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Buy Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Add-on Covers

Are you thinking a regular policy cover is enough? If not. Here’s why Though Third Party Insurance is mandatory in India, it can’t provide sufficient coverage to the insured vehicle and only covers third-party liability arising out of accidental property damage, bodily injury, or death of a third party.

Considering the increasing cost of healthcare, at times even a comprehensive policy with a regular cover appears insufficient. You can’t always find a cheap plan with extensive benefits.

Availing of third-party insurance might protect you from traffic regulations but not covered at the time of the accident. A comprehensive insurance plan with required add-ons will provide you optimum coverage benefits. Here, some add-ons that help you to avail most out of a two-wheeler insurance policy.

Comprehensive insurance policy

Carriers highlight add-ons along with the comprehensive insurance policy for extensive coverage at the time of claim settlement. Basic add-ons like zero depreciation, passenger cover, medical cover, etc. are used, but there are also premium add-ons that benefit the policyholder at the time of claim bonus.

The policyholder should choose the premium add-ons depending on factors like

  • How likely to the two-wheeler met with accidents
  • History of the vehicle model prone to mishap
  • Is the damage cost is high in that vehicle

Passenger cover

Policyholder cover for a claim in case of a mishap if he chooses a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy, but what about the co-passenger? He is not eligible for coverage. Passenger cover helps to get the coverage for the co-passenger, this is secured against your loved one.

Return to Invoice Cover

Return to Invoice cover allows the policyholder to get the full invoice price of your vehicle in case the insured’s vehicle suffers Total Loss, Constructive Total Loss (CTL), or theft. This is probably a motorist’s worst nightmare- when your bike is destroyed beyond repair! In other words, totaled in an unimaginable mishap.

Thankfully there’s some conciliation in such extreme cases. General Insurance company will refund the complete value/amount mentioned on the invoice.

Medical claim

In case of a mishap, fetching for hospital charges is enormous, this reason makes you include the medical policy in your two-wheeler insurance online. A policyholder can claim for the medical bills, hospital charges, and medicines for a specific period.

Medical cover is offered as an add-on under the personal accident cover policy in which the accidental hospitalization-related medical expenses are covered under the policy. The medical expenses can only be incurred in case of accidental hospitalization of the policyholder. This add-on covers the medical expenses incurred on the treatment of accidental injuries. The maximum sum insured under this add-on can be used at the time of hospitalization due to an accident.

Zero depreciation cover

For instance; in case of a mishap a policyholder opts for a claim the coverage is calculated by deducting the depreciation value of the spare parts, accessories will be covered. The remaining amount is to be borne by the policyholder if you have zero depreciation cover whole amount of damaged parts is covered by the carrier.

The zero depreciation cover is for those who do not want to end up paying the amount charged against pays for the depreciated. It is no secret that the value of a vehicle and its parts depreciates with time. And if you were to claim insurance, the onus of paying for the depreciation falls on you.

But with this cover, you don’t have to worry about depreciation. The add-on cover will cover the costs associated with the repairs, rubber components. Excess has to be borne by the customer as per the policy schedule.

Accessories cover

If your vehicle is premium and opts for the fancy accessories to your vehicle, you should prefer the accessories cover. While buying accessories coverage you should be genuine to provide the exact value of the parts to get you a hassle-free claim. Don’t undervalue the accessories, this impacts you at the time of claim.

If you are someone who enjoys adding accessories, this cover is a must for you. Bike owners are known to add accessories to their bikes to enhance either the look or the performance of the bike. Since some of the accessories can be expensive, any damage to them can burn a hole in your pocket.

You can opt for coverage against either electrical or non-electrical accessories. For example, electrical accessories worth INR 5,000 can cost you about INR 1,000 to insure and non-electrical accessories of the same amount might cost you about INR 250-300.

Though it is not mandatory to have add-ons on your policy, picking them ensures that you get acceptable coverage for various aspects of the bike riding and owning experience. And this way, you can be well covered for the worst-case scenarios.


Get the recommended add-ons cover includes in your two-wheeler insurance policy for hassle-free claims in case of any mishap. Purchase a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy with a specified add-on could get the cream off the crop at the time of claim settlement. A policyholder should include the add-ons in his sports bike insurance renewal policy.

Things to Remember before Buying Two wheeler Insurance

Your requirement in buying two-wheeler is eminent, your lifestyle, usage of the vehicle, and your choice will reflect your segment of buying the vehicle. Going for long drives is frequently flexible in top speed driving you can prefer a sports vehicle with cruise control for a hassle-free driving experience on highways.

Visit online portals and configure the outdated and updated technologies and know whether the present pre-owned model would sustain competitive technology for the next 4 years. By this configuration, you can judge the vehicle suits you better. Word of mouth- Get the opinions for the desired models from your friend's colleagues to make your decision stronger.

Market Analysis

Compare the model with the online portals,, to differentiate the re-sale value in an offline and online market. Never miss holding an insurer's offers on top classified sites in Quikr and OLX websites for hundreds and thousands of genuine customers in your locality.

Classified sites give you numerous options with a price tag, check the model with the price quoted. You can find numerous used two-wheelers on the market, your decision is crucial in choosing the best one.

Choices to buy the used two-wheeler

You have numerous choices to buy the used two-wheeler online or offline (independent, dealer). If your choice is online then check the certified websites that possess genuine reviews and ratings.

In the case of a dealership, your vehicle is secured with the right certifications in good terms and conditions but the price range might hike compared to private owners. If you are seeking a secured vehicle with engine protection cover our suggestion is to buy a used two-wheeler from the dealers.

Inspect the vehicle

A vehicle audit is necessary to configure the right price of the vehicle, inspect the vehicle with the local mechanic for genuine parts and functioning. Give a test drive by yourself to check for any flaws and the comfort you experience while driving. Don’t compromise on many factors as you are owing to a rightful possession.

Check RC and possession of a vehicle

Check for the rightful possession of the vehicle by checking the documents required for the renewal of the old car, Registration Certificate with Road Transport Authority (RTA). It is mandatory that the motor vehicle act 1988 buy a bike insurance policy if you own a new bike/existing vehicle.

Never neglect the genuine procession of the vehicle owner, this can lead to fraud and your procession is not binding legally. A wrong procession lapses the two-wheeler insurance policy too.

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