Very Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance Prices In India 2024

Imagine having a new and convenient choice when it comes to car insurance. Instead of committing to long-term plans, there is something called "1-day car insurance" that has appeared. This type of insurance is made to fit the changing needs of drivers. It gives coverage for just one day, which can be useful in specific situations. Whether you are going on a short trip, test driving a car, or facing a special situation, 1-day car insurance is a flexible and money-saving option. This article will look closely at the idea of 1-day car insurance, talking about its advantages, uses, and things to think about. Ultimately, it will show how this new approach is changing the way people think about car insurance in today's world.

Benefits of 1 Day Car Insurance:-

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Instant Coverage.

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Looking for short-term car insurance? Buying a 1-day car insurance cover provides the perfect solution. Whether you're planning a quick road trip, borrowing a friend's car, or just need temporary coverage, a 1-day insurance policy offers convenience and flexibility. With easy online access, you can get the coverage you need for just one day, without the commitment of a long-term policy. It's a simple and cost-effective way to ensure you're protected on the road, exactly when you need it.

Case Study 1: A Test Drive Experience

John, a prospective car buyer, had his eyes set on a sleek new model at a local dealership. Eager to get a feel for the vehicle's performance, he decided to take it for a test drive. However, he realized that his existing car insurance would not cover the new car. Instead of going through the cumbersome process of modifying his policy, John opted for 1-day car insurance. With a quick online application, he secured coverage tailored specifically for the test drive duration. As he hit the road, John felt confident knowing that he was protected by insurance designed to match his immediate needs, without any unnecessary complications.

Case Study 2: Short-Term Rental Coverage

Sarah, an avid traveler, found herself exploring the vibrant streets of a foreign city. To make the most of her journey, she decided to rent a car for a single day to venture into the countryside. Rather than relying on the rental agency's insurance, which often comes with high costs, Sarah chose to get 1-day car insurance. In a matter of minutes, she had affordable coverage in place, ensuring her peace of mind as she navigated unfamiliar roads. With the freedom to customize the insurance duration and the convenience of quick online access, Sarah enjoyed her short-term rental without any worry, appreciating the simplicity and practicality that 1-day insurance provided.

Why Need One Day Car Insurance Cover?

One day car insurance cover provides essential flexibility for situations like test drives, short trips, or borrowing a vehicle. It offers cost-effective, instant coverage without affecting your annual policy, making it a convenient choice for temporary driving needs. With easy online access and customizable durations, one day car insurance ensures you're protected exactly when you need it.

  • Flexibility for Special Situations: One day car insurance cover offers a versatile solution for specific scenarios. Whether you're test driving a potential vehicle purchase, borrowing a friend's car, or renting a car for a short trip, this short-term coverage ensures you're protected without committing to a longer policy.
  • Cost-Effective: Paying for traditional annual insurance when you only need coverage for a day can be wasteful. One day car insurance allows you to save money by paying only for the coverage you actually require, making it a budget-friendly option.
  • Instant Coverage: Need insurance on the spot? One day car insurance can be obtained quickly, often within minutes, providing immediate coverage and peace of mind, especially in unexpected situations.
  • No Impact on Annual Policy: If you have an existing annual car insurance policy, using one day insurance won't affect your long-term coverage or claims history. It keeps your regular policy separate from short-term needs.
  • Ease of Purchase: Many providers offer online platforms for purchasing one day car insurance, making it a hassle-free process. With simple documentation and minimal requirements, you can get coverage swiftly.
  • Customizable Duration: Whether you need coverage for a few hours or the full day, one day car insurance allows you to customize the duration to match your specific needs, ensuring you're only paying for the time you're on the road.
  • Temporary Drivers: If someone other than the regular driver needs to operate the vehicle temporarily, one day car insurance can cover them without affecting the main policyholder's coverage.
  • No-Claims Bonus Protection: Making a claim on a one day car insurance policy typically doesn't impact your no-claims bonus on your regular policy, helping you maintain your long-term discount.

In summary, one day car insurance cover is a practical, affordable, and efficient solution designed to meet short-term driving needs without the commitment or cost of a traditional annual policy.

Advantages of 1 Day Car Insurance

1 Day Car Insurance offers instant and flexible coverage for short-term driving needs, providing cost-effective protection without affecting annual policies. It is an ideal solution for situations like test drives, rentals, or borrowing a car, allowing drivers to tailor coverage precisely to their temporary requirements.

