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How to Purchase ICICI Lombard Policy Online:

a) Policy Bachat: The first point in selecting the best car insurance in India online is to select the best online platform. Policy Bachat is one of the leading online platforms for Car insurance premium comparison in India. We have tied up with almost ICICI Lombard which is offering the customer to choose the best option available. The vehicle insurance can be purchased using the online portal by entering the basic details such as Make, model of the vehicle, date of registration of the vehicle and the RTO details.

b) Fill the Details: Once the basic details pertaining to the car are filled ad submitted you’ll receive a call from the Policy Bachat Team. Agents here are fully trained and equipped with high knowledge to guide you to compare car insurance premium online and select the best policy. The details to be filled would be displayed on the screen for easy understanding. In case you find it difficult to calculate the premium online you can call on our toll free number 1800-123-4003 and get assistance from our motor insurance experts.

c) Ask for particulars: Our agents collect the information related to vehicle such as cubic capacity, make and model etc., to generate the car insurance quotes online. If there is any requirement from your end, you are requested to pass it to our agents so that they can generate quotes for you to compare car insurance renewal quotes online.

d) Add-ons: Add-ons or Riders are the extra coverage offered to the vehicle on payment of extra premium. The add-ons or riders such as Bumper to bumper cover, Consumables cover, Engine protection cover etc., would be available on payment of additional premium. The add-ons should be purchased at the time of taking the vehicle insurance policy online as it would not be possible for midterm addition.

e) Comparison: Once the details are filled a link to compare car insurance quotes online is sent to you on your registered email id. Using this link car insurance premium comparison can be done and the best company can be selected. Different add-ons can be opted and comparison can be made by the customer and the final coverage can be decided based on various factors such as Premium paying capacity, Cashless garages available in the area of operation etc.

f) Payment: Once the best car insurance in India is chosen with all the required add-ons then you can proceed for payment. Payment can be done with any of the means such as credit card, debit card, online payment etc. The payment can be done from any mode preferred by the customer. Once the payment is done the policy copy would be shared with the customer on the registered email. If the customer doesn’t receive the policy copy, he/she can contact our toll free number and get the assistance. In most of the cases the policy copy would be generated after the payment is received successfully by the ICICI Lombard insurance company.

g) Instant Policy: Once the payment is done the policy is generated instantly. If you face any issues at the time of payment or policy issuance our agents are here to assist you.

ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Online Purchase Process:

There are certain documents required to purchase car insurance online from ICICI Lombard general insurance company. They are mentioned below:-

  • Registration certificate of the car to know the Make & model of the car, Year of manufacture of the car, RTO location, Car registration number etc.
  • Previous year policy copy of the car to understand the No claim bonus available, expiry date of the policy etc.
  • Nil claims declaration from customer in case of No known or reported claims in the previous year.
  • You can purchase ICICI Lombard four wheeler insurance from online portal after entering the basic details such as Car registration number, Year of registration or manufacture, RTO location, Make and model of the car and previous year policy details.

Top 6 Reasons to Purchase ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance:

a) Affordable Premiums:

ICICI Lombard general insurance company is a truly insurtech insurance company in the insurance industry which has disrupted the industry with its cheap premiums. Since the insurance is done online there would be no need for agent commission, the benefit of which would be passed on to the customer in the form of reduced premium. The intermediary margin amount is saved by the customer thereby eliminating the need for intermediary in the insurance purchase process. Since the policy purchase process is done online, the company would be able to save on the costs of paper and other administrative costs which are ultimately passed on to the customers in the form of reduced premium.

Even though the premium offered by ICICI Lombard insurance company cheap compared to the competitors it doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be deficiency in the services. The reduction in premium from ICICI Lombard general insurance company can be attributed to the reduction in administrative and other commissions. The premiums of ICICI Lombard are most competitive in the insurance market with better service.

b) Faster Claim Settlement:

The claim settlement process of ICICI Lombard insurance company is quite simple and almost 90% of the reported motor claims would be settled within 30 days of reporting. There is no need to fill claim form for the claim to be processed as the details would be taken online by the insurance company. Smartphone enabled claim settlement process reduces the claim processing time as the damaged parts are surveyed online by the insurance company using the inspection link where the customer needs to shoot the damaged parts and upload on the link. The claims team of the ICICI Lombard insurance would decide on the repair costs and intimate the same to the customer. Now the customer has on option to go for either cashless at the network garages or reimbursement option.

c) Riders :

ICICI Lombard general insurance company offers almost 8 add-on covers to their car insurance customers. These add-ons include Depreciation cover, Consumables cover, Engine and gearbox cover, Road side assistance cover, Key replacement cover etc. These add-ons can be availed on payment of extra premium to the insurance company. The add-ons or riders can be used to enhance the insurance coverage of your car insurance.

