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A car insurance calculator is the ultimate tool provided by insurance companies. Every insurance company provides calculates car insurance quotes online. To know the exact premium on your vehicle fill out the mandatory fields about the vehicle and policy on the car insurance calculator page.

Policyholders are in hesitation that, “are the premium paid for the right policy?” A policyholder can clarify their doubts by comparing the list of car insurance premiums. Apparently, a car insurance calculator is a valuable tool for every policyholder to configure the exact plan for their need. With this online car insurance calculator buyers no need to guess the premium amount, can evaluate the policy through specifications, and buy the best insurance policy. An insurance calculator is useful to know the coverage limits, deductibles for the premium.

Have you ever thought about why the premiums of car insurance policies differ from person to person? It is because the premium is determined based on your driving history and the amount of risk posed to your vehicle. Different factors like what are your chances of causing accidents, how expensive and powerful your car is, whether your parking zone is safe and how much are the possibilities of your car getting stolen determine the car insurance premium. Car insurance calculator has evolved as an iconic way of assessing your credentials and determining the premium to be paid.

Car insurance calculators came into existence with the launch of the concept of online aggregators. These online comparative platforms try to collect different information about the car insurance seekers and their vehicle with the help of the car premium calculator and then generate quotes for car insurance plans from various insurance companies based on the provided data. These quotes are provided before the customers to compare and choose the right policy. Online aggregators and premium calculators have not only eased the job of policy comparison but have also offered the facility of car insurance purchases online. As a result, the traditional way of buying policies from insurance agents has taken a backseat and has also rid the insured of agents’ commission.

Like the premium, additional benefits or add-ons to that main policy are also very important aspects of car insurance policies as these often provide extra coverage that you need and that is not present in the main policy. When you enter your credentials into a car insurance calculator in Hyderabad, it not only provides you with premium quotes but also with information about additional benefits tagged with individual plans. It helps you understand that plans with more benefits will obviously cost more though they need to be purchased if it suffices your needs. You can choose the ones that cover your needs and do not render hard on your pocket.

All general car insurance policies have three parts, namely third party liability, personal accident coverage, and own vehicle damage. Among these, third-party liability coverage is mandatory as per Indian law. Personal accident coverage and cover for own vehicle damage can be taken by choice based on specific requirements. A new car insurance calculator helps you understand the structure of the car insurance policies and evaluate them better. All car premium calculators require a few essential credentials for accurate calculation of premiums, like:

  • Date of registration: Most of the calculators ask the date of registration of your car.
  • Car details: This information is also required by the insurance premium calculator. It includes the type of model along with the manufacturer’s name and the total cost incurred by you.

Finally, looking at the present scenario we can say that car insurance online, with the help of an efficient tool like a motor insurance calculator, has turned the process of comparing and purchasing car insurance policies into a cakewalk. One online aggregator which offers you a very simple but competent car insurance calculator is policybachat. For further queries, you can contact their insurance executives at 1800 123 4003.

Determine Car Insurance Premiums through Car Insurance Calculator

In your hunt for the ideal car insurance premium, it is vital for you to understand the amount of car insurance premium that you pay to your insurer every year.

If you haven't calculated your premium till now, then it is about time for you to compare your car insurance premium with other policies. This is where a car insurance calculator is required. The car Insurance calculator accesses the amount of premium that you pay by considering all the coverage options and benefits included in your car insurance India policy.

For calculating new car insurance India or car insurance renewal premiums through car insurance calculator, you should provide your details like your age, medical history, and annual income. There are many prominent companies that have designed and developed car insurance calculators to easily interface the consumers with their car insurance India or car insurance renewal policies.

Approach the car insurance calculator which is IRDA approved and provides detailed information on different car insurance policies. Find your best car insurance policy through our easy-to-use car insurance calculator by calculating car insurance premiums for different policies. Visit PolicyBachat exemplary services or call us on 18000-123-4006/1800-123-4003 for booking your best car insurance policy.

How does Car Insurance Calculator work?

  • A car insurance calculator is mainly designed to give an overview of your expected monthly or annual insurance premium. With this car insurance calculator tool, you can compare different policies issued by insurers within few clicks.
  • Rather than approaching an insurer’s car insurance calculator, you are advised to evaluate your car insurance premium through a web aggregator where you will have an option to compare and calcite the car insurance premiums for different policies from different insurance companies through their car premium calculator tool easily. For best insurance policies visit online or call 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003.
  • Enter the car insurance calculator tool to choose a policy of your own and select the details of your age, profession, income for very detailed results. Later to this, you will be displayed some coverages and their respective premium amounts for your reference.
  • A car insurance calculator or car premium calculator is the best way to find your car insurance India premiums early where you can benefit by reducing your premium costs for lower amounts by decreasing unnecessary coverages.
  • Comparison of insurance policies and car insurance online calculator is beneficial as it gives you a detailed insight about different insurance policies involving different coverages. This lets you choose the best existing car insurance policy without any trouble.

One of the best places to evaluate your car insurance premium through a car insurance premium calculator is the Policy Bachat car insurance Calculator. You can visit our website or call us for various car insurance policies. Reach us on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 or log on to PolicyBachat.