1. Cost-Effectiveness of 1-Day Insurance:

Opting for 1-day insurance can provide a cost-effective solution tailored to specific situations. When you only need coverage for a short period, such as a single day, paying for a full year of traditional insurance can be unnecessarily expensive. One day car insurance allows you to pay only for the coverage you need, making it a budget-friendly option for situations like test drives, short trips, or occasional borrowing.

1 Day Car Insurance vs Traditional Longer-Term Policies:-

To illustrate the cost-effectiveness, let us consider an example

1 Day Car Insurance Traditional Long Term Policies
  • Substantial Savings
  • Short Term, & Infrequent Driving Needs
Traditional policies provide comprehensive protection over a year
Starts at Rs. 1378* Starts at Rs. 2500*

2. Flexibility of 1-Day Car Insurance:

1-day car insurance stands out for its remarkable flexibility, granting drivers the ability to secure coverage precisely when it is required. This unique feature caters to various scenarios, offering a versatile solution beyond the confines of conventional insurance plans.

Specific Situations:-

  • Test drive – a prospective car buyer
  • Rentals or borrowing a friend's car
  • Road trip or a Temporary Change in Transportation.

3. Instant Coverage with 1-Day Car Insurance:

One of the standout advantages of 1-day car insurance is its ability to provide instant coverage, revolutionizing the way drivers secure protection. Unlike traditional insurance policies that often involve lengthy application processes and waiting periods, 1-day insurance eliminates these hassles, offering immediate coverage when time is of the essence.


Imagine a scenario where you need to borrow a friend's car for an unexpected errand or take a sudden road trip. With 1-day car insurance, you can quickly obtain coverage online, ensuring that you're legally protected within minutes. This level of convenience is particularly valuable for individuals facing urgent situations or sudden changes in transportation plans. By bypassing the usual bureaucratic procedures, 1-day car insurance streamlines the process, allowing drivers to focus on their immediate needs. This rapid and hassle-free approach underscores the practicality and responsiveness of 1-day car insurance, catering precisely to the dynamic lifestyles and unforeseen circumstances of today's drivers.

1 Day Car Insurance Temp Cover

1 Day Temporary Car Insurance offers a convenient and flexible solution for individuals in need of immediate coverage for short-term driving situations in India. Whether it's a spontaneous road trip, a test drive, or borrowing a friend's car, this type of insurance provides on-the-spot protection without the commitment of a longer-term policy. With a simple and efficient application process, drivers can ensure they're legally covered for just a day, allowing them to drive worry-free and enjoy the convenience of tailored insurance precisely when they need it.

Considerations before Opting for 1 Day Temporary Car Insurance:

  • Coverage Limitations: While 1-day car insurance offers convenience, it's important to recognize its potential limitations when compared to traditional long-term policies. Coverage under 1-day insurance may not be as comprehensive, and certain aspects such as extensive damage or specialized protection might be limited. As a result, before opting for 1-day insurance, it's crucial for readers to thoroughly understand the scope of coverage and potential exclusions.
  • Review of Coverage Details: Readers are advised to take a closer look at the terms and conditions of 1-day insurance policies. Understanding what is covered and what isn't can prevent surprises during unexpected situations. By reviewing the coverage details beforehand, individuals can make informed decisions and ensure that their short-term insurance aligns with their needs.
  • Specific Use Cases: 1-day car insurance is particularly well-suited for specific use cases where short-term coverage is advantageous. For instance, occasional drivers who rarely use a car but need protection on specific occasions can benefit from this option. Similarly, individuals embarking on short trips or test drives, as well as those borrowing or renting vehicles for brief periods, can find 1-day insurance to be a practical solution.
  • Evaluation of Driving Habits: Before committing to short-term coverage, readers are encouraged to evaluate their driving habits and patterns. If the need for insurance is recurrent or if longer durations of coverage are anticipated, a traditional annual policy might be more suitable. However, for those who require sporadic coverage, 1-day insurance offers a tailored and cost-effective approach.

