Mediclaim Policy For Pregnancy Cover In India

Updated On: 2023-03-29

Author : Team Policybachat

Motherhood is the most beautiful and unparalleled experience in life. The period of maternity is involved in keeping both the mother and child in good health and security. But the medical and hospital expenses incurred during pre and post-delivery cause a dent in your pocket. So, with this in mind, the Mediclaim Health insurance policy introduced Maternity cover for pregnant women, which mostly covers the expenses during the maternity period.

It is vital to buy such health insurance that covers pregnancy that covers all the charges that are incurred throughout delivery and post-delivery natal care. Know about Medi assist policy coverage details, Medi buddy policy coverage details before buying mediclaim health insurance for maternity insurance. They are generalized insurance policies that will not offer coverage on maternity. You will also have to pay all your pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses in Medi assist policy coverage for Maternity. Moreover, there are no varied plans that offer complete coverage for pregnant women. In such circumstances, a pregnant mother receives only limited services. On the other hand, Maternity cover in the Mediclaim policy in India comes with various coverage options where monetary support is offered to the insured.

Features and Benefits of Mediclaim Policy:

Purchasing a mediclaim health insurance with maternity benefits can help you get financial assistance in the hour of need.

  • Cashless Facility
  • Number of network hospitals
  • Available for both individual and family members
  • Tax benefits under 80d of income tax on the annual premium paid
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Pre and Post hospitalization
  • New Born Care
  • Flexibility to select your sum insured
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • Easy Online Purchase

Mediclaim Maternity Plan Coverages

Many group insurance firms provide maternity coverage to pregnant women. The pregnancy health insurance plan covers all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing. This plan covers all the medical charges incurred during the pre and post-delivery period. This duration is predefined by the insurer. All the costs that occurred for surgeries and pregnancy complications can be claimed. Expenditures for pre and post-natal durations are provided to the insured through this plan.

  • Hospitalization Charges: Mediclaim insurance policy covers expenses like oxygen cylinder, blood, organ donor expenses, room charges, organ donation, tests, etc.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation: Mediclaim insurance policies cover the expenses of pre and post-hospitalization charges. There are many expenses related to the treatment, before and after the hospitalization they are covered under these plans.
  • Room Rents: Mediclaim insurance policy covers the money spent on private rooms, wards, or ICU.
  • Consultation Charges: Mediclaim insurance policies also cover doctor’s consultation charges.

Exclusions of Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Pregnancy cover in Mediclaim insurance policy has some excluded circumstances where this cover stands invalid and can’t be claimed. Some of the common exclusions of Mediclaim insurance policy are:

  • Expenses during monthly health check-ups
  • This plan doesn't cover any unanticipated pregnancy terminations within the few initial weeks.
  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after the completion 30 days of the waiting period
  • Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery
  • External devices like hearing aid or contact lenses.

Process of Buying Pregnancy Cover in India

A pregnancy insurance plan cover can become more beneficial if it is bought online. With the presence of more online web aggregators in the market buying, maternity cover policy becomes easy. At the same time, finding the best web aggregator online to compare policies is important. IRDA-approved web aggregators are said to be secured and reliable for buying online insurance. PolicyBachat is one such site where one can quote, compare and buy one’s interested insurance plans from India’s most prominent insurance companies. In PolicyBachat Round-the-clock insurance assistance is provided to the consumers and assures them with the best policies and better coverages.

How to Buy Mediclaim Insurance Policy from PolicyBachat?

Buy Mediclaim Health Insurance with Maternity Cover online at PolicyBachat. Compare Health Insurance Quotes to get the best maternity Insurance plan. The following steps are used to get Instant Quotes for Mediclaim Health Insurance Policy.

  • Visit the Policybachat Website and Select the ‘Health’ tab.
  • Select your ‘Gender’.
  • Select ‘Who do you want to insure’ and their ‘Age’.
  • Enter your ‘Pin code’.
  • Enter your ‘Name’.
  • Enter your ‘Email Address.
  • Then click on ‘Start Saving Money’.
  • Premium Quotes of top Mediclaim Maternity health insurance plans will be displayed as per data entered by you and which are suits your requirement.
  • You can edit policy details, sum insured value, policy term and you can choose your preferred brand
  • Purchase the best Mediclaim maternity insurance policy in India using online payment
  • If any queries are raised call: 1800-123-4003.

