Nissan Terrano Car Insurance Price List In India 2024

Updated On: 2023-03-30

Author : Team Policybachat

Nissan first launched in 1986 as a sports utility vehicle specially made for Indian market. Can you compromise on your Nissan Terrano XE D safety by choosing insufficient coverages? On the other hand, you can't go beyond your budget to cover your Nissan Terrano XL P. Nissan Terrano is an entry-level Sports Utility Vehicle by Japanese manufacturer Nissan Motors. Initially, this car was launched in the year 1993 and got discontinued in 2006.

The Nissan Terrano that holds the mature design and aesthetic interiors. It has a petrol and diesel engine of 1598 cc that provides great drive ability and efficiency which takes the mileage to 19.87 kmpl. The car comes with manual and automatic transmission and massive ground clearance that is more than sufficient for Indian roads.

It is available in 7 variants and 7 colors that features a six-speed AMT gearbox which is well-tuned to give a great performance. It has got various safety features which comprise power steering, an anti-lock braking system, driver and passenger airbag, brake assist, central locking, and so on.

Sometimes your Nissan Terrano car insurance policy is overly estimated with excess coverage options. The cost of Nissan Terrano car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy. Insurance coverage and car insurance premiums are directly related. The higher the coverage is the higher the premium gets.

Key Specifications of Nissan Terrano Car:

Price Starts from Rs.10 lakhs
Engine 1461 cc
Power 83.14 BHP
Mileage 13.04 to 19.87 kmpl
Fuel type Diesel, Petrol
Torque 148 NM
Transmission Manual
Seating Capacity 5 Seater


  • Chrome Accent and Trim
  • Signature Grille
  • 4-POD Design Headlamps
  • Machined Alloy Wheels


  • Crash Sensor
  • Engine Check Warning
  • Illuminated Door Switches
  • Soft Touch Paint on Dashboard
  • Dual Tone Hue Interiors
  • Electronic Multi-Trip meter
  • Driver Experience Control Eco
  • Automatic Climate Control
  • Air Quality Control
  • Foldable Rear Seat
  • Bolder Dashboard
  • Air Conditioner
  • Passenger/Driver Airbag
  • Digital Odometer
  • Seat Belt Warning
  • Side Impact Beams

How to choose the best Car Insurance Company for Nissan Terrano?

We give you a list of advice to bridge the gap between better coverage and higher premiums. Employ these rules while purchasing Nissan Terrano insurance policy at reasonable Nissan Terrano auto insurance premium.

  • Choose for best car insurance company that offers best policy for nissan terrano. Select the one that is customer driven and entitles you to discounts and bonuses on your Nissan Terrano car insurance policy.
  • Opt for higher deductibles to reduce your Nissan Terrano car insurance premiums. In case of claims, higher deductibles will let you pay more for your damages and your Nissan Terrano car insurance company will pay less and will decrease your car premiums. However, remember not to increase your deductibles too higher as it will create a dent in your pocket.
  • Are you a trained driver? Then you will get additional bonuses for your safe driving skills. Keep your driving record clean and avoid claims for a policy year to receive No Claim Bonus from your Nissan Terrano auto insurance company as a reward for your driving skills. This NCB will reduce your premiums for next consecutive policy period.
  • Vehicle safety is important. Providing additional security for your Nissan Terrano XL D PLUS from external sources will get you discounts from your Nissan Terrano XL D THPcar insurer. Install safety features like Airbags, child locks and Anti-Theft systems to avail the discounts provided.
  • In general, wear and tear of your Nissan Terrano XV D THP will increase the chances of damage and accidents. So, avoid insuring very older vehicles to keep a check on increasing premiums. All these features will enable you to keep your Nissan Terrano XV D THP PREMIUM safe that too at affordable premium prices.

Nissan Terrano Car Insurance Price in India:

PolicyBachat offers a comprehensive Insurance policy that covers loss and damage to your Nissan Terrano along with liability to third parties. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured. To know the estimated Nissan Terrano car insurance cost of your brand new Nissan Terrano car, all you have to do is fill in your car's Manufacturing year, and Mobile number to purchase it easily.

