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Updated On: 2023-03-31

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Key features and exclusions of Corona Rakshak Star Health insurance policy


  • Entry Age: 18 – 65 years
  • Policy Term: 3.5 months, 6.5 months, 9.5 months
  • Renewal: As per availability and continuity from IRDA
  • Sum Insured Basis: Individual basis sum insured
  • Sum insured options: Rs.50k to Rs.2.5 Lacs
  • Benefit: 100% payment will be made on the basis of a positive diagnosis and subsequent hospitalization for a minimum period of 72 hours.
  • Pre- acceptance cover medical screening test: Not Required
  • Waiting period: 15 days from the date of commencement of the policy
  • Co-payment: No co-pay as this is a benefit policy
  • Free Look period: 15 days from the date of renewal of the policy
  • Reinstatement: Policy ceases upon lump sum payment
  • Discounts: 15% in premium if the first dose is taken and 25% Vaccine discount if both the doses are taken. The maximum discount applicable is 25%.


  • Expenses incurred on any illness other than Novel Coronavirus
  • Any claim with respect to Novel Coronavirus contracted or manifested or the onset of the disease is prior to the commencement date of the policy or during the waiting period.
  • Expenses incurred on Investigation & Evaluation primarily for diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis or Treatment outside the geographical limit of India
  • Testing is done at a Diagnostic center that is not government authorized

Features of Star Health Insurance

Star Health In-House Claim Settlement:

Star Health & Allied insurance company has no Third-party administrators to settle the claim. All the reimbursement and cashless claims are settled through the in-house claim settlement team of Star insurance company. This is an advantage to the customer as the in-house claim settlement would be available round the clock.

The customer’s reimbursement claim would also be settled within a few days as there would be no involvement of a third party in the claim settlement process. The in-house claim settlement process was proved to reduce the claim settlement time and has also improved customer satisfaction.

Faster & Hassle-free claim settlement:

The main purpose of taking a health insurance plan is to avail cashless/ reimbursement facility at the time of hospitalization and to reduce the chance of going bankrupt due to the hospitalization expenses which may involve disposing of the assets such as Gold or other properties.

If the claim settlement is not faster and hassle-free the insured customer would suffer a lot and the use of insurance policy would be limited. Star Health Insurance Company provides faster claim settlement service to their customers, in case of cashless claim settlement 90% of the claims are settled within 2 hours, and in case of reimbursement claim settlement would be done within 7 days from the receipt of all the required documents.

All the claims settled by Star Health Insurance Company are hassle-free as the claim settlement process is made simpler and faster. The duly filled claim settlement form should be filled by the insured customer and submitted to the insurance company along with the discharge summary and other bills for the claim to be processed within the time limit mentioned in the policy document.

Cashless facility:

Star Health Insurance Company has tied up with more than 10, 000 hospitals and diagnostic centers to provide cashless claim settlement services to its customers. The cashless claim settlement facility can be availed by the customers in any of the network hospitals or tie-up hospitals pan India.

Most customers prefer to avail of cashless service at the time of hospitalization due to the comfort it offers to the customers. Almost 90% of the cashless claims are approved and settled within 2 hours of notifying the insurance company. All the major hospitals in India are tied up with Star Health and Allied insurance company.

Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured:

Automatic restoration of the sum insured is the restoration of the sum insured upon complete exhaustion during the policy period. The sum insured would be restored up to 3 times during the policy period without any extra premium to be paid. The sum insured restored under the policy can be used only for the new illness or a new family member for the same illness. It is to be noted that the restoration happens only after the complete exhaustion of the sum insured available in the policy.

Super Restoration of Sum Insured:

If the limit of coverage under this policy is exhausted during the policy period, an additional basic sum insured of 100% would be provided once, for the remaining policy period for subsequent hospitalization. Under the Super Restoration plan, the sum insured would be restored up to 100% of the basic sum insured and the same can be utilized for the same ailment in subsequent hospitalization.

The difference between the Automatic restoration of the sum insured and Super restoration of the sum insured is that the reinstated sum insured can be used for the same illness in the latter while the former doesn’t have this option. Super restoration of the sum insured is like an additional sum insured given to the insured for treatment of existing or new illnesses.

The unutilized additional basic sum insured cannot be carried forward at the end of the policy period during the renewal. The super restoration of the sum insured is not available for modern treatments. The super restoration of the sum insured is done only once during the policy period.

Installment options:

Star Health Insurance Company provides customers with installment options for health insurance premiums. The health insurance premium can be paid in installments for long-term health insurance claims policy periods. Installment options help the customers to pay the health insurance single premium more than once during the policy period. This way customers can save money by opting for higher coverage and paying later.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Corona Rakshak Health Insurance.

The Corona Rakshak Policy is a lumpsum benefit policy that covers you for potential medical expenses if you or a family member are infected and hospitalized due to the coronavirus. What makes this COVID insurance cover different is that it provides the complete sum insured as a lump sum in case of a claim, instead of going for reimbursement or cashless treatment.

Corona Rakshak Health Insurance can payout for your entire hospital bill if you require hospitalization for over 72 hours. This includes the cost of PPE kits, mask, gloves, oxygen, ventilator charges, nursing charges, boarding charges, room charges, and diagnostic test charges. It will also cover the most exorbitant charges incurred in ICU or ICCU treatment.

In the case of home treatment, the policy covers 14 days of the treatment.


  • Benefit Policy: The major advantage of the Corona Rakshak policy is that it is a “Benefit-based” policy. Corona Rakshak policy settles the total sum insured as the claim amount in case of diagnosis with Coronavirus. Even if the customer has not incurred the sum insured towards treatment the overall sum insured will be paid to the customer.
  • Easy claim settlement: Another advantage of the Corona Rakshak insurance policy is the ease of claim settlement. The claim is settled by the insurance company after submitting the Covid-19 diagnosis report, hospitalization report and there would be no hassle to submit other claim-related documents which would be mandatory for other health insurance policies.
  • Affordable Policy: The premium to be paid in the case of Corona Rakshak policies is very affordable which would be a few hundred bucks. The premium is less when compared to traditional health insurance policies. Here the premium is not charged on the basis of age which is very advantageous.


  • Limited Coverage: Under the Corona Rakshak policy the minimum sum insured is Rs.50k while the Maximum sum insured is only Rs.2.5 Lacs. In these turbulent times, the sum insured of Rs.2.5 Lacs would not be sufficient to recover the treatment costs of Corona-related illness. 
  • Policy Period: The policy period in the Corona Kavach policies would be 3.5 months, 6.5 months, and 9.5 months, so if one wants to take Corona Kavach for 12 months then they have to renew the policy after 9.5 months. This short period of coverage may cause inconvenience to the customer if they forget to renew their policy on time forcing them to satisfy the waiting period.
  • Limited Benefits: The benefits offered under the Corona Kavach insurance policy are limited only to the coverage of Corona-related treatments. This means that customer has to have at least 2 health insurance policies; one Corona health insurance policy and another general health insurance policy. This health insurance policy cannot be used for the treatment of other illnesses or diseases apart from the Covid-19.
  • Multiple policies: The major disadvantage of Corona insurance policies is that the policy would be applicable to the treatment of specific diseases only and there need to be taken a separate health insurance policy to cover other illnesses and diseases.

Buy corona rakshak health insurance in star health insurance for family floater plans, senior citizens plans, etc., and get tax benefits and exemption as per section 80D of Income Tax Act 1961.

Please visit Corona health insurance policies or talk to our agent to choose the best corona insurance policy.

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