Toyota Fortuner insurance: A roundup on No Claim Bonus

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There are both safe drivers and non-safe drivers on road. You play safe on road and keep away from accidents and on the other hand, some people get into accidents often.

Have you ever given a thought on what the benefit you gain for being a safe driver than an unsafe driver who pays the same premium for Toyota Fortuner insurancepolicy? No Claim Bonus will make the difference for you. Toyota Fortuner car insurance policy will benefit you a big time with No Claim bonus that you gather being a safe driver.

Car Insurance Policy

We give you a better overview of NCB's and their role in your Toyota Fortuner car insurance premiums.

No Claim Bonus is the benefit that you get on your Toyota Fortuner car policy premiums for making zero claims throughout the policy period. The car insurance companies will you a percentage of bonuses which varies for consecutive years of zero claims. The bonus you gain on your Toyota Fortuner 4x2 Manual (TRD Sportive) (2.5L) policy year will affect your premiums of next policy period. If you haven't claimed for 3 years continuously, your premium will be decreased by a record value and boosts up your savings.

You don't even need to worry about replacing your old Toyota Fortuner with a new one because NCB has a feature to carry forwardyour bonuses to your new Toyota Fortuner 4x2 Automatic(3.0L) car insurance policy. Not interested in transferring your NCB, you can get refund of the same amount.

Buy an add-on cover to protect your hard earned NCB. With this add-on cover you can cover your damaged Toyota Fortuner (TRD Sportive) (2.5L) along with your NCB. Now, you know how NCB is beneficial to your Toyota Fortuner insurance policy, so why waste time to start your safe drive.

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