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Things To Do When You Lost Your Car key

Key is the most important part in a car. Having a mechanical or electronic key enables the car to be start and stop manually or electronically. While most of the people insure their car, insuring the keys is quite uncommon because people think that car keys can be replaced easily. This could be true in the case of manual keys but when it comes to remote operated keys; it is highly difficult to replace them locally.

Lost your car key- Here are things to do.

Ms.Ruhi has purchased a high end BMW car and has insured it with a reputed insurance company. She was given a smart key to operate the vehicle. These kinds of vehicles have push-button start and the key is the modern compared to the other versions. One fine day she lost her key which made her panic due to the fact that the key being a FOB, car can be stolen using the lost key.

Things to do if your key is lost:

  1. Check thoroughly:  First and foremost thing to do is to check for the keys thoroughly in all the places before coming to a conclusion. There might be instances where you misplace the keys in the dining room and search in the bedroom.
  2. Inform your insurance company: The main thing to do when you lose your key is to inform the insurance company of the incident in writing. The chances of vehicle getting stolen with the lost key are high. If you don’t inform the insurance company of the lost key, then there is chance of claim rejection in case the vehicle is stolen later.
  3. Use spare keys: Spare keys come as saviour when your key is lost. When you are far away from home it might be difficult to use the spare keys, in such case it is advisable to push the car towards a secure location and get the spare keys to open the car.
  4. Don’t use unauthorised keys: Using unauthorised keys may lead to the breach in warranty by the car manufacturer. Keys designed locally may open the lock temporarily but it is not advisable to use those keys which can also be used to steal the vehicle. These unauthorised keys may also damage the lock of your car if not operated properly.
  5. File F.I.R: In many cases people tend to ignore the need to inform police and file for an F.I.R in case of lost keys. Immediately it should be taken to the notice of police and file a First information report for the same stating the place and time of incident. This report should be shared with the insurance company for processing any claim related to theft of vehicle.

Key Replacement Cover in Car insurance:

The key replacement cover or key protection cover in car insurance, if opted, provides the amount incurred to replace the key. Key protection cover is an add-on in the car insurance available under the comprehensive section of the policy. Under this rider the cost incurred on locksmith, replacement of locks and keys, reprogramming keys, replacing the alarms will be paid to the customer up to the limit specified in the policy copy.

People with High end and luxury vehicles should take the key replacement or key protection cover as the high end vehicles have Frequency operated button (FOB) keys and the replacement for these keys are provided only by the manufacturer.

To protect your car from damage to the locks and keys, key protection cover is the best option.

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