The premium that is affordable for you

Car insurance India premium is a payment you need to make regularly to take good advantage of the constant coverage of the policy. For that, you need to decide the amount of money, out of your total annual income, that you can invest in the insurance of a car. Hence, it is very important to decide carefully how much money you can pay as the premium and how much you can afford as the IDV for any kind of damage caused to your car.

In a nutshell, if you want to get the most favorable insurance of car, you need to scrutinize your driving history, your surroundings, and regular commute and the frequency of occurrences of accidents there, your affordability, etc. and then take a judgmental call on the amount you will be investing in the insurance of car.

If you are looking forward to getting the best car insurance, deciding on the above factors is not enough. You also need to be aware of the different car insurance India plans offered by various car insurance companies, compare them online through an aggregator, and only then purchase the most suitable car insurance online. Web-aggregators like PolicyBachat renders great help in comparing and purchasing insurance of car online.

Benefits included in car insurance calculator

  • Easy to compare the quotes with the benefits each company provides.
  • Know yourself what are the factors that made your premium higher than another insurer.
  • You can avoid the agent role and the policyholder can make his own decision in buying the policy.

Car Insurance Premium: Own damage premium - NCB Discount + Liability Premium

Know the determinants for the Car Insurance Calculator

Insured declared value

IDV value of the vehicle influences the car insurance premium, the older the car lesser the IDV. IDV is the amount you can claim against loss or damage of your vehicle. how to calculate IDV is determined by deducting depreciation from a previous value of the vehicle.

Cubic capacity

Vehicle cubic capacity determines the premium, High cubic capacity factors the higher risk of accidents which in turn increases the premium.


Voluntary deductible also influences car insurance policy, higher the deductible lowers the premium.

Geographical location

Place where your vehicle registered under road transport-corporation will reflect your premium. Metro cities tend to have more insurance premiums than the vehicle registered in rural areas.


Insurers take the age into factor to conclude the premium, the reason behind this age distinction is youth aged below 25 are prone to frequent accidents than a middle-aged group.

No claim bonus

A permissible amount of discount is given to the policyholder to embolden him safe driving without any claims. Unfortunate accidents may happen but the driver needs to be cautious while driving. For the first year, the NCB discount will be 20% and up to 50% within the period of 5 years.

What are the Documents Required to Calculate Car Insurance Premiums Online?

To ensure the exact insurance premium, we need information regarding your vehicle

For new owned vehicles, documents required are

  • Car manufactured details like make & model
  • Registration date and vehicle registered location
  • Vehicle manufactured year

For pre-owned vehicles, the owner requires

  • Current insurance policy copy
  • Previous ownership details
  • Previous claim settlement details

Make your own decision in choosing the policy by second-hand car insurance calculator online, an hassle-free process to get the right policy in under 10 minutes. Grab a great deal by comparing insurance policies online on

Know-How to Save on Insurance Of Car Efficiently

The only means to safeguard your vehicle and yourself against damages is by enabling the protective coverage of insurance of the car.

The cost of the insurance is divided into two factors: the IDV or Insured Declared Value and the Premium. The IDV, in the case of car insurance India, is decided based on the market value of your vehicle and is the amount that you decide to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. The remaining costs are taken care of by the car insurance companies.

You can always take a glance at the sample premiums from various car insurance companies before car insurance purchase or car insurance renewal to get an idea about the type of premium options being offered by the insurers. You can chip in your information in the policybachat car insurance calculator and find sample premiums for car insurance online.

IDV for car insurance in India affects the premium to be paid.

The percentage of the total invested amount in the insurance of the car that you choose as deductible or the IDV determines the amount to be paid as premiums to the car insurance companies. As you increase the deductible, the premium automatically decreases.

However, this does not mean it is wise to choose a high deductible at random without considering the various factors that determine it. You need to be careful while deciding the amount of IDV you can pay and the premium that the car insurance companies are supposed to pay as the premium becomes a part of your annual expenditure.

FAQs of Car Insurance Calculator:

What is a car insurance premium calculator?

A car insurance premium calculator is simply an online tool that helps the policy buyer to get a policy quote from different insurance providers along with the amount of premium they are required to pay. You can use a car insurance premium calculator for free of cost at the InsuranceDekho website, which is one of the best premium calculators available online.

How does the car model affect the premium for your car insurance?

The model of the car is considered to be one of the important factors while calculating the premium paid towards car insurance cover. Premium paid against the third party is based upon the engine cc of your car, and the make model also decides the Insured Declared Value (IDV) or make the value of your car. A higher IDV results in an increased premium cost.

How can I calculate the premium for my car insurance?

To calculate the premium for your car insurance plan, simply go to PolicyBachat website. Choose the brand of your car, its registered location, and purchase year. Once you enter all the required details, the premium quote will appear on your screen.

How is the premium calculator helpful in determining the premium paid towards car insurance?

The premium calculator allows you to choose the coverage, change the Insured Declared Value, include NCB and various add-on covers, and depending upon the other details entered by you, it helps you in knowing the premium that you are required to pay towards your insurance company. It helps you in making a wise decision and well-informed choice prior to purchasing a good car insurance plan.

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