Documents Required For Car Insurance

Car insurance policy can be issued by the insurance company after submitting the necessary documents and payment of premium. Let us understand the list of car insurance documents required to be submitted for policy issuance.

Duly filled Proposal Form:

A proposal form in insurance is the legal document which seeks the relevant information from the customer to understand the risk associated with the proposal. Basically proposal form contains all the information related to the car such as Make, model of the car, Age of the car, IDV value, Contact details, Address details etc.

It is mandatory for the customer to fill the car insurance proposal form and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy copy by signing at the end of the proposal form. Half filled proposal form cannot be considered for the purpose of policy issuance as it might lead to complications at the time of claim settlement.

Registration Certificate (RC):

A car registration certificate or RC Copy is an official document issued by the government to verify that the particular vehicle belongs to the person or entity mentioned in it. The RC copy contains the details of the car such as Make, Model, Engine number, and Chassis number, Date of Manufacturing, Date of Registration and RTO etc. These details have to be matched with the details filled in the proposal form submitted at the time of policy issuance.

The car insurance calculation takes into consideration the year of manufacture or date of registration of your car to decide the age of the car. For instance if the vehicle is manufactured in 2019 and registered in 2020 there would be a gap of 1 year between the above two formulae. So it is always better to go for the companies which take the date of registration into consideration which helps you to get 1 year advantage in some cases.

Previous Year Policy Copy:

If the vehicle is due for renewal, the previous year insurance policy copy is to be submitted to the insurance company for policy issuance. The proposal form also contains a section to fill the details of previous policy copy and these details are cross checked with the previous policy submitted at the time of policy issuance.

The previous policy contains the No claim bonus, Policy number which are to be carried forward at the time of renewal. In case of a new vehicle there would be no need for a previous year insurance copy to be submitted.

Pollution Certificate:

As per the direction of honourable Supreme Court of India it is mandatory to have a Pollution Certificate for every car aged above 6 months of age. This is to prevent the heavy polluting vehicles from getting insured and thereby preventing them from plying on roads.

At the time of policy issuance, a declaration has to be made by the customer that the pollution certificate is up to date. The pollution certificate can be obtained from the petrol bunks or authorized centres and submitted to the insurance company for policy issuance purpose.

Premium Payment Receipt:

The final thing and the most important thing to be submitted by the customer for policy issuance is the premium payment receipt. No insurance policy can start without paying the premium amount. Section 64VB of the insurance act specifies that the insurance cover should start only after receiving the premium from the customer.

The premium can be paid by the customer in any form specified by the insurance company and the policy starts only after the payment of premium to the insurance company. Merely paying the premium to the insurance company doesn’t qualify for policy issuance, the payment status should be acknowledged by the insurance company before policy issuance.

Documents Required for a Car Insurance Claim

The necessary documents required for making a claim under your car insurance policy are:

  • Registration Certificate (RC Copy) of your car, which should be valid at the time of the accident.
  • Surveyor report stating the ascertaining the reason of loss, the quantum of loss, etc.
  • Duly filled and signed claim form.
  • Copy of your car insurance policy
  • An Estimate of the vehicle repair cost
  • Valid license copy of the driver at the time of the accident
  • Copy of the FIR/ Panchanama registered
  • In case of theft, official intimation to RTO and a Letter of subrogation along with the Car keys should be submitted to your insurance company to process the claim.

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