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Driving without valid licence? Here are the consequences of driving without licence.

Driving a car or any other vehicle gives thrill to the riders but it is equally important to ensure that the traffic rules are followed while driving a car. Driving a car requires skill as well as presence of mind, so it is of utmost importance to have a valid licence before driving the vehicle in public places. But many people in India learn driving on public roads with their own/ family owned vehicles sometime without a proper instructor.

After learning the car it is important to apply for the Learning licence where you would be asked to demonstrate your driving capability and the issuance of licence depends on your ability to drive the vehicle. In many cases people skip taking licence and drive the vehicles on road causing damage to them as well as the opposite parties.

Let us understand the consequences of driving a vehicle without a valid driving licence. As per the Indian Motor Tariff created by the Government of India, it is mandatory for every 4 wheeler car insurance to have at least a valid third party insurance to ply on the Indian roads.

1. Penalty / Fine

Driving a vehicle without a valid licence can attract a penalty or fine up to Rs.5000 which has been increased from Rs.1000. The fine for driving despite disqualification of driving licence has been increased to Rs.10k. Driving licence is a document given to the driver stating that he/she has passed the driving test and is eligible to drive the vehicle on public roads.

2. Imprisonment

In addition to the penalty or fine you may also be imprisoned for up to 3 months in the jail.  This imprisonment can be in addition to the fine in some cases.

It is be noted that – As per the Motor vehicles act whoever drives a motor vehicles or causes or allows a motor vehicle to be driven without a valid licence shall be punishable with an imprisonment which may extend up to 3 months, or fine which may extend to Rs.1000, or with both.

This means that parents or guardians can also be punished under the motor vehicles act if they permit their children to drive a vehicle without valid driving licence.

3. Third party accidents & Claims

Any vehicle driven by a driver without a valid licence is not eligible for a claim under the insurance as per the motor vehicles act. If you drive your car without a valid licence and cause an accident to happen, then the third party claims which arise as a result of the accident are not covered by your insurance company. All such claims will be rejected by the insurance company and any damages to the third party have to be paid by you failing which may result in imprisonment.

4. Seizure of vehicle

Driving a vehicle without a valid licence can result in seizure of the vehicle. As per the law in some states vehicle can be seized by the authorities and a fine has to be paid before getting hold of the vehicle.

This seizure period is not covered by the insurance company and any damage to the vehicle during this period is not covered under your insurance policy.

Driving can be fun but it is highly important to obey the law and abide by the law. Driving without licence when combined with other offences such as drunk driving, without seatbelt driving, over speeding etc, can increase the fine or penalty and even the imprisonment term. Expired car insurance leads to the movement of the car on the road without any valid insurance which is against the law.

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