Best Car Insurance Companies In India 2024

Updated On: 2023-04-22

Author : Team Policybachat

Helping you find the best car insurance that fits your requirement. Car insurance is the most searched word in year 2022 on the search platforms in the insurance industry. This is due to the fact that for every car to ply on public roads a valid insurance is mandatory as per the rule by the Government of India.

There are almost 24 car insurance companies operating in India providing the car insurance. However, not all the car insurance policies are same, as each company offers something unique to its customers when compared with the remaining car insurance companies.

The best car insurance company may be the customer experience at the time of sales, Claim settlement experience, high discounts compared to the other companies and even the seamless online purchase of car insurance policies.

We have taken the top general insurance companies which have the unique features and based on our findings, understanding and the reviews received from our customers. This article in no way supports the below general insurance companies but is only for understanding and using as a reference while making the purchase.

Companies Discounts Highlights
Raheja QBE
  • Save upto 75% on Premium
  • Customer oriented approach
  • A+ Rating by Standard and Poor's Insurance Financial Strength
  • Simple & hassle-free communication.
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  • EMI Protector
  • 50% discount on own damage premium.
  • SAP ACE Award
  • Swift claims settlement
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Universal Sompo
  • Personal Accident cover is up to Rs. 15 lakh for Owner-driver.
  • Third Party up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.
  • Robust customer support
  • 24x7 emergency assistance
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Royal Sundaram
  • 100% invoice insurance price
  • Personal Accident Cover is up to Rs. 2 Lakhs.
  • 24x7 roadside assistance
  • Awarded Best BFSI Brand 2021
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  • Save up to 85% on premium
  • Third party price for less than 1000 cc cars is Rs. 1500.
  • iAAA Rating by ICRA Award
  • Personal accident cover for passenger cover is Rs. 2 lakhs.
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  • Save up to 70% on premium
  • Personal Accident cover is up to Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Claims can be made by QCS App
  • Online and telephonic claims.
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  • Premium starts at Rs. 2072
  • Third party liability is up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs.
  • Digitally enabled claim process
  • Allow customers to request unlimited calls.
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  • Save 93% of up to Rs. 1200 on Car Insurance
  • Premium starts at Rs. 2094
  • 3 day doorstep delivery
  • 1 hour pickup
  • Instant repairs
  • Highly rated go-to-app.
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  • Save up to 80%
  • Third party covers up to 7.5 lakhs.
  • Voluntary Deductible
  • Discount for Anti Theft Device
  • If no claim is preferred in the expiring Policy, a Bonus or Discount NO CLAIM BONUS is given on the Premium of the new Policy
  • Automobile Association Membership discount
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  • Save up to 50%
  • Third party covers up to 7.5 lakhs.
  • Zero depth policy
  • 24x7 emergency assistance.
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Which is the best Car Insurance Company in India?

Many companies offer car insurance plans. Though the basics remain the same, each company tries to innovate its plans to attract customers. But what you need from your plan may be different from what someone else wants.

So, as per your requirements, you would have to decide which plans suit you best. You can select the right plan based on the following criteria:

  • Coverage being offered
  • Availability of add-ons
  • Availability of discounts
  • The network of cashless garages
  • Premium amount.

We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall car insurance companies. The below Car Insurance Companies are listed based on the High Claim Settlement ratio because the higher the ratio, the more reliable the insurer is.

1. Acko Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Acko has very competitive car insurance rates for many types of car owners, which makes it worth a look if you want cheap car insurance. It has low level of car insurance complaints are another reason to consider Acko Car Insurance.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 82.35%
  • Cashless Garages: 1300+
  • Solvency ratio: 1.91
  • Branches: 200+
  • Claims Settled: 10 Lakhs.


  • 24x7 emergency assistance
  • A dedicated claims team
  • Claim approval within 7 days
  • 1 day pick up for repairs
  • 3 step door delivery at no cost


  • Third party cover
  • Own damage cover
  • Comprehensive cover
    • Basic
    • Super Saver
  • Zero depreciation cover
    • Basic
    • Super Saver
    • Smart Saver
  • Personal accident cover.
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2. Edelweiss Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Edelweiss offers decent car insurance rates for all car owners and many helpful add-on coverages. The level of complaints against it for car insurance is very low, making it a company to check out if you’re shopping for car insurance.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 93.38%
  • Cashless Garages: 2000+
  • Solvency ratio: 2.09
  • Branches: 100+
  • Claims Settled: 20 Lakhs.


  • Good customer support
  • Priority services at preferred workshops
  • Quick claim settlement.


  • Third Party private car liability
  • Third party + own damage private car liability.
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3. IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

The company has many optional offerings that can give you better insurance protection, making it a good choice to look at when comparison shopping.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 84.04%
  • Cashless Garages: 4300+
  • Solvency ratio: 1.73
  • Branches: 200+
  • Claims Settled: 8.61 Lakhs.


  • Instant digital copy of the policy
  • Quick and hassle-free claim settlement
  • On-road protector coverage
  • Surveyors for immediate claim initiation.