How to Claim Policy for Pregnancy Cover

The Mediclaim insurance policy claim can be made either in reimbursement or cashless treatment manner depending upon the type of hospital chosen. If you have chosen a network hospital, the claim will be settled in a cashless manner. Otherwise in a reimbursement manner. Following are the steps to the Claim process of the maternity policy.

  • Step 1: Inform the Insurance Company: After getting admitted to the hospital is to inform the insurance company about the hospitalization and provide the required details.
  • Step 2: Fill Claim Form: The insurance company will provide you with a claim form, you would need to fill the claim form and duly sign it.
  • Step 3: Submission of Documents: You need to submit the claim form along with the required documents for verification purposes.
  • Step 4: Verification and Claim Settlement: The insurer will then send an agent to the hospital to verify the details regarding hospitalization and treatment.

The Documents Needed to Claim Mediclaim Insurance Policy.

  • Duly filled in the claim form
  • Policy documents
  • Admission advice
  • Discharge summary
  • Fitness certificate
  • KYC documents
  • Consultation bill
  • Original hospital bill
  • Pharmacy bill

Best Mediclaim Policies with Maternity Insurance Coverage

There are many mediclaim insurance policies offered by different insurance companies. Some of the best mediclaim insurance policies in India with maternity medical insurance coverage are listed below.

Health Insurance Company Plan Name Benefits Sum Insured
ManipalCigna Health Insurance ProHealth Insurace Plan
  • Day care Expenses
  • Covers First Vaccination Expenses
  • New Born Expenses
  • Maternity Expenses
  • In-Patient Hospitalisation Expenses
Rs. 10 Lakhs
Aditya Birla Health Insurance Active Health Enhanced Plan
  • Organ Donor Expenses
  • Pre-Hospitalisation And Post-Hospitalisation Expenses
  • In-Patient Hospitalisation Expenses
Rs.2 Lacs to 2 Crore
Niva Bupa Health Insurance Heatbeat Family Floater
  • New Born Baby Care
  • Maternity Benefits up to two deliveries
  • Covers First Vaccination Expenses
Rs. 2 lakhs
New India Assurance Health Insurance New India Assurance Mediclaim Policy
  • Maternity Expenses
  • Hospitalization Expenses
Up to Rs.15 Lakhs
National Health Insurance National Insurance Parivar Mediclaim Policy
  • Maternity Expenses
  • Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Anti rabis Vaccination
Rs.1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs
Star Health Insurance Star Health Wedding Gift Pregnancy Cover
  • New Born Expenses
  • two deliveries Covered in Maternity plan 
  • Pre and Post Natal Expenses
Rs. 10 Lakhs
Care Health Insurance Care health insurance Joy Plan
  • Pre, Post-Hospitalisation Expenses
  • In-Patient Hospitalisation Expenses
  • Daycare Procedures
  • Maternity Expenses
Rs.3 Lakhs/5 Lakhs

Limitations on Cashless Mediclaim Insurance Policy

Health is never consistent, so no savings for indispensable health emergencies will cost you hefty. Mediclaim Insurance policy will give you the backing that is required during tough times. If you are in a huge medical emergency and your pocket is in red then it becomes very hard to cope with. A cashless Mediclaim for pregnancy is all that you need. This is the policy that pays your hospitalization bills directly from the insurer to the hospital for your various medical expenses.

Cashless Mediclaim insurance policy will expel your concerns with money in the issue. However, this cashless Mediclaim insurance policy has its own set of restrictions. So you are deeply advised to check the pros and cons of the Mediclaim India health insurance policy beforehand. Buy your preferred health insurance India policy from and enjoy round-the-clock insurance specialist services for free. For further guidance reach us at 1800-123-4003.

