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Is Corona covered under health insurance?

Yes, Corona is covered under your health insurance policy. IRDA has made it mandatory to cover Corona virus pandemic under all the health insurance policies available in Indian market.
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What are the Diseases covered under Star Health Insurance?

The diseases are covered under star health insurance such as Genetic disorder, infertility, child worth or pregnancy related complications, congenital disorder, piles, hernia, brain Tumour, Cancer, or Chronic Kidney Disease, major organ transplant, and many others covered under star health insurance.

Is Dental Treatment Covered in Star Health Insurance?

Yes, Dental Treatment is Covered in Star Health Insurance but it is based on the plan selected by the customer.

Which Insurance Companies cover Lasik Eye Surgery in India?

Insurance Companies that cover Lasik Eye Surgery in India are Bajaj Allianz Health Guard, Magma HDI OneHealth Insurance Policy, Bajaj Allianz Health Supreme.

Is Piles covered under Star Health Insurance?

Yes, Piles treatment is covered under star health insurance. And also First Diagnosis of Cancer, brain Tumour, Cancer, or Chronic Kidney Disease, major organ transplant and many others covered under star health insurance.

Does Health Insurance Cover Pregnancy?

Yes, Health Insurance Cover Pregnancy. Many group insurance firms provide maternity coverage to pregnant women. The pregnancy plan covers all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing. This plan covers all the medical charges incurred during the pre and post-delivery period. This duration is predefined by the insurer. All the costs that occurred for surgeries and pregnancy complications can be claimed. Expenditures for pre and post-natal durations are provided to the insured through this plan. The maternity insurance policy covers pre and post-natal care, C-section operation, and also a vaccination for a newborn babies for a specified period.

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National Health Insurance Scheme in India 2023

Rashtriya Swasthiya Bima Yojana (RSBY) is first introduced by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, India. This scheme provides health insurance coverage

Star Health Insurance Add-ons

Star Health Insurance Add-ons/ Riders are extra coverage given to customers on additional premiums which are to be opted at the time of policy purchase.

Star Health Insurance Coverage

Star health insurance covers the hospitalization expenses of insured including Room rent, boarding charges, ICU charges, Doctor Charges etc., up to the sum

Benefits of Health Insurance in India 2023

A health insurance policy covers expenses incurred due to doctor visits, consultation fees, cost incurred due to medical tests, hospitalisation expenses, etc.

Best Top-up Health Insurance Policy in India 2023

A top-up health insurance plan is a type of health insurance plan that helps cover the cost of medical expenses. Compare quotes online to buy the best top-up cover.

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