  • Third Party liability
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Own damage cover
  • Personal accident cover.
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4. Navi Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Navi has pretty affordable rates for motorists with many types of needs, making it a good company for various driver profiles. The company gives its policyholders a sense of empowerment with financial independence through an extensive range of affordable products and a seamless customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 82.91%
  • Cashless Garages: 1100+
  • Solvency ratio: 2.12
  • Branches: 120+
  • Claims Settled: 12 Lakhs.


  • Insurance coverage
  • Legal liability
  • Financial security
  • Affordable premiums.


  • Third party liability
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Long-term comprehensive
  • Liability only private car
  • COCO drives a private car package.
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5. Raheja QBE Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Raheja QBE Insurance shines with its optional coverage options, its claims process and low level of complaints, which helps it overcome only average rates.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 100.51%
  • Cashless Garages: 1300+
  • Solvency ratio: 3.66
  • Branches: 100+
  • Claims Settled: 16 Lakhs.


  • Quick claim settlement process
  • Readily available customer support
  • Instant policy issuance and faster process.


  • Private car insurance policy
  • Compulsory personal accident to owner-driver.
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6. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Royal Sundaram offers a superior selection of coverage options, from accident forgiveness to disappearing deductibles. It also has a track record for low car insurance complaints, which helps offset rates that are usually higher than its top competitors.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 87.89%
  • Cashless Garages: 4600+
  • Solvency ratio: 1.87
  • Branches: 158+
  • Claims Settled: 15 Lakhs.


  • Good and hassle-free pre-sales and post-sales services
  • Towing facility – spot repair services
  • On-time Services
  • 24x7 claim assistance.


  • Third Party Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance.
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7. SBI Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

SBI has good coverage offerings and a top score for its collision repair claims processes. These advantages offset SBI’s car insurance rates, which are a mixed bag depending on your driving record.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 86.01%
  • Cashless Garages: 5000+
  • Solvency ratio: 2.00
  • Branches: 137+
  • Claims Settled: 6.23 Lakhs.


  • Easy and hassle-free purchase process
  • 24x7 claim assistance.


  • Own damage car insurance
  • Third party car insurance
  • Personal accident cover.
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8. Universal Sompo Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

The company is well known for its high customer ratings and affordable coverage options, including accident forgiveness. However, it has strict eligibility requirements and not everyone qualifies for coverage.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 87.96%
  • Cashless Garages: 3500+
  • Solvency ratio: 1.90
  • Branches: 86+
  • Claims Settled: 1.11 Lakhs.


  • Quick claim settlement
  • Instantaneous purchase
  • Wide range of add-ons
  • 24x7 claim assistance
  • Robust customer support system.


  • Third party car insurance
  • Comprehensive cover.
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9. Magma HDI Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Magma HDI is worth considering as your top choice. The company offers reputable service, a wide selection of coverage and cheap car insurance rates, according to our rate estimates.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 82.35%
  • Cashless Garages: 1300+
  • Solvency ratio: 1.79
  • Branches: 200+
  • Claims Settled: 10 Lakhs.


  • Save time
  • Get better price
  • Easy and convenient process
  • Trained professionals at your service.


  • Third party liability
  • Comprehensive car insurance.
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10. Shriram Car Insurance

Why we choose it?

Shriram as the best car insurance for customizable premiums because of its Name Your Price tool, which allows drivers to shop for coverage according to their budget.

Key Features:

  • Claim Settlement Ratio: 79.43%
  • Cashless Garages: 2000+
  • Solvency ratio: 3.63
  • Branches: 3850+
  • Claims Settled: 2.08 Lakhs.


  • 24x7 Hassle-free claim process
  • Survey and assistance within a day
  • Simple claim procedure
  • Updated claim status.


  • Personal Accident cover
  • Third party car insurance
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Long-term car insurance.
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How do you get the Best Car Insurance Rates?

  • Firstly, it’s important to work out exactly what you want from your car insurance by deciding on the level of cover.
  • Shop around and compare your options from the insurers willing to cover you and your car.
  • Price will likely be a big factor for you but it shouldn’t be the only detail you look at.
  • Check out the policy benefits as well as the price. Keep in mind that the cheapest policies don’t always work out to be best when something goes wrong.
  • Continue to build your no claims bonus to keep your premium low.
  • You may also want to consider multi-car insurance if you own more than one car, which could see a discount added to your premium.

How to Select the Best Car Insurance Company for Your Needs?

Car Insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers the risks involved in owning or operating a vehicle. It can cover legal liability, physical damage to the vehicle, and can also cover third-party property damage.

In order to select the best car insurance company for your needs, you need to consider factors like:

  • The coverage offered by the company
  • The price of the policy
  • The reputation of the company
  • You’re driving history.

Tips for how to get the Best Car Insurance:

  • Shop around to find the best deal
  • Don’t ignore regional companies
  • Remember to look for discounts
  • Consider factors besides price.

Choose Best Car Insurance Compare Online:

Welcome folks! Many of us have ‘n’ number of doubts while selecting the car insurance policy online. The basic point of going online for car insurance is to save time and energy instead of traditional way.  Due to the advancements in the technology, face to face human interaction is declining and being replaced by mobiles phones & computers.

