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Compare Bike Insurance Online India

Looking for an easy way to compare two wheeler insurance rates online? Comparing two wheeler insurance rates online is a difficult task as you either have to go from company to company or search for each of them on Google.

But with the advent of the Internet, it has become easier for us to check out the quotes and buy the policy online. In this article, we will talk about how you can compare two wheeler insurance rates online and what are some important points that you should keep in mind while buying your two wheeler insurance policy.

Compare Bike Insurance Online

Riding a two-wheeler without getting insurance for a bike can not only make you go against the law of the country but also can blow a hole in your pocket in times of road mishaps. Irrespective of the growing awareness about the importance of comparing bike insurance online and also how easy it is to get online insurance for bikes, still a huge number of bikers ride on the road without valid insurance for bikes. You can log in for more information about online bike insurance.

The reason for ignorance towards bike insurance is mostly owing to their busy schedule that does not allow them to run to various bike insurance India offices for quotes or because they want to avoid the hassles of vehicle inspection, etc. Keeping these factors in mind, some bike insurance India companies have started the system of online insurance for two-wheelers. Online two wheeler insurance plan enable bike owners to ensure their two-wheelers without physically visiting insurance companies or meeting bike insurance agents.

The same process is applicable for bike insurance renewal. Bike owners often miss out on renewing their bike insurance in India leading to the lapse in their policies. The facility for online insurance for bikes has helped solve this problem to a great extent. The option of online bike insurance renewal has waived off the hassle of pre-inspection, which in turn has increased the number of insurance for bikes getting renewed.

Why Bike Insurance?

In the era of budget gyms and high-end coffee, not having a car can be a blessing in disguise. But if you live in a city where public transport is unreliable or unaffordable, owning a two wheeler is essential. In such scenarios, it's important to buy two wheeler insurance to protect your investment. The best two wheeler insurance policies are available in India for you to choose from based on your needs and budget.

Though purchase and compare bike insurance renewal has become simple and hassle-free with the advent of online insurance, there are certain things you should be very careful about while purchasing online insurance for bikes. Reading the fine print is a must before purchasing bike insurance, especially if you are getting online insurance.

For example, you must check the date of inception of the new bike insurance India policy, especially if you are taking online insurance without inspection. Generally, the risk inception date starts 90 days after the day of the issuance of the policy.

On a final note, we can say that though there is always the option of physically exploring each and every bike insurance policy available in the bike insurance India market and purchasing it through agents that includes the payment of commissions, purchasing or renewing insurance for bikes online is anytime simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming.

Online insurance web aggregator PolicyBachat not only helps you purchase the bike insurance policy of your choice but also assists you in comparing all available policies and getting the most suitable deal. If you want to know more about the process of purchasing or renewing bike insurance online, contact their motor insurance experts on their toll-free number 1800 123 4003 or chat with them at PolicyBachat.

How to Choose an Affordable and Reliable Bike Insurance Policy for You?

The various aspects that you need to consider while choosing bike insurance.

  • Own Damage Cover
  • Third-Party Cover
  • Personal Accident Cover
  • Add-ons
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB)

What is covered in a Standard Bike Insurance Policy?

Understanding Your Bike Insurance Coverage Options

  • Third-Party Injuries 
  • Third Party Disability
  • Third Party Death occurred due to natural calamities
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Accidents

Cheap and Best Price for Two Wheeler Insurance:

The cost varies from Rs. 200 to Rs. 45,000 depending on the vehicle, company, and plan chosen by the bike owner.

Purchasing the Right Coverage For You at a Price You Can Afford:

You might be wondering whether or not you should buy insurance for your bike if you already have car insurance. The answer is yes! Bike insurance is important because even if you’re very careful accidents happen on the road all the time!
No one loves going to the insurance office to get an insurance policy. It’s a lot more pleasant to get bike insurance online. You can do it in your own time, and if you need help you can ask the Policybachat expert for assistance and we have a number of network garages with cashless facility.

Bike Insurance Policy Add-on Covers:

Availing third-party insurance might protect you from traffic regulations but not covered at the time of the accident. A comprehensive insurance plan with the required add on the cover will provide you optimum coverage benefits. Here, some add-ons that help you to avail most out of two wheeler insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance policy

Carriers highlight add-ons along with the comprehensive insurance policy for extensive coverage at the time of claim settlement ratio. Basic add-ons like zero depreciation, passenger cover, medical cover, personal accident cover, etc. are used, but there are also compare bike insurance premium add-ons that benefit the policyholder at the time of claim.

