What Does Car Insurance Cover In Accident?

Car insurance is an important safety net for drivers in case of any accidents or damages to their vehicles. It can cover a range of different costs related to an accident, from medical bills to repair costs and more. Understanding what car insurance covers in the event of an accident is essential for any driver. Car insurance typically covers several types of losses or expenses in the event of an accident including bodily injury liability, property damage liability, collision coverage, and medical payments. The specific types of coverage and the amounts offered can vary by insurance company and policy. It is important to thoroughly review your policy and understand the coverage you have.

What is CPA Cover in Car Insurance?

CPA cover in car insurance means Compulsory Personal Accident cover. A compulsory Personal Accident cover of Rs. 1 lakh is available for individual owners of the car while driving (Available only if the owner of the car holds a valid driving license). You can also opt for a Personal Accident cover for passengers (Named or un-named) up to a maximum amount of Rs. 2 lakhs per person.

What Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover?

Comprehensive car insurance covers the loss or damage to the car due to any of the insured peril acting at the time of the accident. Third party insurance covers only the legal liability arising out of bodily injury or death of third parties due to an accident involving the insured car. Third party section also covers the property damage of third parties involved in the accident.

What is Consumables Cover In Car Insurance?

Primary and the major disadvantage of car insurance is your policy does not cover the entire vehicle. Only the specific parts of the car are under damage coverage, the policyholder needs to verify hidden clauses in the document keenly before buying the policy. Most of the insurance companies take a time frame to settle the claim amount, this is the problem most of the policyholders are facing.

What is Engine Protection Cover in Car Insurance?

Engine protection in Car Insurance is an add-on. Having an engine protection (EP) add-on helps in getting your claim settled if only the engine of the car is damaged. Engine protection add-on covers the loss or damage to the engine, gearbox, and other engine parts due to water ingression or oil leakage. These covers are offered by many insurance companies up to 7 years of age on paying an extra premium.

What is Key Protect Cover in Car Insurance?

The protection under the loss or damage of car keys the add-on cover will repay the cost to replace or repair the keys is known as KP in car insurance.

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