How Many Times Can I Claim In A Health Insurance Policy?

You can claim any number of times in your health insurance policy as long as the sum insured is not exhausted. The sum insured in your policy is the maximum limit which can be utilised by you for claiming any number of times. There is no limit on the number of claims that can be made in your health insurance policy.

How to claim Health Insurance?

To claim a health insurance policy please visit our portal and consult our agent after hospitalization.

Is Health Insurance worth it?

Health insurance is one of the most important financial planning tools available in the market. Without health insurance, you might be forced to dig out your savings and liquidate your assets in case of hospitalization. There are few people who take out personal loans to settle their hospital bills as there was no health insurance policy for them.

How to claim HDFC ERGO Health Insurance?

To claim an HDFC ERGO health insurance policy please visit HDFC ergo health insurance login portal and consult the agent after hospitalization. If need help cal HDFC ergo health insurance customer care number 022 6234 6234.

How to claim ICICI Health Insurance?

To claim ICICI health Insurance in case of death go through our online portal which has a dedicated team of agents who will assist to the very end of your insurance policy.

How to Claim Maternity Insurance Policy?

Many group insurance firms provide maternity coverage to pregnant women. The pregnancy plan covers all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing. This plan covers all the medical charges incurred during the pre and post-delivery period. This duration is predefined by the insurer. All the costs that occurred for surgeries and pregnancy complications can be claimed. Expenditures for pre and post-natal durations are provided to the insured through this plan. The maternity insurance policy covers pre and post-natal care, C-section operation, and also a vaccination for newborn baby for a specified period.

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