24X7 Road Side Assistance In Car Insurance

Updated On: 2023-04-04

Author : Team Policybachat

24x7 Road side assistance in Car insurance is a break down service add-on which is available for the customers to avail under the comprehensive insurance cover at times when the car breakdowns on the road.

The reason for availing this emergency service can be flat tyre or any unforeseen mishap happening in the middle of the road. This service which can be availed at any time of the year doesn’t count as a claim thereby protecting the No claim bonus at the time of renewal.

What is covered in 24x7 Road Side Assistance

24x7 Road side assistance cover also known as Break down cover has the following coverage under it:-

  1. Car Breakdown: The most common problem faced by car owners is the sudden breakdown of car due to battery issue. The battery might seem perfect at the time of starting the journey but may cause trouble after driving for some time. This can happen due to various reasons like extreme climate, loss of water, lack of regular maintenance etc., If this situation arises the road side assistance cover provides service to jump start the battery whenever required.
  2. Spare Keys: There might be instances when the customer forgets the key in the car and the car gets locked automatically. In this situation the customer cannot start his car as his car is locked and the key is inside the car. Under the road side assistance cover the insurance company offers to pickup and deliver your spare keys or unlock the car with the help of technician.
  3. Flat tyre: Every car owner might have experienced the situation of flat tyre in their driving experience at least once. This happens when you drive on the scattered road or off-road and can cause great trouble if you don’t know how to replace the tyre with spare one. In this case the insurance company offers to replace the flat tyre with the spare tyre with the help of technicians.
  4. Towing Facility: Breakdown of car can happen due to any reason and may sometimes require repairs at the garage only. In this situation it is highly difficult for the customer to push the vehicle to the nearby garage. In this situation under the road side assistance cover the insurance company offers to tow the vehicle to the nearby garage.
  5. Fuel Assistance: In case of sudden empty of fuel tank in the middle of the road due to any reason, the road side assistance cover provides up to 5 litres of fuel for you to reach the nearby fuel station.
  6. Alternate transport: Imagine a situation where your car breaks down in the middle of the road at dawn and there is no way for the repairs to happen any time soon. In this case under the 24x7 road side assistance cover insurance company arranges for alternate vehicle to reach your destination or nearby hotel.
  7. Accommodation: In the above situation where the repair of the car is not possible and requires overnight stay, you might need alternate accommodation. 24x7 road side assistance provides the accommodation in such situation in a nearby place.
  8. Minor Repairs: A car is made of thousands of parts and any damage to any part can bring the car to a halt. You might be wondering the reason for halt and such reason might be only a small repair which can be fixed on the spot. Under the road side assistance cover insurance company offers to fix the minor repairs of your car.

How much does Road side assistance Cost?

Road side assistance is an add-on provided by your insurance company at an extra cost under the own damage section. 24x7 road side assistance is the cheapest of all the add-ons provided by the insurance company. The cost for road side assistance cover can range from Rs.50 to Rs.1000 depending on the insurance company and the make and model of the Car. This small token of premium can help you at large when your vehicle is struck in the middle of the road.

How does Road Side Assistance Cover work?

Road side assistance cover is a 24x7 and 365 days cover available to the customer. Once the add-on is opted the coverage starts from the day of policy start date. In case of any emergency customer can contact on the toll free number of the insurance company which generally starts with 1800-XX-XXXX and keep your policy handy to inform all the details to the customer care.  After intimation the insurance company will send the technicians to the place of breakdown.

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