The policyholder should choose the premium add-ons depending on factors like

  • How likely to the two-wheeler met with accidents
  • History of the vehicle model prone to mishap
  • Is the damage cost is high in that vehicle
Passenger cover

The policyholder covers for a claim amount in case of a mishap if he chooses a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy, but what about the co-passenger? He is not eligible for coverage. Passenger cover helps to get the coverage for the co-passenger; this is secured against your loved one.

Return to Invoice cover

Return to Invoice is an add-on option that covers the gap between the insured declared value idv and the invoice value of your bike along with the registration and other applicable taxes.

Medical claim

In case of a mishap, fetching for hospital charges is enormous; this reason makes you include the medical policy in your two-wheeler insurance online. A policyholder can claim for the medical bills, hospital charges, and medicines for a specific period.

Zero depreciation cover

For instance; in case of a mishap a policyholder opts for a claim the coverage is calculated by deducting the depreciation value of the spare parts, accessories will be covered. The remaining amount is to be borne by the policyholder if you have zero depreciation cover the whole amount of damaged parts are covered by the carrier.

Accessories cover

If your vehicle is premium and opts for the fancy accessories to your vehicle, you should prefer the accessories cover. While buying accessories coverage you should be genuine to provide the exact value of the parts to get you a hassle-free claim. Don’t undervalue the accessories, this impacts you at the time of claim.

Get the recommended add-ons cover includes and compare two wheeler insurance policies for hassle-free claims in case of any mishap. Purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy with a specified add-on could get the cream off the crop at the time of claim settlement. A policyholder should include the add-ons in his sports bike insurance renewal policy.

Two Wheeler Quotes on Tab><strong><em><br></em></strong></p>
<h3>Factors that Affect Bike Insurance Online Premium:</h3>
<strong>Insured declared value</strong>
<p>Higher the IDV; higher the premium, don’t decrease the Insured Declared Value idv which in turn impacts on your coverage. Be fair while valuing the factual value of the vehicle to bind legally for a rightful claim.</p>
<p>The deductible is an amount of money that a policyholder agrees to pay at the time of claim, these impacts in your insurance premium. Increase in deductible will lower your premium amount; make your deductible moderate to avoid the risk for higher claim settlement by a policyholder.</p>
<p>Extra accessories fitted to your vehicle either for enhancing the performance or the exterior look should be properly disclosed in the insurance document for the accessories claim. Your negligence for a proper disclosure will impact you at the time of claim.</p>
<p><strong><em>As you are buying the first bike insurance online policy, you had an idea of what are the factors that need to be considered while deciding the right two wheeler insurance online policy. Go compare bike insurance quotes by 2 simple steps from Policybachat and go ahead in renewing the comprehensive bike insurance plans for roadside assistance and hassle free claim settlement.</em></strong></p>
<h2>How to Buy Pre-Owned Two Wheeler</h2>
<p>Exited to purchase pre-owned two-wheeler within your budget, get your idea to buy two-wheeler collaborated with our suggestions to find the right choice. Read the article precisely to decide the perfect vehicle according to your requirement.</p>
<p>Two wheeler insurance claim is also eminent in buying the vehicle, check with the existing owner whether he possess two-wheeler or not. If he possesses the two wheeler insurance policy, it is mandatory to transfer in your name after the ale to get a rightful claim form in case of any mishap. If the present owner has only third party two wheeler insurance policy it is better you to upgrade to a comprehensive policy with add-on for extensive protection.</p>
<p>PolicyBachat is the genuine and easy buying online two wheeler insurance plans with simple 3 step process by comparing the best insurance quotes from top carriers. A wise decision for every owner is to compare and buy two-wheeler insurance online.</p>
<h3>Things to Remember before Buying Two wheeler Insurance</h3>
<p>Your requirement in buying two-wheeler is eminent, your lifestyle, usage of the vehicle and your choice will reflect your segment of buying the vehicle. Going for long drives frequently flexible in top speed driving you can prefer sports vehicle with cruise control for hassle-free driving experience in highways.</p>
<p>Visit online portals and configure the outdated and updated technologies and know whether the present pre-owned model would sustain competitive technology for the next 4 years. By this configuration, you can judge the vehicle suits you better. Word of mouth- Get the opinions for the desired models from your friend's colleagues to make your decision stronger.</p>
<strong>Market Analysis</strong>
<p>Compare the model with the online portals,, to differentiate the re-sale value in an offline and online market.  Never miss holding an insurer offer on top classified sites in Quikr and OLX websites for hundreds and thousands of genuine customers in your locality. </p>
<p> Classified sites give you numerous options with a price tag, check the model with the price quoted. You can find numerous used two wheelers on the market, your decision is crucial in choosing the best one.</p>
<strong>Choices to buy the used two wheeler</strong>
<p>You have numerous choices to buy the used two-wheeler online or offline (independent, dealer). If your choice is online then check the certified websites who possess genuine reviews and ratings. </p>
<p> In case of a dealership, your vehicle is secured with right certifications with good condition but the price range might hike compared to private owners. If you are seeking for a secured vehicle with engine protection our suggestion is to buy used two-wheeler from the dealers.</p>
<strong>Inspect the vehicle</strong>
<p>Vehicle audit is necessary to configure the right price of the vehicle, inspect the vehicle with the local mechanic for genuine parts and functioning. Give a test drive by yourself to check any flaws and the comfort you experience while driving. Don’t compromise on any factors as you are owing to a rightful possession.</p>
<strong>Check RC and possession of a vehicle</strong>
<p>Check for the rightful possession of the vehicle by checking the documents required for the renewal of old car, Registration Certificate with Road Transport Authority (RTA). It is mandatory that motor vehicle act 1988 to buy bike insurance policy if you own a new bike/existing vehicle. Never neglect the genuine procession of the vehicle owner, this can lead to a fraud and your procession is not binding legally. A wrong procession lapses the two wheeler insurance policy too.</p>
<h2>Golden Rules to Regulate Your Bike Insurance Prices</h2>
              <p>Bike Insurance will shield the biker from any road mishaps which causes unnecessary financial burden. </p>
              <p>Bike insurance India is mandatory for those who commute on the private or public vehicles. No bike insurance means saying yes to law contraventions. We all know that third party bike insurance is mandatory for all the bike owners in India, but do you know in addition to Third party bike insurance there are many bike insurance plans that provide excess coverages for your vehicle. </p>
          <p>No matter how safe you drive all the roads are prone to accidents. To ensure your convenience throughout your ride Bike insurance India policy covers you and your bike from any unforeseen mishaps or any accidental damages or losses caused to the other person or self. There some added advantages with your online bike insurance policy. </p>
            <li>If  your bike is damaged in an accident, it costs you more than thousands of rupees  and burdens your savings unexpectedly. Such unforeseen expenses are covered by  insurance of bike. Bike insurance covers your damage repairs completely.</li>
            <li>Your  single bike insurance India policy has tie-ups with various network garages all  over India, where you can get cashless services for repairing your damaged bike.  Your insurer will bear all the repairing costs of your bike singlehandedly.</li>
            <li>If  your vehicle has caused any damage to other person’s private property or any  pedestrian, This online bike insurance India policy with Third part insurance  plan covers those damages along with the legal proceedings against you in case  of any accidental death of the third person.</li>
            <li>Personal  Accident coverage of Bike Insurance Policy covers the injured driver and offers  some amount as compensation if the insured driver is dead. This monetary  assistance in treating the insured reduces the burden on self.If the insured  job is not much profitable, the total sum insured is offered to the online bike  insurance India policy nominee for attaining financial stability.</li>
          <p>This is the right quote your best insurance policy at best premiums through <a href=

