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Updated On: 2023-03-31

Author : Team Policybachat

To compare quotes and buy the best Two Wheeler insurance plans in Bihar go through online our portal by comparing different two wheeler insurance plans offered by different insurance companies. We at PolicyBachat try hard to bring impartial comparisons of different two wheeler insurance companies and the coverage offered by them.

We are working hard from the pandemic to till now to serve our customers to provide the best Two Wheeler insurance quotes in this disturbed covid-19 situation, we are here to make secure that most of the people purchase their insurance by the home through our website while we do the background work to provide the best Two Wheeler motor insurance quotes from different insurance companies.

Best two wheeler bike insurance is an agreement between the insured customer and the insurance company in which the insurance company agrees to pay the claim amount to the customer in case of an accident or damage or loss to the bike in return for a nominal amount from the insured customer known as “Premium”.

The premium for two wheeler insurance can be calculated online using the two wheeler or bike insurance premium calculators. Bihar contains the one of most populated states in India. Bihar state has two-wheeler bike plying on the roads is highest. Each year almost 1 million two wheelers would be added to Bihar roads most of which would roam in the state capital.

Cheap Two Wheeler Bike Insurance in Bihar

Two wheeler insurance or bike insurance is mandatory for any two wheeler bike to ply in public places as per the Motor vehicles act 1988. Third party bike insurance is mandatory for every two wheeler to drive in public places.

Without valid insurance, you can be fined up to Rs.5000 and/or 3 months imprisonment or both. The cheap bike insurance in Bihar can be obtained online from Two Wheeler Insurance which would be the Third party liability insurance. Third party two wheeler insurance premium rates for the Bihar location would be decided by the Insurance Regulatory and development authority of India and the prices are constant across all the insurance companies.

Here are the cheap bike insurance premium quotes in Bihar for a Bajaj Pulsar, 2017 model, petrol, 150 cubic capacity, 2 seaters, and registered office under Bihar RTO. The rates for the other cities in Bihar would be slightly lower than that of Patna due to the other cities being classified under Zone B, while Patna comes under Zone A.

Cheapest Companies TP Premium

Note: The cheapest bike insurance premium mentioned is for only Third party bike insurance premiums also known as the Mandatory bike insurance premium.

Best Bike Insurance in Bihar

The Best bike insurance premium quotes in Bihar are rated solely based on the premium offered by the insurance company. The best bike insurance premium quotes given are purely for understanding and the final decision is to be taken by the customer based on his/her requirements.

The best bike insurance in Bihar should be decided after taking into consideration all the factors such as Insured declared value offered, the premium charged by the insurance company, and extra coverage offered at an affordable premium.

Here are the best bike insurance premium quotes in Bihar for a Bajaj Pulsar, 2017 model, petrol, 150 cubic capacity, 2 seaters, and registered under Patna RTO. The rates for the other cities in Bihar would be slightly lower than that of two wheeler insurance in Patna due to the other cities being classified under Zone B, while Patna comes under Zone A.

Best Companies IDV One year Comprehensive Premium
DIGIT 35,000 1071
Royal Sundaram 44,521 1307
IFFCO TOKIO 35,000 1102
Liberty General 44,653 1421
HDFC ERGO 35,000 1256
Reliance 38,400 1380
BAJAJ ALLIANZ 45,968 1535

*Premiums given are for illustration purposes only* Please refer to the website for the exact premium.

How to Choose the Best Two Wheeler Bike Insurance Policy in Bihar?

Before buying two wheeler insurance policy in Bihar consider the below factors.

  • Insured Declared Value(IDV):
  • Idv is the maximum liabilities arising of the insurance company in case of an accident or loss. Higher the IDV, higher would be the claim amount in case of total loss. Hence it is important to select the right IDV before purchasing the bike insurance policy online.

    In our portal, all the top general insurance companies would display their premiums and the highest IDV can be selected. It is important to note that the premium increases as the IDV increases.

    At the time of renewal, it is important to consider the IDV offered by the insurance company and the premium charged for it. PolicyBachat offers bike insurance renewal quotes from different insurance companies and the IDV can be adjusted depending on the affordability.

  • Premium:
  • The main thing everyone checks before purchasing a bike insurance policy is the premium charged by the insurance company. Almost all the insurance companies charge similar premiums depending on the IDV offered and any other extra coverage offered.

  • Add-ons:
  • There are many add-ons or riders in bike insurance that are offered by the insurance companies. The best add-on suited for the Bihar location is the Bumper bumper add-on and Roadside assistance add-on. The bumper to bumper add-on is important to prevent from paying from pocket at the time of claim settlement as the amount for depreciation cover should be borne by the customer without the bumper to bumper add-on cover.