Nissan Terrano Car Models Variants IDV (Insured Declared Value) Zero Depreciation Cover Nissan Terrano Car Insurance Price
Nissan Terrano XE (D) 5.70 lakh 3,315 11,243
Nissan Terrano XL (P) 5.76 lakh 3,003 12,732
Nissan Terrano Sport Edition 6.12 lakh 1,941 9,372
Nissan Terrano XL (O) D 4.79 lakh 1,941 9,372
Nissan Terrano XV Premium D 6.49 lakh 1,873 13,322
Nissan Terrano XV Premium AMT 5.32 lakh 2,307 13,583

*Above mentioned values are for assumption purpose if you want exact readings, please compare quotes for Nissan Terrano car at car insurance comparison tool.*

Types of Nissan Terrano Car Insurance Policies:

  • Third party insurance: Third party insurance policy is the mandatory document every vehicle owner should own. Third party insurance policy is to protect the policyholder from any legal liability arising from third party accident or property damage. Third party policy doesn’t cover any personal accidental claims.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Get protection against the damages caused by theft, vandalism, earthquake, floods, fire, explosion, damage caused by animals and other natural calamities. But the comprehensive policy doesn’t cover in case of collision with other vehicles.
  • Collision coverage: Collision coverage is used to claim bumper to bumper damages. Get 100% coverage for fiber, plastic, rubber, denting and painting. As collision coverage is not mandatory, it’s a sole choice of a customer to opt the policy to get rid of any accidental claim risk. Nissan Terrano collision coverage insurance policy secure you from abrupt financial cases.

What is Covered & not Covered in Nissan Terrano Car Insurance?

Pro’s Con’s
Loss or damage caused by natural calamities Normal Wear and Tear and Electrical or Mechanical Breakdowns
Total loss because of fire, explosions or an act of terror Damage to Tyres (unless vehicle also damaged)
Total loss because of theft Driver without a Valid Driving License
Personal accident cover which could include passengers also Driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicants such as liquor or drugs
Own-damage cover When the vehicle is used for any illegal purpose
Third-party liability cover Usage outside geographical limits

Add-On Covers recommended for Nissan Terrano:

You can avail a number of additional covers with your Nissan Terrano car insurance policy for extra security and cost savings.

  • Nil Depreciation Cover: With this cover, you get protected from the depreciation cost that is deducted from the claim amount. This is an excellent cover which coupled with low maintenance brings down the overhead expenses for your Nissan Terrano to the minimum.
  • Consumables Cover: Similarly, this add-on cover takes care of the expenses incurred on the consumable items caused from any of the perils mentioned in the car insurance policy wordings. The consumable items include nuts and bolts, screws, washers, grease, lubricants, clips, AC gas, bearings, distilled water, engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter and brake oil.
  • Personal Accident cover: This cover adds great value to your Nissan Terrano vehicle insurance policy by protecting against accidents anywhere in the world regardless of who is driving the car. Under this cover, you are insured against Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement.

Discounts on Nissan Terrano:

You can also get a plethora of discounts for your Nissan Terrano with Reliance Car insurance policy.

  • NCB: NCB stands for No Claim Bonus. With NCB, you get a discount on your Nissan Terrano car insurance premium during renewal if you don't make a claim for your Nissan Terrano during the policy period. The discount on your car insurance premium increases every year reaching to a maximum of 50 percent.
  • Anti-Theft devices: Installing anti-theft mechanisms in your Nissan Terrano such as anti-theft alarm, immobilizers, and steering locks will help you fetch a discount in the Nissan Terrano insurance premium.
  • AAI Membership: You are entitled to a discount on Nissan Terrano car insurance premium if you become member of AAI (Automobile Association of India). For every esteemed owner of Nissan Terrano, we offer a customizable car insurance plan.

You can insure your Nissan Terrano car by following these four simple steps:

Nissan Terrano car series are all high-end luxury cars, which means keeping your coverage is very important. This will keep you protected if there's an accident or if any of the gadgets stop working. Nissan Terrano cars have a fine exterior and sophisticated electronics, so it's important to keep a good level of coverage. It's important to get a suitable kind of coverage that can help protect against accidents, theft, and other issues. This will also mean higher premiums and deductibles but generally, any discounts on your premiums will be worth it.
Be judicious before buying insurance for your Nissan Terrano car. Certain things that you can keep in mind before taking the policy are:

  • Since the car is a luxury one, Bumper-to-Bumper coverage is a must.
  • Explore the different coverage available and find out the one that is right for your car.
  • Compare the risks covered and the premiums being offered by different carriers through a Nissan Terrano car insurance online insurance aggregator so that you can put your hand on the best deal, i.e., maximum coverage at a lesser premium.
  • Look for discounts being offered by different insurers and find out if you are eligible for any.

