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Get the discount on bike insurance renewal for zero claims in your previous policy to crack maximum benefits in the present year. intrigued know what else covered by bike insurance renewal with benefits. Read the benefits here!

In India, two wheeler is the major means of transportation as two-wheeler possession is high. Securing your vehicle is a primary obligation of the vehicle owner, this is fulfilled only if you have a bike insurance renewal policy. Never ignore to renew bike insurance policy as the chance of being theft is huge in bikes. The major reason is dismantling the spare parts is easy to make money, apart from theft other perils include accidents, burglary etc. The task to theft bike is much easier than another vehicle, this reason attract the robbers!

The government makes Bike insurance policy is mandatory in accordance with Motor Vehicle Insurance Act 1988. Get the comprehensive bike insurance policy to get rid of every possible prone that depletes your wallet like loss caused due to man-made and natural disasters. Man-made disaster is strikes, riots, theft, burglary and the other activities caused by made-made. Loss caused due to natural calamities like earthquake, floods, cyclone, storm, rockslide etc.

The possibilities of causing impact/damage to a two-wheeler are high in many ways, it is always a wise decision to choose the insurance policy which caters policyholders a rightful claim. Third party bike insurance renewal policy caters 1 Lakh insurance coverage to the third party person/ property damage.

Know the benefits of choosing two-wheeler insurance online premium!

  • Easy to get quotes from different insurers.
  • Comparison of quotes with features & benefits.
  • As agent commission is subtracted from the premium, a policyholder can get at a lower price.
  • No documentation or paperwork to buy/renew the policy
  • 2 step process to renew the policy gives you a hassle-free experience
  • Make your own decision by comparing the top insurer policies side by side.

Only a vigorous task is to choose a right platform to compare the policy, PolicyBachat is the right choice to compare two wheeler insurance quotes. Buying two wheeler insurance policies online makes it easy to buy a policy within 2 minutes, this encourages policyholder to buy a policy online who are aware of the effectiveness of the online policy. Concluding the above-mentioned benefits choose the best bike insurance renewal policy and save up to 40% on your bike insurance renewal premium.

Protection on the Move is Important for Bike Insurance Renewal

Riding your bike and gushing through the roads and the traffic at full speed definitely gives you a sense of adventure. But that much speed also increases the possibilities of collision or accidents.

Hence, as a bike owner, it's your responsibility to protect yourself and your vehicle from any kind of contingency that you come across while on the drive. The best way to get this is by purchasing bike insurance if it's a new bike or through bike insurance renewal in case your existing policy got expired.

A very unfortunate picture that we see among the majority of bike owners in India is that they do not care to renew their bike insurance making them vulnerable to financial emergencies in case of any accidents. According to a survey, almost two-thirds of the bikes on Indian roads are not insured. They do not even possess the mandatory third-party bike insurance. This is in spite of the fact that a valid bike insurance policy is mandatory as per Indian law and it is as important as wearing a helmet during a bike ride.

A two wheeler insurance policy is a contract between the two-wheeler owner and the insurance company where the insurer agrees to give financial assistance to the bike owner during an emergency that occurred on the drive, in return of an amount called the premium paid at regular intervals by the owner. Bike insurance renewal refers to the renewal of this contract annually which is a mandate. If the bike insurance renewal deadline is missed, there will be a break in the policy. That means you will no longer be able to renew your policy and have to buy a new one which might lead to an increase in the premium. It might sometimes lead to even denial of insurance offer.

Keeping in mind this lethargic attitude of bike owners towards bike insurance renewal, insurance companies, as well as online insurance aggregators, have come up with the facility of online bike insurance renewal. This aids the bike owners to purchase renewal policies online without any documentation. Bike insurance online can also help customers avoid the hassle of inspection, unlike the conventional offline bike insurance renewal process. The only point to be remembered here is that for online renewal, the risk inception date starts only after 3 days from the date of purchase of the policy. Any damage to the bike or its rider before this period will not be covered under this bike insurance policy. For further information on bike insurance renewal online, you can contact insurance experts at 1800 123 4006 / 1800 123 4003 or chat with them on policybachat.

Golden Rules to Regulate Your Bike Insurance Prices

Bike Insurance will shield the biker from any road mishaps which causes unnecessary financial burden.

Bike insurance India is mandatory for those who commute on the private or public vehicles. No bike insurance means saying yes to law contraventions. We all know that third party bike insurance is mandatory for all the bike owners in India, but do you know in addition to Third party bike insurance there are many bike insurance plans that provide excess coverages for your vehicle.

No matter how safe you drive all the roads are prone to accidents. To ensure your convenience throughout your ride Bike insurance India policy covers you and your bike from any unforeseen mishaps or any accidental damages or losses caused to the other person or self. There some added advantages with your online bike insurance policy.

  • If your bike is damaged in an accident, it costs you more than thousands of rupees and burdens your savings unexpectedly. Such unforeseen expenses are covered by insurance of bike. Bike insurance covers your damage repairs completely.
  • Your single bike insurance India policy has tie-ups with various network garages all over India, where you can get cashless services for repairing your damaged bike. Your insurer will bear all the repairing costs of your bike singlehandedly.
  • If your vehicle has caused any damage to other person’s private property or any pedestrian, This online bike insurance India policy with Third part insurance plan covers those damages along with the legal proceedings against you in case of any accidental death of the third person.
  • Personal Accident coverage of Bike Insurance Policy covers the injured driver and offers some amount as compensation if the insured driver is dead. This monetary assistance in treating the insured reduces the burden on self.If the insured job is not much profitable, the total sum insured is offered to the online bike insurance India policy nominee for attaining financial stability.

This is the right quote your best insurance policy at best premiums through policybachat. Act quickly and call our insurance technicians on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 for buying a better online bike insurance India plan.

You might be thinking that online bike insurance costs more, but do you know that the final premium rates can be reduced by adapting some golden methods.

  • Pick the best motorbike insurance cover
    In addition to Third party insurance cover, bike insurance online issues comprehensive coverage which protects you wholly not specifically limiting to third party accidents. It might be costly but it is many times better than third party coverage.
  • Boost the excess
    You can increase the voluntary payment which saves your insured value, but be sure to limit at a marginal extent while hiking your voluntary investment.
  • Carefully choose your bike
    High performance bikes need higher coverages which mean higher premiums. If you are a regular commuter choose your bike wisely.
  • Minimize the modifications
    The premiums are higher to modified bikes, so be sure to keep your modifications minimum to reduce the insurance of bike premiums.
  • Ride fewer miles
    The more you ride the more likely your bike can get damaged. Limit your long distance travelling for other transport mode.
  • Ride safely
    There is an additional bonus given to the insured drivers who are safe and have no accident history. The bike insurance companies pay an appreciation bonus for safe driving skills.
  • Secure your motorbike
    If your bike is stolen or vandalized you are in need for claim, which reduces the chance of NCB bonus for the succeeding year. So keep your bike safe.
  • Limit the number of claims
    No claims in the policy period, then you can likely receive No Claim Bonus from bike insurance companies. This bonus will be added to next policy period and reduces the premium amount.

On a final note, Bike insurance is a saver. It benefits you with the bike insurance coverage plans and restricts your unnecessary and sudden financial burdens. Choose a best online bike insurance India Policy or get a best bike insurance renewal policy for your bike and save yourself from unforeseen expenses. To buy a best online bike insurance India policy visit PolicyBachat.

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