Bajaj Allianz Vs IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance Comparison 2024

Updated On: 2023-04-18

Author : Team Policybachat

When you buy a car, you must also look for a reliable car insurance policy for the same. Not only because it is a legal mandate in India, but also because it helps you stay stress-free, reduces your liabilities, and could also pay for your hospitalization.

But when choosing the right car insurance policy for your car, there must be a dilemma of which insurance company to choose. To solve this confusion, we have created a comparison between Bajaj Allianz and IFFCO TOKIO car insurance companies based on the claim settlement ratio.

Several factors decide the best car insurance companies, one of them being the claim settlement ratio. Claim Settlement Ratio is the number of claims settled by an insurance company against the total number of claims filed during a financial year.

Key Points Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance
Claim Settlement Ratio 68.06% 84.04%
Cashless Garages 6000+ 4300+
Solvency Ratio 3.45 1.73
Branches 1100+ 200+
Claims settled 1.92 lakhs 8.61 lakhs

Both Bajaj Allianz vs IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Companies offers a wide range of cover options with a low premium, has a dedicated customer service team that helps customers get the best deal possible, and offer an easy claim process.

There are many different cover options available through these two insurance companies. Bajaj Allianz provides a dedicated customer service team, easy claim processes, and a fantastic experience all-round. Another option is IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance which offers an expansive range of cover options, highly knowledgeable claims advisors, and reliable service overall.

Features Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance
Premium Save up to 70% Up to 70% savings
No Claim Bonus (NCB) Up to 50% discount Up to 50% discount
Claim Assistance Hassle-free claim assistance 24x7 claim assistance
Easy Claims Through our, Caringly your app App based claim settlement

*The premiums are displayed according to your details, compare the quotes and buy the policy according to your needs and budget.*

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Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance:

A motor insurance policy is mandatory to secure your car from any mishaps, a sudden accident might cause you a huge financial loss Bajaj Allianz's car insurance policy will compensate your financial loss by paying damage expenses on your behalf. Trust is the important factor that gets positive whooping customer recommendations. Bajaj Allianz's motor insurance policy will protect against physical damage, accidental injury, death, co-passenger injury, death, and property loss of the third party.

Bajaj car insurance policy helps you to avail hassle-free claim settlement. Bajaj Allianz makes trust in its customers for the past 16 years by providing the highest claim settlement. Like house your vehicle is also the most important procession, utmost security with extensive add-ons will protect your car from a mishap. Know the right insurance premium online.

Types of Policies
  • Third Party Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Standalone Own Damage Car Insurance
  • Zero Depreciation
  • Engine Protector
  • Consumable expenses
  • 24x7 Spot Assistance
  • Key and Lock Replacement
  • Personal Baggage
  • Conveyance Benefit
What is covered?
  • Covers Expenses on Own Damages
  • Third Party Liabilities
  • Personal Accidents
  • Additional convenience
  • Extended benefits with Add-ons
  • Loss due to natural calamities
  • Loss due to man-made disasters
  • Personal accident cover.

*Know about Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance benefits and coverages in this Article*

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IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance:

IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance is one of the leading car insurance providers in Japan. The company has been providing customers with reliable insurance services since 1922. The company offers comprehensive coverage for both personal and commercial vehicles, along with a wide range of optional features, such as roadside assistance and comprehensive protection for rental cars.

IFFCO Tokio caters you the coverage against physical damage to your car, personal damage or injury, and third-party liability like personal injury or death and property damage. IFFCO TOKIO offers a comprehensive car insurance policy is the ideal plan for optimum protection of third-party liability, and personal liability, and is a popular add-on for easy claim settlement.

Types of Policies
  • Third Party Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance with Zero Depreciation Cover.
  • Zero depreciation cover
  • Engine Protection
  • No Claim Bonus Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Return to invoice.
What is Covered?
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers Accidents, Natural disasters, Manmade Calamities, fire, and Theft.
  • Personal Accident Cover is covered up to Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Third Party covers losses or damages to third party property or vehicle.

*Know about IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance benefits and coverages in this Article*

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Comparison of Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance vs IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance:

We explained in detail the difference between Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance and IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance. The comparison will be done based on various factors such as claims, customer service, policy cost, and more.

However, some key differences make them stand out from each other. This article will help you decide which insurance company to go with, explains the pros and cons of both policies, and how they compare with each other.

Distinguish Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance
Benefits & Features
  • Zero depreciation cover available
  • Get your car insurance within 3 minutes
  • Cashless claim facility
  • Claim process done within 20 minutes
  • Policyholders are eligible for 75% on account payment in case the cashless facility is unavailable.
  • Dedicated telephonic service is available 24×7 on holidays as well to provide support during claims settlement and for any other issues
  • In case a car gets damaged due to an accident, the towing facility is available
  • Policyholders can avail themselves of high standard service and get their cars inspected at selected workshops.
  • Hassle-free Claim Process
  • Anti-theft Devices
  • Quick Survey
  • Towing Assistance (for Accidents)
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Future Xpress and Xpress+
  • Convenient policy processing with minimal documentation
  • Instant issuance of your policy
  • Hassle-free experience getting your car insured.
  • This plan offers self-damage cover as well as damage to the third party.
  • Choosing this plan will help you get up to 70% savings on premiums.
  • Coverage against natural causes like floods, storms, lightning, earthquake, landslide, etc.
  • Coverage against manmade causes like burglary, theft, accidental, external damage, etc.
  • Coverage for CNG/LPG fuel kit.
  • Coverage for loss or damage to electrical or non-electrical accessories.
  • Quick claim settlement
  • Trusted brand by no. of customers since 2000
  • Instant policy insurance
  • The company offers completely transparent products and services so that you know what you are buying
  • The claim settlement process of the company is quick and efficient ensuring that you get your claims settled within 4 hours.
  • Online Buying/Renewal
  • Quick Claim Settlement
  • AI-Based Claim Assessment for Damaged Vehicles, Garage, and Branch Locator.
  • The claims are settled within the shortest possible time. The Claim Settlement Ratio in the financial year 2020 – 2021 was 97.9%
  • The company has won the ‘Claim Leader – General Insurance’ Award given by Indian Insurance Award
  • The company is known for settling its claim in a record time.
  • There are numerous policies offered by this company for every consumer.
  • The company offers completely transparent products and services so that you know what you are buying
  • The claim settlement process of the company is quick and efficient ensuring that you get your claims settled within 4 hours
  • The company has various awards in its name which make it a reputed company.


Consider all the benefits, coverages, and discounts. Choose a car insurance policy according to your vehicle requirement. Now that you already know the difference between these two companies; start comparing the car insurance policy premiums of Bajaj Allianz and IFFCO TOKIO car insurance above to select the best insurance company for your car.

PolicyBachat caters you to the best car insurance companies in India for hassle-free claim settlement, easy comparisons, and a lot more. Compare Bajaj Allianz vs IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance Company which has a reliable claim settlement ratio in less period. Choose the best car insurance company that provides good coverage at the best price.

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