Let us understand & follow the steps to keep in mind for selecting the best car insurance in India online.

  1. Policy Bachat: First point in selecting the best car insurance in India inline is to select the online platform. Policy Bachat is one of the leading online platforms for Car Insurance premium comparison in India. We have tied up with almost all the major insurance players in the market thereby offering the customer to choose the best option available.         
  2. Fill the Details: Once the basic details pertaining to the car are filled ad submitted you’ll receive a call from the Policy Bachat Team. Agents here are fully trained and equipped with high knowledge to guide you to compare car insurance premium online and select the best policy.
  3. Ask for particulars: Our agents start collecting the information related to car such as cubic capacity, make and model etc., to generate the car insurance quotes online. If there is any requirement from your end, you are requested to pass it to our agents so that they can generate quotes to compare car insurance agent renewal quotes online.
  4. Add-ons: Our agents will explain you the add-ons which can be taken by paying extra premium. If you require any particular add-on then please pass on the request to agent to enable them to calculate premium using car insurance premium calculator. Car insurance cost also depends on the add-ons or riders opted at the time of taking the car insurance. Riders such as Bumper to bumper, Engine cover; Consumables, Road side assistance etc. are charged separately thereby increasing the premium to be paid.
  5. Comparison: Once the details are filled a link to compare car insurance quotes online is sent to you on your registered email id. Using this link car insurance premium comparison can be done and the best company can be selected.
  6. Payment: Once the best car insurance policy in India is chosen with all the required add-ons then you can proceed for payment. Payment can be done with any of the means such as credit card, debit card, online payment etc.,
  7. Instant Policy: Once the payment is done the policy is generated instantly. If you face any issues at the time of payment or policy issuance our agents are here to assist you.
  8. Renewals: The same procedure is applicable for car insurance renewals quotes online. For renewals car insurance renewal premium calculator is used to generate the premium. Expired car insurance can be renewed online from PolicyBachat portal where we have a dedicated team of agents to assist you in your car insurance renewal. If the car insurance expired and the renewal doesn’t happen within 90 days from the date of expiry, then the no claim bonus under the policy would lapse resulting in increase in premium.

 Due to the advent in the technology it has become easy to renew insurance online with a few clicks from anywhere in the world. Have you ever thought how to renew insurance online? Then we have a solution for this question. Visit Our Portal and get renew your car insurance online within 3 steps.


PolicyBachat researched the top providers of car insurance across India. After researching the communities where companies offer services, we analyzed how customer service was experienced, and converted it into a score using our metric that takes into consideration your needs and location.

After you've narrowed down a few companies that have strong reputations, you should compare quotes among them. Insurance companies use a variety of factors to calculate your rate. Different companies often have the same customer service reputations, but they may quote you significantly different rates.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Car Insurance Companies:

Do Car Insurance Companies Pay Medical Bills Directly?

After a car accident that caused injuries, each injured person is responsible for paying his or her own medical bills. This is the case even if it is clear that the other driver was at fault for the crash. If the victim has health insurance or Med-pay, the insurance company may cover the costs as they accumulate. A settlement can then compensate the victim for out-of-pocket expenses. Many accident victims have insurance coverage that will pay these bills. The type and extent of this coverage will dictate how the bills actually get paid.

How to Compare Car Insurance Companies?

Compare car insurance quotes with different insurers on our portal Car Insurance. We are delivering 30+ insurance companies that provide good discounts, coverages, and add-ons.

  • Go to Policybachat Car Insurance
  • Fill in the required details like the age of the car, registration date, Make & Model, and variant.
  • Click the button ‘Start Saving Money
  • Then the Car insurance companies will display premiums, IDV, and Zero depreciation, etc.
  • Buy the Car insurance policy that suits your requirement.

Where to Compare Car Insurance Companies?

Compare Car insurance companies at the Car Insurance portal. We are delivering 30+ insurance companies that provide good discounts, coverages, and add-ons. You can buy a car insurance policy with your required company easily and hassle-free.

How to Switch Car Insurance Companies?

The validity of a car insurance policy is for one year. This duration is pretty short and convenient in case a policyholder is not happy with the current car insurance company. The insurance regulator of India has given the freedom to the policyholder to choose a car insurance company and avail services from a new insurer without losing the benefits of a car insurance policy if he/she is not content with the current insurer.

A car insurance provider can be changed upon the expiry of the current car insurance policy. In an extreme situation, a car owner can also buy another policy if he/she has had a bad claim experience with the current insurer. The current insurer can be changed by looking for a new car insurance company and buying (or) renewing car insurance policy from the new insurer. All you have to do is conduct a small amount of research while selecting the new insurer and then buy a policy to avoid a bad experience.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by any insurance company. We at PolicyBachat have prepared this article based on the views of our existing customers and the reviews given by them. We have not received any payment and this is not a paid article by the above mentioned insurance companies. How to renew insurance online? This can be done by paying the insurance online with the help of PolicyBachat where the payment is directly made to the insurance company and the policy copy is shared immediately.

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