Nissan Terrano Car Insurance FAQs:

What are Nissan Terrano Car Prices in India?

The Nissan Terrano Price in Hyderabad starts from Rs. 11.86 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 17.64 Lakh. Terrano is a SUV, offered with a choice of 1461 cc Diesel and 1598 cc Petrol engine options. The Terrano on road price in Hyderabad for 1461 cc Diesel engine ranges between Rs. 11.86 - 17.64 Lakh. For Petrol engine powered by 1598 cc on road price is Rs. 12.05 Lakh.
While the entry-level variants have witnessed a hike, the flagship variants have been made considerably more affordable. Nissan Terrano car insurance prices in India will vary as per the Coverage Types, Fuel Variant, RTO, Model variant, etc.

Car Model Prices
Nissan Terrano XE (D) 11.86 lakh
Nissan Terrano XL (P) 12.05 lakh
Nissan Terrano Sport Edition 14.84 lakh
Nissan Terrano XL O (D) 14.93 lakh
Nissan Terrano XV Premium D 17.11 lakh
Nissan Terrano XV Premium AMT 17.64 lakh

How to Buy Nissan Terrano Car Insurance Online?

It will take less than 5 minutes to buy a NISSAN TERRANO car Insurance policy. You can buy a car insurance policy online by visiting our website. We provide several car insurance policy premium quotes offered by different insurers from which you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.  As a car owner, you can easily buy NISSAN TERRANO insurance online:-

  • Go to the form at the top of the page
  • Fill up the details of your NISSAN TERRANO car such as RTO, model, engine capacity, fuel type, etc.
  • Provide your contact details including your name, email id, etc.
  • Choose the best insurance for the NISSAN TERRANO car as per your requirements
  • Pay the NISSAN TERRANO insurance price online via net banking or bank debit/credit cards
  • Your motor insurer will issue your NISSAN TERRANO insurance online.

How to Renew Nissan Terrano Car Insurance?

You must renew your car insurance policy before its expiry. You can easily do that by following the Nissan Terrano insurance renewal process. Here are the steps involved in the Nissan Terrano car insurance renewal process.
The car insurance renewal process has been made simple with PolicyBachat online portal car Insurance where the process is quite simple. Below is the process to renew your car insurance online.

  • Enter the required details like the Make and Model of the Car,
  • Enter RTO & Registration date,
  • The premium from different insurance companies is displayed.

Select the best insurance company as per your requirements and proceed to the payment page. The instant policy would be available after the payment is completed.

Is Nissan Terrano Worth Buying?

If you are hesitating to buy it is likely because of the market price. Nissan Terrano costs more than some other models, but they also have features that you can’t get from any other manufacturer. These are some reasons why Nissan Terrano’s are worth the expense in terms of quality, luxury, performance, and reliability.

Why you should not buy a Used Nissan Terrano Car?

  • Inexperienced owners mean poor maintenance
  • A lot of jerks drive Nissan Terrano’s
  • Electrical Problems
  • It’s a ticking time bomb
  • Nissan Terrano makes more money selling parts
  • Well-document reliability issues
  • Cheaper parts
  • Enjoy the best years of the car, lease a new Nissan Terrano
  • Old NISSAN TERRANOs should not be daily drivers.

Why Is It Important to Have Nissan Terrano Car Insurance?

  • Covers for any damages/losses caused to the third party
  • Provides comprehensive car insurance coverage
  • Offers cashless transactions through network garages
  • Get end to end claims assistance

Why is Nissan Terrano Car Insurance So Expensive?

Nissan Terrano is known for manufacturing some of the most luxury cars in the world and hence they don’t come cheap. The engine is the major component of a car that decides the pricing. The vehicle must have high-end features that go above and below.

Which is the highest and lowest priced model in Nissan Terrano?

Nissan Terrano car model with car variant of XV Premium AMT is the highest priced model in all Nissan Terrano cars. Nissan Terrano car model with car variant of XE (D) is the lowest priced model in all Nissan Terrano cars.


Buying Nissan Terrano car insurance policy online is the ideal choice avail the policy. Here a car owner can check the past claim history of the specific policy, comparison of Nissan car insurance quotes made easy by PolicyBachat; an unbiased car insurance comparison website. Get the discount from the carriers and compare the Nissan Terrano car insurance quotes to compare the insurance policies side by side and get an affordable price.

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