The add-on or riders improve the chance of claim settlement in case of any type of damage to the insured car. Few add-ons such as Road side assistance, PA to paid driver etc are available even for vehicles aged more than 5 years. The add-ons such as Bumper to bumper are available for more than 5 years aged vehicles. ICICI Lombard is among the few companies in the insurance market offering add-ons for above 5 years aged vehicles.

d) Top rated company:

ICICI Lombard is the only 5 star rated insurance companies in the Indian insurance market. Most of the customers are satisfied with the services provided by ICICI Lombard insurance company and thereby rated the company 5/5 on Facebook. The policy purchase process and the claim settlement process are quite simple when compared to the other insurance companies. One biggest advantage of ICICI Lombard insurance company is that there would be no need for the customer to fill claim form in order to make a claim.

e) Customer Support:

The real use of insurance policy comes at the time of an accident and the accidents can happen at any point of time either day or night or on holidays. For this reason, the 24*7 customer support from ICICI Lombard insurance company is available to their customers. There is an efficient customer support team to assist their customers to make their claim settlement process smooth and hassle-free.

The customer support team of ICICI Lombard insurance company would work even on National holidays and other days to provide efficient support to the customers in case of any emergencies. Customers can reach ICICI Lombard on their toll free number 1800 2666 in case of any endorsement or claim related queries.

f) Cashless Claim settlement:

ICICI Lombard general insurance company has tied-up with more than 6000 garages pan India to offer cashless claim settlement facility to its customers. The cashless claim settlement facility enables to the customer to get the claims settled without paying much from his/her pocket. The cashless claim settlement facility is available for motor insurance as well as health insurance. The network garages are present all over the country and the customer can avail cashless service from anywhere.

For the list of cashless garages please refer the link where the list can be filtered by entering the model of the vehicle, state, city and manufacturer. There are OEM garages as well as Multi car garages which provide cashless claim settlement service to the customers.

No Claim Bonus in ICICI Lombard:

NCB in Auto insurance stands for No claim bonus, which is a form of discount given to the insured customer at the time of renewal for not making any claims during the previous year policy year. No claim bonus discount is given on the own damage section of the Auto insurance policy. The no claim bonus increases level wise each year from 0% and reaches a maximum of 50% within 5 years for each claim free year.

NCB in auto insurance can be availed only at the time of renewal of auto insurance policy. NCB can be transferred from one insurance company to another at the time of renewal. The limit of NCB in the auto insurance policy copy would be mentioned under the own damage section in the comprehensive policy. No claim bonus would become Nil or 0% under the following scenarios:-

  • If there is a claim made in the previous year by the insured.
  • If the ownership of the vehicle is changed at the time of renewal.
  • If the policy is not renewed within 90 days of expiry of the previous vehicle insurance policy.

The No claim bonus slabs are mentioned below:

Claim Free years NCB
New vehicle 0%
1st Year 20%
2nd year 25%
3rd year 35%

No claim bonus discount would be applicable only on the own damage section of the vehicle insurance policy as the third party premium would be decided by the IRDA and the Govt of India. No claim bonus protection add-on is a specific kind of add-on offered by the insurance companies in which the customer can retain the NCB even after making one claim during the policy period. If more than one claim is made during the policy, the NCB would become 0% even though the customer has taken NCB protection add-on.

No claim bonus as mentioned earlier is a reward in the form of discount calculated on the Own Damage section of your car insurance policy. The Own damage section premium is first discounted according to the make, model of the car and then the discounted premium is again discounted for the No Claim Bonus thus arriving at the final premium.

No claim bonus is calculated only on the Own Damage section of your car insurance policy and not on the Third party section as the TP premium is decided by the IRDA and cannot be further discounted. If you opt only for Third party insurance then the NCB discount will not be applicable on your car insurance policy. The No Claim Bonus is applicable only if you take the Comprehensive or the Package policy. NCB would not applicable on the add-on section of the car insurance premium.

ICICI Lombard ipartner login:

ICICI Lombard has introduced ipartner portal which helps the agents to issue the policies directly from the portal without any need for offline issuance. The ipartner credentials will be shared with the agents where the agent can do a variety of things with the ipartner portal. The main usage of portal is to issue the insurance policies from the ipartner app. Motor insurance, health insurance, group health insurance; commercial vehicle insurance can be issued through the ipartner portal.

Ipartner portal can also be used to make payment for the insurance policy where the policy would be generated instantly. The ipartner portal can also be used to get the renewal notices and the previously issued policies can be downloaded from the portal. If you have lost your ICICI Lombard insurance policy copy, you can ask your agent to share the policy copy which would be done using the ipartner portal.

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