a medical insurance on the go. However, as a matter of fact, travel insurance is much more than just a medical protection plan. It gives you financial coverage in case of trip or ticket cancellations, loss or damage of your luggage or property, theft, emergency return, emergency transportation or medical care due to sudden illness during a trip and so on. Due to all these reasons, travel insurance is as mandatory while going on a holiday or a business trip as tickets and passport.

Why purchase Family Travel Insurance Policy?

Purchasing individual travel insurance policies for each member of your family travelling with you can be highly expensive and also time consuming while sourcing the cover. Hence it is always advisable to go for a comprehensive protection plan that will cover the entire family and will also be affordable.

A second advantage to buying a comprehensive family cover is that you may receive higher coverage which can be in the form of additional baggage cover, higher coverage for alternative accommodation and an increased cancellation cover. Some policies also allow to the adult members to travel separately within the policy year if an annual coverage is taken while some others provide free coverage for those under the age of 18.

The Do's and Don'ts to get the Perfect Family Travel Insurance Plan

  • Try to arrange for travel insurance as soon as your trip is confirmed and tickets are booked so that you get are covered for any kind of cancellations. In case of annual family travel insurance, the cancellation coverage kicks in with the issuance of the policy and you don't need to wait for the start of the trip.
  • Always choose a policy according to the period that you plan to travel. If you aim to travel abroad 2-3 times in a year, it is advisable to choose an annual policy than single trip policies as it is cheaper. So do your calculations properly.
  • Double check if the country you and your family are planning to visit is covered under the policy. Buying a policy just by the name, like "worldwide", etc. is not a smart thing to do as the regions defined by an insurer is way different from that you have learnt from your geography text books. Reading the fine prints thoroughly is worth in this case. It is better not to presume that a travel insurance policy provides coverage for every country in the world if the name says "worldwide coverage".
  • Travel insurance premiums increase manifold if the traveller's age crosses 65. It is always a smart move to get a separate insurance for any member who is travelling with you and has crossed 65 years of age so that the other younger members don't need to pay over the top.
  • Very often, people travelling abroad try to hide any pre-existing medical conditions from their insurers for the fear of having to declare them. It is not only important to declare any kind of medical issues while buying a new policy but even when you already possess a policy, you need to update any development with the insurer. If you fail to do so, any trip cancellation due to these pre-existing medical issues might not be reimbursed when claimed.
What does an Annual Family Travel Insurance Policy cover?

You must look for the following standard coverages in a family travel insurance plan other than the additional benefits that you want to opt for.

  • Medical Expenses, Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Emergency dental pain relief
  • Loss or Delay of Baggage
    (Per baggage maximum of 50% and per item maximum of 10% of the sum insured)
  • Personal Accident
  • Loss of Passport
  • Personal Liability

In case of any further queries regarding the ways to choose the best family travel insurance plan, you can always refer to a good web aggregator which can show you the quotes from various insurers to choose from and also their executives can help you in the process of your choice. Policybachat is one such aggregator which is open 365 days a year to assist you in getting your best deal.

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