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Reasons behind rejecting Toyota Innova insurance claims

Did your Toyota Innova get into an accident? Are you trying to claim for the damages caused? Is your Toyota Innova insurance policy getting rejected for its claims?

Don't worry! We answer all your questions. Claiming car insurance policy is always a demanding task with many risks involved. When the chances being 50-50 we never know what goes wrong. Here is why we give you heads-up on the aspects that will lead you to a rejected Toyota car insurance claim. 

False Claims

Remember not to make any false claims, like pretending to be hurt or poising a damaged Toyota Innova 2.5 V. If you met with an accident, don't try to exaggerate the damages to avoid any legal proceedings, remember that your, Toyota Innova 2.5 Gcar policy will cover all your third-party legal liabilities. If you falsify your accident, your claim will be rejected and on the top of it, you will be penalized for investigation.

Hiding the modifications

have you modified your vehicle? Did you add any security features and replaced an engine with an upgrade? Then don't forget to mention these changes to your insurer. Unreported changes will eventually end up being hurdles for your Toyota Innova G insurance claims.

Violating the terms

Read the conditions of your Toyota Innova 2.0 insurance policy. They are the key to what you are covered for. Never try to violate these rules. If you have taken a car insurance policy for a private purpose use it for the same purpose. Breaching these laws will result in Toyota Innova GX insurance claim rejections. 

Not updating the insurer

Met with an accident! Inform your insurer immediately. If you fail to update your car insurance company on time, you will face troubles while claiming for the damages incurred to your Toyota Innova car.

Not upgrading the lapsed policy

Toyota Innova insurance renewal is mandatory. Incurring damages to your Innova Toyota under a lapsed car insurance policy will be expensive as your claim will be rejected and you will be paying for your own damages.

These are vital No's while claiming a Toyota Innova insurance policy. Claiming is an easy process, but preparing for a claim is a long process. Keep all your documents safe and bring them to your insurance company notice while submitting a claim for the damages of your Toyota Innova CNG.

PolicyBachat guides you the right Toyota Innova insurance plan for availing maximum claims in case of claims.  

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