Best Health Insurance In Rajasthan 2023

Rajasthan is one of the big states in India with a higher percentage of population. There are so many health insurance companies are available in Rajasthan and there are different health insurance plans available to get insured such as general insurance plan, family health insurance plan, individual health insurance plan, senior citizen insurance plan, critical illness insurance plan etc.

Best health insurance in Rajasthan can be found online on portal by comparing different health insurance plans offered by different insurance companies. We at Policybachat try hard to bring impartial comparisons of different health insurance companies and the coverage offered by them.

Health insurance is a type of insurance in which insured person get financial support in case of a medical emergency. Health insurance is a contract between the customer and the insurance company. The people who have health insurance can get insurance cover from the insurance company in case of hospitalization and they will take care of medical expenses charged by the hospital.

The pandemic has bought many uncertainties in the life of the common person. So, there is anything which is needed badly in this situation, it is none other than the health insurance. Health insurance is being seriously considered by many Indians after the entry of corona virus. Rising health care costs are forcing many people to think of good health insurance policy within their affordability. People who choose government hospitals earlier have also started thinking of choose private hospitals in case of any medical emergency. It leads to high medical charges. So it is important to have health insurance.

The premium paid by the customer for the health insurance policy is calculated based on the plan selected by the customer. And it depends on many elements such as the sum insured selected, extra benefits opted and other terms and conditions mentioned in the policy. The premium paid by the customer for the health insurance differs from company to company and also depend upon the service levels provided by the company.

Health insurance policy should be purchased after checking the terms and conditions mentioned under the policy and at the same time the claim settlement ratio and the claim acceptance time in case of cashless claim should be compared before deciding on the best health insurance company. Best health insurance offers the highest insurance coverage for minimum premiums.

Best Health Insurance Plans in Rajasthan:

Best health insurance policy should have the maximum coverage with reasonable premium when compared with the other insurance companies in the market and with no hidden sections in the policy. Premium can be paid through online and policy can be issued without any physical presence of the customer. The premium paid for insurance policy is calculated based on the plan selected by the customer.

Premium can be paid in instalments as per the directive of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India if the customer is not able to pay the premium at once. This option enables customer to convert the premium payment into monthly EMI options and at the same time avail higher coverage which would otherwise be difficult if the premium has to be paid lump sum.

Best health insurance quotes in Rajasthan are analysed based on the data provided by the insurance companies. Best health insurance plans in Rajasthan can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill the details of the applicant for quote generation such as Age of the customer, sum insured required, number of members to be covered, location pin code, name of the person, email address, gender of the person to be covered, extra coverage in the form of add-ons etc.

Health insurance premiums are calculated for a 30 year old Male with 26 year old Spouse, Sum insured Rs.5 Lac and the policy period taken as 1 year. Location of the customer is taken as Rajasthan for the purpose of premium calculation.

Company Plan Coverage Premium
Raheja QBE QuBE Super Saver 5,00,000 4,740
Raheja QBE QuBE Basic 5,00,000 5,882
Raheja QBE QuBE Comprehensive 5,00,000 7,518
Edelweiss Silver 5,00,000 7,557
Edelweiss Silver with Health 241 Add-on 5,00,000 9,446
Edelweiss Gold 5,00,000 10,406
Edelweiss Gold with 241 Add-on 5,00,000 13,008
Care NCB Super 5,00,000 10,885
Care NCB & UAR 5,00,000 11,627
Care NCB & Everyday Care 5,00,000 16,881
  • Note: The premiums given above vary with the coverage and please refer our website for exact premium.
  • Read about the conditions such as No claim bonus, room rent facility, waiting period, Co-pay, medical care check-up options are considered before arriving at the final premium.
  • Before you buy health insurance policy need to check terms and conditions thoroughly or contact experts before proceeding.

How to Decide the Best Health Insurance Policy in Rajasthan?

Best health insurance policy can be decided after considering the below points:

  • Coverage v/s Premium:

    Coverage and Premium are the most frequently compared things while deciding on the best health insurance policy. But comparing the coverage with the premium charged by the insurance companies is the big mistake people made.

    A health insurance policy have many things such as inpatient hospitalization, Ayush treatment and other terms and conditions which should be thoroughly checked before buying it. So, before buying the policy consider all the factors because simple analysis of comparing different health insurance policies against the premium from different insurance companies can only result in disappointment at the time of claim settlement.

  • No Claim Bonus/ Renewal Bonus:

    No claim bonus or the renewal bonus is the increase in sum insured at the time of renewal provided by the insurance company for no claims made in the previous policy year. The maximum renewal bonus or No claim bonus provided by the insurance companies would not exceed 100% of the basic sum insured.
    There are few health cover plans which provide 10% to 50% renewal bonus for each claim free year. Higher the renewal bonus percentage each year, higher would be the sum insured at the time of renewal. The best health insurance policy in state government Rajasthan is the one which provides up to 100% renewal bonus or no claim bonus for each claim free year. The claim amount will be settling by government of Rajasthan.

  • Network Hospitals:

    Network or tie-up hospitals are the hospitals with which the insurance companies enter into an agreement to provide cashless treatment service to its customers. In cashless hospitalization the customer need not pay medical bills to the hospital. They provide free and cashless services.

    The insurance company tie-up with those hospitals and they take care about the medical expenses charged by the hospital. The best health cover policy in Rajasthan is the one which has the more number of network hospitals. Rajasthan being a metro city would have more number of network hospitals for treatment of various diseases.

  • Co-pay:

    In Co pay the fixed amount of money is must pay each and every time when insured person need medication. Co-pay is the amount of claim which is to be borne by the insured customer at the time of claim settlement. Most of the health insurance policies have co-pay clause if there are senior citizens included in the policy.

    Higher the co-pay amount selected by the customer, lower would be the health insurance premium. Co-pay is the way of making customer liable and participating in the claim settlement process. The best health insurance policy in Rajasthan is the one which doesn’t have the co-pay at the time of claim settlement.

  • Pre-existing waiting period:

    Any illness or disease which exists prior to the inception of the health insurance policy is known as pre-existing disease. Health insurance policies usually have a waiting period only after which the health insurance claim for the existing diseases would be paid.

    The pre-existing waiting period would normally range between 2 years to 4 years for different health insurance products available in the market. Higher the pre-existing waiting period, higher would be the time before the claim is settled for pre-existing conditions. The best health insurance policy in Rajasthan is the one with 2 years or less pre-existing waiting period.

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