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How to Claim Policy for Pregnancy Cover

Is pregnancy covered under health insurance

Motherhood is the most beautiful and unparalleled experience in life. The period of maternity is involved in keeping both the mother and child in good health and secured. But the medical and hospital expenses incurred during pre and post-delivery causes dent in your pocket. So, with this in mind, Mediclaim Health insurance policy introduced Maternity cover for pregnant women, which mostly covers the expenses during the maternity period.

It is vital to buy such pregnancy cover plans that cover all the charges that are incurred throughout delivery and post-delivery natal care. Generalized insurance policy will not offer coverage on maternity. Moreover there are no varied plans that offer complete coverage for pregnant women. In such circumstances, pregnant mother receives only limited services. On the other hand Maternity cover in Mediclaim policy in India comes with various coverage options where monetary support is offered to the insured.

Maternity plan coverages

Many group insurance firms provide maternity coverage to pregnant women. The pregnancy plan covers all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing. This plan covers all the medical charges incurred during pre and post-delivery period. This duration is predefined by the insurer. All the costs occurred for surgeries and pregnancy complications can be claimed. Expenditures for pre and post-natal durations are provided to the insured through this plan.

Excluded Circumstances

Pregnancy cover in Mediclaim policy has some excluded circumstances where this cover stands in valid and can’t be claimed. Expenses during monthly checkups, medical charges during pre and post-pregnancy are not covered under this plan. In addition to these, the plan doesn't cover any unanticipated pregnancy terminations within the few initial weeks'.

What factors influence the premiums in Pregnancy Cover?

There are different aspects that influence premiums for this plan. First, the calculation of premiums takes the insurers profile in to consideration. Second, the risks involved during the policy period are assumed and calculated. In Corporate pregnancy cover, the premiums are calculated by reviewing the pregnant woman’s age, her employee profile, designation and her previous health insurance policies. Similarly, there is a last factor that effects premium is the utilization of maternity cover and other health insurance policies.

Process of applying Pregnancy cover in India

Pregnancy cover can become more beneficial if it is bought through online. With the presence of more online web aggregators in the market buying maternity cover becomes easy. At the same time, finding a best web aggregator online to compare polices is important. IRDA approved web aggregators are said to be secured and reliable for buying online insurance. Policy Bachat is one such site where one can quote, compare and buy one’s interested insurance plans from India’s most prominent insurance companies. Here in Policy Bachat Round-the-clock insurance assistance is provided to the consumers and assures them with best policies and better coverages.

Restraints On Cashless Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Health is never consistent, so no savings for indispensable health emergencies will cost you hefty. Mediclaim Insurance policy will give you the backing that is required during tough times.

If you are in a huge medical emergency and your pocket is in red then it becomes very hard to cope with. A cashless Mediclaim insurance India policy is all what you need. This is the policy pays your hospitalization bills directly from the insurer to the hospital for your various medical expenses.

Cashless Mediclaim insurance policy will expel your concerns with money in issue. However, this cashless Mediclaim insurance policy has its own set of restrictions. So you are deeply advised to check the pros and cons of Mediclaim India health insurance policy beforehand. Buy your preferred health insurance India policy from and enjoy round-the-clock insurance specialist services for free. For further guidance reach us at 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003.

Network Hospitals

When you buy a Mediclaim policy India, you will be given a set of hospitals that act as your preferred hospital networks. For a cashless claim settlement you must be necessarily be treated in that network hospital.

If you are getting treated in a non-network hospital, you will need to pay the entire hospitalization fees before and later can claim for medical reimbursement from the insurer.

Before getting treated we recommend you to get to know about the network hospitals that are partnered with your health insurance India policy.

Health Insurance policy claims

When you are utilizing a cashless claim process on your Mediclaim policy, then you are subjected to inform the third party administrator during the time of admission to a hospital. Keep in mind to carry all the necessary Mediclaim insurance policy documents with you wherever you go.

Now your admitted hospital will inform the TPA about the nature of your hospitalization like pre planned or emergency admission along with your health diagnostics. Later the TPA's will calculate the estimated cost for your treatment and agrees to pay on it. Some insurers guarantee a turnaround time for initial payment. The payment generally will be settled within 24 hours of crediting.

In this procedure, you are likely to pay some amount that doesn't involve your insurer. So, If the hospital over-bill you are the one who suffers.

Personal Expenses

During your stay in the network hospital all your personal expenses will not be levied but asks your insurer for a different billing pattern as the cashless settlement. The network hospital claims that the insurer didn't pay the full amount for treatment at the beginning. Then the insurer will pay the remaining fee from your sum assured which in turn shows you a loss.

Late Discharge

Through cashless Mediclaim insurance policy your discharge gets delayed as the hospitals denies to relieve you till the final payment for your treatment is received. If you have opted for co-pay with your Mediclaim insurance policy then you will be billed separately at the time of your discharge.

On a whole, even with such aggravations, cashless Mediclaim is most preferred because of its timely assistance. Through this cashless Mediclaim insurance India policy, you will be free from unnecessary stress that includes the submission of hospital bills for your insurer and waiting with anxiety till your hospital bills get reimbursed. But you are seriously warned to go through the limitations of this cashless Mediclaim insurance policy which will let you have a stress free treatment during hospitalization. Buy best Mediclaim insurance from best online insurance platform, and call our insurance specialists on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 to know more about the best Mediclaim insurance policy.

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