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Maruti Wagon R Car Insurance Premium Calculator

Looking for an ideal insurance plan for your Maruti Suzuki WagonR, don’t bluntly go for the brand that the insurance company possesses over the years. Go Online, get quotes from the best insurance companies which have high claim settlement ratio. By online comparison of quotes, a policyholder can know the features and benefits availed by each carrier.   

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R was introduced in 1999 in India, as Maruti Suzuki Wagon R undergone several modifications to satisfy the needs of their customers. The present model is in the sixth generation launched in February 2017.

Types Maruti Suzuki Wagon R insurance policy

In a major, there are 3 types of insurance policy where a policyholder can claim from carriers.

  • Third party cover: Policyholder can claim against the damage caused to the third party, third party damage includes third party injury/death and third party property loss.
  • Own damage: Damage caused due to an accident can get claimed by the insurance company. The claim amount may vary depends on the policy you choose. A comprehensive insurance policy protects you from damages caused due to floods, earthquake, theft, riots, terrorist attack, and other natural calamities.
  • Personal accident cover: This coverage is helpful for the policyholder in case of an accident while you are in drive. All medical expenses and the expenses incurred for surgeries, hospital charges will be claimed by the policyholder. 

Factors that determine Maruti Suzuki Wagon R insurance premium

There are many factors that determine the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R insurance policy

Engine capacity: Engine displace is one of the major determinants of Maruti Wagon R car insurance premium. Higher engine capacity has a high chance of accidents and costs more for repairs and damages.

Registration area: The city you are registered also impact your car insurance premium for Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Vehicle registered in metro cities tends to have high insurance premium. 

Vehicle brand: If the vehicle model is prone to frequent accidental claims, carriers increase the premium for those models that have maximum accidental claims.

No claim bonus: Those who have clean no claim history will get a discount on next premium amount termed as a no-claim bonus. 

Vehicle model: Age of vehicle determines the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R car price if the vehicle age increases premium decreases. 

There are also other factors that influence your Maruti Suzuki Wagon R insurance amount are gender, age, marital status and past driving record.

Why opt Wagon R insurance plan online?

Make your own research and conclude the right insurance cost for Wagon R, firstly, get offline quotes from insurance agents with the benefits they avail and compare these Wagon R insurance quotes with online. Cross check the features whether they avail the right plan with the benefits provided online. Online provides the lesser premium than the offline insurance agents with the same benefits. Comparison of top insurance companies with features Online policy provides transparent Wagon R insurance quotes with befitted features inclusive of GST, there are no hidden charges.

PolicyBachat recommend you to opt for zero depreciation policy if the vehicle is less than 3 years old; beyond 3 years comprehensively is preferable. Due to increase in slab rate for insurance category Wagon R insurance cost in India is higher at 18%. A policy may vary from case to case depending on the preference of the customer. 

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Start Saving Money on Insurance Policy

Compare Life, Health, Car and Two wheeler Insurance rates from top Insurance companies for free.

1,000+ Reviews
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