  • Network Hospitals:
  • When you buy a health insurance in India, you will be given a set of hospitals that act as your preferred hospital networks. For a cashless claim settlement, you must be necessarily be treated in that network hospital. If you are getting treated in a non-network hospital, you will need to pay the entire hospitalization fees before and later can claim for medical reimbursement from the insurer. Before getting treated we recommend you get to know about the network hospitals that are partnered with your health insurance India policy.

  • Health Insurance Policy Claims:
  • When you are utilizing a cashless claim process on your health insurance policy, then you are subjected to inform the third-party administrator during the time of admission to a hospital. Keep in mind to carry all the necessary Mediclaim insurance policy documents with you wherever you go. Now your admitted hospital will inform the TPA about the nature of your hospitalization like pre-planned or emergency admission along with your health diagnostics. Later the TPA's will calculate the estimated cost for your treatment and agrees to pay for it. Some insurers guarantee a turnaround time for the initial payment. The payment generally will be settled within 24 hours of crediting. In this procedure, you are likely to pay some amount that doesn't involve your insurer. So, If the hospital over-bill you are the one who suffers.

  • Personal Expenses:
  • During your stay in the network hospital, all your personal expenses will not be levied but ask your insurer for a different billing pattern as the cashless settlement. The network hospital claims that the insurer didn't pay the full amount for treatment at the beginning. Then the insurer will pay the remaining fee from your sum assured which in turn shows you a loss.

  • Late Discharge:
  • Through a cashless Mediclaim insurance policy, your discharge gets delayed as the hospitals deny to relieve you till the final payment for your treatment is received. If you have opted for co-pay with your Mediclaim insurance policy then you will be billed separately at the time of your discharge. On a whole, even with such aggravations, a cashless Mediclaim insurance policy is most preferred because of its timely assistance. Through this cashless Mediclaim insurance policy, you will be free from unnecessary stress that includes the submission of hospital bills for your insurer and waiting with anxiety till your hospital bills get reimbursed.

    But you are seriously warned to go through the limitations of this cashless Mediclaim insurance policy which will let you have a stress-free medical treatment during hospitalization. Buy maternity insurance plans in India online. Compare quotes to get the best Mediclaim insurance policy from the best online insurance platform,, and call our insurance specialists on1800-123-4003 to know more about the best Mediclaim insurance policy.

FAQs of Maternity Insurance:

What is maternity insurance?

Maternity insurance is a type of insurance coverage that offers coverage for all delivery expenses or pregnancy-related expenses up to a certain limit during a policy term. If you choose a mediclaim insurance policy it will cover pre and post-natal expenses and newborn baby expenses in a maternity insurance policy.

What Factors Influence the Premiums in Pregnancy Cover?

There are different aspects that influence affordable premiums for this plan. First, the calculation of premiums takes the insurer's profile into consideration. Second, the risks involved during the policy period are assumed and calculated. In Corporate pregnancy cover, the premiums are calculated by reviewing the pregnant woman’s age, her employee profile, designation, and her previous health insurance policies. Similarly, there is the last factor that affects health insurance premium amount is the utilization of maternity cover and other health insurance policies.

Can you get Maternity Insurance already Pregnant in India?

Insurance companies in India do not provide a maternity insurance policy if you are already pregnant. This is because they consider your pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and is exceed the policy cover. 

Does Mediclaim Cover Pregnancy in India?

Yes, Mediclaim insurance Policy Cover Pregnancy in India. Many group insurance firms provide maternity coverage to pregnant women. The pregnancy plan covers all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing. This plan covers all the medical expenses incurred during the pre and post-delivery period.

How to get the best maternity insurance in India?

Buy maternity insurance plans in India online by comparing quotes at PolicyBachat. To get the best Mediclaim insurance policy from the best online insurance platform go through our portal PolicyBachat, or call our insurance specialists on 1800-123-4003 to know more about the best Mediclaim insurance policy.

Is pregnancy covered in Mediclaim under health insurance?

Yes, the Mediclaim insurance policy provides pregnancy cover and all the hospitalizations charges from boarding to nursing, medical charges incurred during the pre and post-delivery period covered under mediclaim insurance policy.

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