You might be thinking that online bike insurance costs more, but do you know that the final premium rates can be reduced by adopting some golden methods.

  • Pick the best motorbike insurance cover
    In addition to Third party insurance cover, bike insurance online issues comprehensive coverage which protects you wholly not specifically limited to third party accidents. It might be costly but it is many times better than third party liabilities coverage.
  • Boost the excess You can increase the voluntary payment which saves your insured value, but be sure to limit at a marginal extent while hiking your voluntary investment.
  • Carefully choose your bike High-performance bikes need higher coverages which means higher premiums. If you are a regular commuter choose your bike wisely.
  • Minimize the modifications The premiums are higher to modified bikes, so be sure to keep your modifications minimum to reduce the insurance of bike premiums.
  • Ride fewer miles The more you ride the more likely your bike can get damaged. Limit your long distance traveling for another transport mode.
  • Ride safely There is an additional bonus given to the insured drivers who are safe and have no accident history. The bike insurance companies pay an appreciation bonus for safe driving skills.
  • Secure your motorbike If your bike is stolen or vandalized you are in need of a claim, which reduces the chance of an NCB bonus for the succeeding year. So keep your bike safe.
  • Limit the number of claims No claims in the policy period, then you can likely receive a No Claim Bonus from bike insurance companies. This bonus will be added to the next policy period and reduce the premium amount.

On a final note, Bike insurance is a saver. It benefits you with the bike insurance coverage plans and restricts your unnecessary and sudden financial burdens. Choose the best online bike insurance India Policy or get the best bike insurance renewal policy for your bike and save yourself from unforeseen expenses. To buy the best online bike insurance India policy visit PolicyBachat.

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