Travel Insurance For Children Travelling Alone

With the change of today's Indian education system, studies are no longer limited to the four walls of the classroom. Excursions, field trips, different adventure activities, attending educational conferences, etc. have become an integral part of school education.

You cannot hold them back for fear of any anticipated danger as that will make them fall behind other children. However, as parents your concern for your child is justifiable and this is where child travel insurance steps in. A Child Travel Insurance helps you protect your child from danger even when you are physically not around to take care of him/her.

You might have covered your child under your Life insurance plan to help him/her survive in your absence. But that might not be sufficient when your child is traveling without you. Here you surely need to give your child the coverage of a Children Travel policy that provides him/her assistance in any unforeseen situations that he/she might come across in the course of the trip.

Coverage under Child Travel Plan

Travel insurance is considered by many as much a medical insurance on the go. However, travel insurance is much more than just a medical expenses protection plan. It gives you financial coverage in case of a single trip or ticket cancellations, loss or damage of your luggage or property, theft, emergency return, emergency transportation or medical care due to sudden illness during a trip, and so on. Due to all these reasons, travel insurance is as mandatory while going on a holiday or a business trip as tickets and passport.

You need to be ultra-cautious while choosing the travel policy for your child as it concerns his/her life. The coverages offered to vary from insurer to insurer. You must read through the features offered and the fine prints carefully so that you do not miss out on any cover that your child might require on the trip.

If your child is going on an adventure trip or will be indulging in adventure sports like river rafting, para-gliding, para-sailing, skiing, etc., you must check if the policy is covering all these. General Child trip policies mostly include adventure sports, etc.

Some insurers cover might not include these as a part of the policy but might provide them as extra benefits against some extra amount. Other than these you can look for the general coverages like lost baggage, loss of currency or passport, medical emergencies, etc. provided by any normal travel policy.

Selecting a perfect travel policy for your child is a tough job and the best way to go about it is to shop around for the different plans available in the market. Online web aggregators like Policybachat are the best place for this. You can find the features, additional benefits, and premium rates for children's travel plans from myriad insurers, compare them under one roof, select and buy the most suitable one.

What should Children's Travel Insurance Include?

Some travel insurance providers include coverage for anyone under 18 years of age when traveling with an insured immediate family member.

Travel Insurance for children is different from company to company. Therefore, while choosing trip insurance for your child, you need to be extra careful that you get the deal that suits your needs the best way.

In most of the time when your travel with children emergency medical need is happening, that means sudden illness and injuries happen frequently to children. So it increases the unexpected expenses to your travel budget. Some travel insurances provide emergency medical treatment care and they reimburse you for a medical emergency.

Most companies provide 24/7 assistance to their customers, offering the best services to get the best insurance policy. Some companies have other services to assist in your trip.

Tips to purchasing Travel Insurance for Trips with young children

When you purchase travel insurance, it’s important to make sure that every family member is covered under policy or not. Benefits don’t transfer from parent to child or children to parent.

Know about travel insurance companies may offer more options for families with young children.

If your young children have any pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma or allergies you will need a plan with a waiver of pre-existing conditions exclusions.

Why purchase Travel Insurance Policy?

When travel independently, purchase individual travel insurance policies for each member of your family traveling with you can be highly expensive and also time-consuming while sourcing the cover. Hence it is always advisable to go for a family travel insurance plan that will cover the entire family and will also be affordable. Some policies also allow the adult members to travel separately within the policy year if an annual coverage is taken while some others provide free coverage for those under the age of 18.

Trip insurance policies for children do offer coverage with respect to sports activities so it becomes even more important on your part to check and re-check the policy details before you purchase a travel insurance policy.

Compare to get the best travel insurance for Children

Never buy India travel insurance just on the basis of the sum insured or the premium you need to pay. You must also be aware of the coverages that the policies are offering so that you do not land up paying the insurer unnecessarily for coverages that you do not need.

Always compare travel insurance plans being offered by various insurance companies and then purchase the right one. The best place to make a comparative analysis of all available travel health insurance plans is an online web aggregator like

You can log in to the site and chat with insurance experts or call them at 1800 123 4006 / 1800 123 4003 to clarify your queries. This is the wisest way of getting the best travel insurance.

In a nutshell, be well informed about the place, duration, and purpose of your journey well before you start looking for a suitable India travel insurance so that you can decide on the correct sum insured that will not only be affordable but also fruitful for you. Compare travel insurance online and get the best.

So do not send your child unaccompanied on a trip without suitable travel insurance. Make his/her journey safe and hassle-free.

In case of any further queries regarding the ways to choose the best children to travel insurance plan, you can always refer to a good web aggregator which can show you the quotes from various insurers to choose from, and also their executives can help you in the process of your choice. Policybachat is one such aggregator and IRDAI certified registered office which is open 365 days a year to assist you in getting your best deal.

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