Comparison of 1 Day Car Insurance vs Long Term Policies

Here's a balanced comparison between the benefits of 1-day insurance and the advantages of long-term policies presented in a table format, along with factors to consider when deciding which option best suits individual needs:

Aspect 1-Day Insurance Long-Term Policies
Coverage Duration Single day or short period. A longer period (e.g., a year).
Flexibility Tailored coverage for specific occasions. Comprehensive protection for regular use.
Cost Cost-effective for short-term needs. Potentially more cost-efficient for frequent driving.
Application Process Quick and simple online application. May involve more paperwork and processing time.
Immediate Coverage Instant protection without delays. Coverage starts after application and payment.
Special Situations Ideal for test drives, short trips, rentals. Suited for consistent vehicle usage and ownership.
Impact on No-Claims Bonus Typically does not affect no-claims bonus. Claims might impact no-claims discounts.
Customization Can choose coverage duration as needed. Limited flexibility once the policy is in effect.
Long-Term Commitment No commitment beyond the chosen day. Locked into coverage for the policy's term.
Considerations Check coverage limitations and exclusions. Evaluate overall needs, frequency of use, and budget.
Suitable for Occasional drivers, short-term needs. Regular drivers, consistent vehicle usage.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing One:-

  • Driving Habits
  • Budget
  • Coverage Needs
  • Convenience
  • Future Plans
  • No-Claims Bonus

By carefully weighing these factors, individuals can make an informed decision between 1-day insurance and long-term policies based on their unique driving habits and requirements.


1 Day Car Insurance Cost

The cost of 1-day car insurance can vary depending on factors such as the location, the type of vehicle, your driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. On average, 1-day car insurance in India can range from approximately Rs. 300* to Rs. 1000* or more. It's important to obtain quotes from different insurance providers and compare the coverage and prices to find the best option for your specific short-term needs.

1 Day Car Insurance Prices
Bajaj Allianz Rs. 1263*
TATA AIG Rs. 1748*
ICICI Lombard Rs. 1527*
SBI Insurance Rs. 1303*
Reliance Rs. 1429*

*The above-mentioned values are for user reference purposes only. For exact readings please compare quotes *.

1 Day Car Insurance Under 25

Obtaining 1-day car insurance for individuals under 25 years old may be possible, but it's essential to note that age can be a factor in determining the availability and cost of coverage. Insurance providers often consider younger drivers to be a higher risk due to less driving experience, which could affect the premium for short-term coverage. Prices for 1-day car insurance for drivers under 25 can vary widely based on factors such as location, vehicle type, and driving history. It's advisable to explore multiple insurance options, compare quotes, and consider any age-related factors before purchasing 1-day car insurance for drivers under 25.

Under 25 1 Day Car Insurance (Female) 1 Day Car Insurance (Male)
16 year old Rs. 1733* Rs. 1833*
c18 year old Rs. 1871* Rs. 1671*
20 year old Rs. 1572* Rs. 1472*
22 year old Rs. 1287* Rs. 1387*
25 year old Rs. 1029* Rs. 1129*

*The above mentioned values are for user reference purposes only. For exact readings please compare quotes *.

FAQs of Car Insurance 1 Day Cover

What is 1 Day Car Insurance?

1 day car insurance is a short-term insurance solution that provides coverage for a single day. It offers drivers the flexibility to get insured only when needed, making it ideal for specific situations like test drives, short trips, or borrowing a car.

How Much is 1 Day Car Insurance?

The cost of 1 day car insurance varies based on factors like your location, the type of vehicle, your driving history, and the level of coverage you choose. On average, it can range from a few hundred to a thousand rupees.

Can You Get 1 Day Car Insurance?

Yes, you can get 1 day car insurance. Many insurance providers offer this short-term coverage option to cater to specific situations where you need temporary protection for just a single day. Whether you're planning a short trip, test driving a car, or borrowing a vehicle, 1 day car insurance provides a convenient and flexible solution. You can typically obtain 1 day car insurance online by filling out an application, providing necessary information, and making the payment. It's important to review the terms and coverage details before purchasing to ensure it aligns with your needs.

How do I purchase 1 Day Car Insurance?

Many insurance providers offer the option to purchase 1 day car insurance online. You typically provide details about yourself, the vehicle, and the desired coverage period, and then receive an instant quote. Compare car insurance quotes at PolicyBachat.

Does 1 Day Car Insurance Provide Immediate Coverage?

Yes, 1 day car insurance often provides instant coverage once you've completed the application and payment process. This is particularly beneficial when you need quick protection for specific driving scenarios.

Get 1 Day Car Insurance

In conclusion, Very Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance emerges as a game-changing innovation in the realm of auto coverage, catering to the evolving needs and fast-paced lifestyles of drivers in India. This short-term solution offers a cost-effective and flexible approach, perfectly suited for specific scenarios such as test drives, short trips, or temporary vehicle use. While considering this option, individuals should carefully weigh the advantages of instant coverage, customization, and affordability against the potential limitations of comprehensive coverage. As the insurance landscape adapts to modern demands, Very Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance stands as a convenient, responsive, and practical choice, reshaping the way drivers approach their insurance needs with tailored precision.

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