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Step by Step process for insurance claims for flood damaged cars

Floods can be defined as the overflow of the water in a particular area submerging the land that is usually dry. Floods are one of the most dangerous natural disasters mankind is experiencing. Floods occur due to various reasons such as heavy rainfall, water channel, drainage or nala encroachments and sudden release of water from dams. While the heavy rainfall induced flood is a natural phenomenon, the man made errors like encroachments, constructions near water bodies are also the causes for floods.

Guide For Flood Related Claim

In India there are many regions which are prone to flood. Due to increasing population, there are constructions popping out near the water bodies which prevent the free flow of water in case of moderate to heavy rainfall. These floods cause heavy damage to your property such as home, contents, compound wall, cars and other vehicles.

The recent floods in Hyderabad had caused a huge loss to the people’s property and there are many car insurance claims being reported for flood related damages. Let us understand the process to claim if your car is damaged due to the floods.

1. Move the Car:

The first and foremost thing to do before or after the flood is to move the car to a high ground and a safe location. Once the flood water level reduces it is advisable to move the car out of the flood area to prevent more and more damages.

Don’t try to start your car while moving it to a safe location. During flood water enters the engine and blocks the piston from functioning, if started the flood water damages the piston and engine beyond repair.

The car should be towed to the nearby garage or any other safe location and the repairs are to be carried out before starting the car.

2. Inform the insurance company:

After moving the car to a safe location or nearby garage, call on their toll free number or send a mail to inform your insurance company regarding the same and initiate for a claim. Basic details such as the place of damage, drivers licence, RC copy and other details are to be provided while making a claim.

If your insurance company provides towing service the same can be availed under your insurance policy to move the vehicle from the flood area to the garage for repairs.

A Claim registration number will be provided by the insurance company. This number should be quoted for any further claim related queries. Once everything is sorted out you need to sign a claim approval sheet confirming the claim amount and other terms and conditions are acceptable to you.

3. Role of Surveyor:

After the car is parked in the garage or showroom, within 24 hours a surveyor from the insurance company will inspect the vehicle and arrive at the claim amount. The claim amount is decided by the surveyor and is approved by the insurance company. There could be scope for negotiation regarding the claim amount.

The claim amount also depends on the coverage availed at the time of taking the insurance policy. For instance, damage to only engine is covered only if Engine protection cover is opted.

Likewise if the repair charges exceed more than 75% IDV of the car, then the claim will be settled under Total loss and the IDV mentioned in the policy copy will be given as claim amount to the customer.

4. Repairs Carried out:

Once you agree for the claim amount specified by the surveyor, repair work will be carried out by the showroom or garage and the final repair bill will be sent to the insurance company in case of cashless garages or to you in case of reimbursement.

Any extra amount which is not approved under the claim is to be settled directly to the garage and the vehicle can be taken out after the repairs.

5. After repair:

After the repair is done, garage will inform you regarding the same. Make sure to check the vehicle thoroughly before signing the discharge report. If you are satisfied the remaining amount, if any, needs to be paid and take the vehicle delivery.

Remember that once the discharge voucher is signed and vehicle is taken out of the showroom or garage, insurance company will not be liable for any damages left out without repair.

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