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Difference between Comprehensive Insurance Vs Bumper to Bumper Insurance

In order to judge which insurance policy deliver the best coverage, we need to know the pros and cons of comprehensive insurance and bumper to bumper insurance. By having awareness about the car insurance policies one can opt for the best insurance policy depends on your requirement.

Comprehensive car insurance policy

Comprehensive policy protects your vehicle from the vast range of damages apart from collision, damages caused due to:

  • Natural disaster
  • Vandalism
  • Fire accident
  • Damages caused by animals
  • Civil destruction (damage caused due to riots)
  • Damage to third party
  • Glass damage

The scheme is immense as it covers liability caused by third parties, damages to the car and by theft. There is also special coverage add on like zero depreciation cover, medical claim and engine protector to avail total coverage. This coverage is hugely recommended to the policyholders who seek compensation for their damaged cars and natural calamities. In order to avail compensation for your damaged vehicle you also opt for the collision insurance coverage too.

From customer prospective comprehensive policy fetch more and drives back to opt for the policy. But, just think will you afford for the huge damage cost in case of loss due to unfortunate incidents, you will be assured with the covered perils in comprehensive coverage.

Who can opt for comprehensive insurance policy?

People who are looking for the complete protection of their vehicle apart from the insurance value and those who are aware of the risk factors for vehicle damage can opt for this policy.

Bumper to bumper insurance policy:

Bumper to bumper insurance covers the value of the external part of the body, it doesn't take internal parts value into scrutiny. This is the right opportunity those who want the company to pay bumper to bumper damages without any additional cost borne by the policy holder. Bumper to bumper insurance policy is also known as zero depreciation policy where 100% repairs and metal cost of the external body will be borne by the company itself.

Example Case: If your car has been damaged and repair costs you 60,000 in total, if you don't opt for the zero depreciation you might be borne the charges like 10,000- 15,000 from the repairs cost remaining will be borne by the company.

In case of zero depreciation policy entire 60,000 will be borne by the company only, 100% coverage can be claimed.

Note these features to avail bumper to bumper depreciation policy:

Premium cost:
Premium coverage cost slightly higher than comprehensive policy, in order to claim repairs for bumper to bumper.

Applicable to new cars:
Mostly bumper to bumper depreciation will applicable to the new cars only, there is a special restriction on the age of the car on exceeding the specified limit you won't avail the add-on.

Number of claims:
Bumper to bumper insurance claim is restricted to specified numbers in the specific year, please read the policy documents keenly which varies from insurance companies.

Other damages: The policy doesn't cover damages caused by oil leakage, wear and tear of the body components like bearings, clutch plates etc.

Who can opt for zero depreciation policy?

Clients who are going with the new car zero depreciation policy recommended, in this policy only bumper to bumper damages can be claimed. Those who don't want to spend the depreciation cost for damages, this policy is ideal for them too.

Difference between bumper to bumper and comprehensive insurance

Let's look at the factors bumper to bumper insurance vs comprehensive insurance, which benefits you in terms of the claim value.

Factors Bumper to bumper Comprehensive
Premium high compared to comprehensive low
Total claims in a year depends on insurance company(Usually 2) No restriction
Plastic parts 100% claimed 50% claimed
Type of cars cars till 5yrs old all cars upto 15 yrs
Airbags (in case of accidents) 100% 50%
Theft Protection IDV can be claimed IDV can be claimed


A vehicle may have unpredicted incidents and vulnerable to damages, a standard insurance policy may not give you optimum insurance coverage. Boost your insurance coverage by additional premium plans which worth premium damage protection.

Comprehensive coverage and bumper to bumper insurance both have their distinct benefits; you need to take the ideal insurance, which is apt as per your requirement.

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