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Get These Add-on Cover For Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Availing third-party insurance might protect you from traffic regulations but not covered at the time of the accident. A comprehensive insurance plan with required add-ons will provide you optimum coverage benefit. Here, some add-ons that help you to avail most out of two wheeler insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance policy

Carriers highlight add-ons along with the comprehensive insurance policy for extensive coverage at the time of claim settlement. Basic add-ons like zero depreciation, passenger cover, medical cover etc. are used, but there is also a premium add-ons which benefits the policyholder at the time of claim.

The policyholder should choose the premium add-ons depending on the factors like

  • How likely to the two-wheeler met with accidents
  • History of the vehicle model prone to mishap
  • Is the damage cost is high in that vehicle

Passenger cover

Policyholder cover for a claim in case of a mishap if he chooses comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy, but what about the co-passenger? He is not eligible for the coverage. Passenger cover helps to get the coverage for the co-passenger, this is a security against your loved one. 

Medical claim

In case of mishap, fetching for hospital charges is enormous, this reason makes you include the medical policy in your two-wheeler insurance online. A policyholder can claim for the medical bills, hospital charges and medicines for a specific period.

Zero depreciation cover

For instance; in case of a mishap a policyholder opt for a claim the coverage is calculated by deducting the depreciation value of the spare parts, accessories will be covered. The remaining amount is to be borne by the policyholder if you have zero depreciation cover whole amount of damaged parts is covered by the carrier.

Accessories cover

If your vehicle is premium and opts for the fancy accessories to your vehicle, you should prefer for the accessories cover. While buying accessories coverage you should be genuine to provide the exact value of the parts to get you hassle-free claim. Don’t undervalue the accessories, this impacts you at the time of claim. 


Get the recommended add-ons cover includes in your two wheeler insurance policy for hassle-free claims in case of any mishap. Purchase a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy with specified add-on could get the cream off the crop at the time of claim settlement. A policyholder should include the add-ons in his sports bike insurance renewal policy. 

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