    It is important to understand the type of rider to be purchased at the time of bike insurance renewal. Every rider would not be beneficial at every location.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio:
  • The claim settlement ratio is the number of claims settled to the number of claims received by the insurance company. The higher the claim settlement ratio higher would be the chance of your claim getting settled.

    It is also important to note the claim settlement time which plays a major role at the time of an accident. These days it would be difficult to manage a long time without a bike as most of our work would be dependent on the two wheeler bike. Lower the claim settlement time, better the bike insurance policy.

  • Cashless Garages:
  • Cashless garages are the list of network garages that are tied up with the insurance company to provide cashless service to their customers. Every insurance company has tied up with garages to offer cashless service to their customers in case of a claim.

    It is important to check for the cashless garages in your location or your area of operation before purchasing the policy from insurance companies. The higher the number of garages, the higher would be the feasibility to get the repairs done in case of a claim.

    The number of cashless garages would be high in metro/urban areas compared to semi-urban and rural areas. There would be multi-brand garages in few locations which would cater to almost all the major brands of bikes.

  • Compare and Buy:
  • The first and foremost thing to consider before renewing your bike insurance is to compare the premium from different insurance companies. We at PolicyBachat assist you with a comparison of premiums from the top general insurance companies.

    The best bike insurance renewal quotes can be compared online by entering the basic details such as Make, model, date of registration, RTO location, etc. The premium would be displayed by almost all the general insurance companies with the Insured declared value offered by each company.

    Compare bike insurance online for better prices and the best coverage in terms of the sum insured and riders. The online platform offers a way to compare the premium and other options to decide on the decision to purchase bike insurance online from insurance companies.

Advantages of Bike Insurance Online:

  • It is always better to compare before purchasing a product or service. When shopping online we try to compare at least 2 or more items before deciding on an item. The same can be done while purchasing the bike insurance policy online.
  • One of the best advantages of online insurance is it saves a huge amount of money
  • Since the websites work 24*7 technically it is possible to take insurance anytime. With the help of our portal, you can renew your insurance at any point in time without any hassle.
  • Online platforms require less paperwork as compared to offline platforms.
  • The biggest advantage of opting for online bike insurance is the after-sales service available for its customers.

FAQ’s- Two Wheeler Bike Insurance in Bihar

  1. What will happen if I don’t renew my bike insurance on time in Bihar?
  2. If you don’t renew your bike insurance before the expiry date, then your bike insurance policy will lapse in Bihar. If the bike insurance policy has lapsed, your bike would be vulnerable to accidents and claims.

    It is of utmost importance to renew your bike insurance policy online before the expiry to prevent it from getting lapsed. If the bike insurance is not renewed within 90 days of expiry the existing NCB will also lapse. To prevent the loss of NCB it is advisable to renew your insurance online at the bike insurance policy.

  3. How does PolicyBachat help me in my two wheeler insurance purchase in Bihar?
  4. PolicyBachat is the leading insurance web aggregator private limited in the Indian insurance market space. We strive to help our customers reduce the amount of money they spend on insurance purchases with maximum coverage and customer can pay online using a credit card/debit card.

    We have a dedicated team of agents working around the day to ensure that our clients get types two wheeler insurance deals from insurance companies like ICICI Lombard, Bajaj Allianz, etc., and also that the after-sales service is maintained to satisfy the customers. PolicyBachat had tied up with all the major general insurance companies limited to offer bike insurance to its customers at affordable premiums.

  5. Is my insurance valid if I drive my vehicle in another state?
  6. Yes, an insurance copy of bike owner is valid throughout India and can be carried with your bike anywhere in India. If you are driving your vehicle in a state other than from which you took the insurance, it is important to abide by the local laws to make sure the insurance claim is valid. In case of a claim, you can utilize the network garage all over India to avail the cashless claim of your bike.

  7. What is long-term two wheeler insurance in Bihar?
  8. Long-term two wheeler insurance plans in Bihar is the insurance given for more than 1 year. Most of the insurance companies offer insurance cover for more than a year in packets of 2 years policy, 3 years policy, and 5 years policy.

    The premium for long-term bike insurance is to be paid upfront to the insurance company. In the case of long-term two wheeler insurance, the insured declared value is calculated for insured vehicle each year and the premium is calculated for each year. Long-term two wheeler insurance is gaining traction these days as premium can be paid once and there would be no tension of renewal for a longer period.

Visit PolicyBachat and get the best two-wheeler insurance quotes from the top insurance companies and you can also check the company’s policy wordings and please read details on risk factors terms conditions and the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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