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How Does Car Insurance Work If You Hit Someone?

If you hit someone while driving your car then you are liable for their injuries and property damage, regardless of who is at fault. This means that even if they are at fault for not paying attention to the traffic rules, you still have to pay for their damages. Drivers in India are required to have insurance for their vehicle. This is for the drivers and the passengers of the car. Plus, if your car is ever hit by someone else, you will be covered...Read More

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The best way to go about this is to get a comprehensive policy. That way, you can cover any damages that may occur from not just accidents but also from natural disasters or theft. In case of an accident, your insurance company will pay for repairs or replacement of your vehicle as well as a rental car if necessary.

How to Find Insurance Policy Number by Vehicle Number?

The first step in finding the insurance policy number is knowing what type of insurance you have. If you have a life insurance policy, it will usually be given to you by your employer or an agent.

The next step is getting a copy of your policy and looking at all of the information on it. This will show you which company issued your policy, and what type of plan it was - individual, family, or business.

The last step in finding your insurance policy number is contacting them directly if they are not listed on the back of your policy or if they do not have an online form for this information.

How to check Car Insurance Expiry Date Online?

Car insurance expiry date can be checked online from the website Parivahan or mParivahan app which is available on the play store. By entering the car number the details of insurance would be displayed on the app. The start date and expiry date of the car insurance can be viewed on the app and the insurance renewal can be done accordingly. Alternatively, the car insurance expiry date can be checked online from the insurance company website or by calling our toll-free number 1800-123-4003.

How to check Vehicle Insurance Policy Status Online?

Vehicle insurance policy status can be checked by contacting the intermediary from whom the policy was taken or alternatively the insurance policy status can be found on the mParivahan app which displays the start date and end date of the insurance policy. If you can remember the intermediary from whom the policy was taken you can talk to them about the status of the policy or in case if you have taken the policy from PolicyBachat then you can call our customer care to enquire on the insurance policy status or check car insurance online.

How to Pay Vehicle Insurance Online?

To pay vehicle insurance online first go to Policybachat website and fill required details in the form like registration number, engine number, policy number and vehicle owner details, address, nominee details etc. Click on review and make payment. If need help? Call 1800-123-4003.

How to check Car Insurance Online?

The process of checking car insurance online is quite simple. All you need to do is enter your information and get a quote for your car insurance. There are many advantages to checking car insurance online. By checking car insurance online benefits you with not going to the branch office of your insurance company, save time and money, and you can have peace of mind. Even you can take a call regarding your car insurance policy.

Check your car insurance through these platforms:-

  • mParivahan website enter the vehicle or Chassis Number
  • IIB (Insurance Information Bureau of India)
  • Call PolicyBachat at toll-free number to clear your queries.

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Check Car Insurance Online

Check Car Insurance Online and Renew the Policy in Time. Know more about, How to Check Car Insurance Online or Offline here.

Commercial Car Insurance Online

How do deductibles work for Commercial Car Insurance Online? you pay the deductibles when your car is repaired. Buy a commercial motor insurance policy to cover the losses and damages to your car.

Things to check after taking the Car Insurance Policy

Check out the Things to remember before and after buying the car insurance policy. Know how to recover a lost car insurance policy, and renew it.

How IDV in Car Insurance Calculated

An IDV calculator online will help you ascertain the premium amounts for your car insurance. The Insured Declared Value is calculated each year before the start of the car insurance policy. It is estimated as its ex-showroom price minus the depreciation cost of the vehicle.

How to fill the claim form?

Things to keep in mind while filling your Car Insurance Claim Form · 1. Basic Details · 2. Claim Intimation Number · 3. Driver details at the time of accident · 4.

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