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I have health insurance from office. Do I need another health policy?

Health insurance policy from office or employer health insurance is valid only as long as you serve in that company. Once you are out of job, you would be left without any coverage and any hospitalization during this time may cause a huge dent to your savings. Hence, it is advisable to have an individual health insurance policy even though you have health insurance from office.
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Why You Need A Child Insurance Plan?

Child Insurance Plan has Financial protection features in child plans to ensure that your child gets the best in the future even in your absence. It is one of the best ways to save enough with regular investments for your child’s future for needs like higher education which can be costly.

I am very young, Do I need Health Insurance?

There was a perception that young people don’t need a health insurance policy as they feel that they are healthy and do not contract any diseases. But it is important to note that there can be certain diseases such as Corona which can attack any age person and cause fatality. It is better to have a health insurance policy at a very young age even though if the sum insured is less as the saying goes “Something is better than nothing”.

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All you need about Waiting periods in Health Insurance

Taking a health insurance policy needs proper planning and research. The health insurance policy consists of waiting periods before availing certain benefits.

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