Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price List in India

Volkswagen Polo is a sub-compact car made by the German automobile giant Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Polo is a fabulous subcompact car appetite to buy this classy vehicle in India. Volkswagen Polo has an impressive exterior look and pleasant interiors Volkswagen Polo uses superior performing engines which are used for premium vehicles like BMW, Audi, etc. The cost of Volkswagen Polo car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy...Read More

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Coming to the maintenance, the cost bit higher and the mileage is quite disappointing to middle-class users. But, the top-notch performance will impress Indian drivers. Volkswagen polo's top speed is 165 mph with acceleration from 0-100 kmph at 14.2 seconds.

Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price List in India

Price Rs. 5.83 lakh
Engine 999 cc
Power 75.1 BHP
Mileage 16.47 to 18.78 kmpl
Fuel Type Petrol
Torque 95 NM
Transmission Manual, Automatic
Seating Capacity 5 seater

Specifications of Volkswagen Polo Car

Specifications 1.5 TDI Highline GT TDI Sport Edition ALL STAR 1.2MPI
Ex-showroom 8,55,400 9,55,876 7,30,248
Mileage 20.14 kmpl 21.49 kmpl 16.47 kmpl
Fuel type Diesel Diesel Petrol
Displacement 1498 cc 1498 cc 1198 cc
BHP 88.7bhp@4200rpm 108.5bhp@4400rpm 74bhp@5400rpm
Torque 230Nm@1500-2500rpm 250Nm@1500-2500rpm 110Nm@3750rpm

Tips for maintaining Volkswagen Polo Car:

  • Regular Servicing: The best way to maintain your Volkswagen Polo is to frequently take it to a certified garage for servicing. This will keep your car in the best condition for years and fix any minor issues that may arise from time to time.
  • Refill Consumables Frequently: A car needs engine oil, coolant, and other consumables to be refilled for optimum running. Always refill them or your car could break down on the side of the road.
  • Maintain Tyre Pressure: For optimal mileage and car parts, try to maintain proper tyre pressure. Having the wrong pressure may damage the internal components of the car.
  • Do Not Overload: It's important not to overload your car. Overloading your car puts a lot of stress on the internal parts and can cause accidents due to the weight imbalance it would create.

Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price:

To know the estimated Volkswagen Polo car insurance cost, all you have to do is fill in your car's Manufacturing year, and Mobile number to purchase it easily. PolicyBachat offers a comprehensive Insurance policy that covers loss and damage to your Volkswagen Polo along with liability to third parties. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured.

Volkswagen Polo Car Models Variants IDV (Insured Declared Value) Zero Depreciation Cover Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Price
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1L Rider 5.70 lakh 3,315 11,243
Volkswagen Polo 1.0 Trendline 999 5.76 lakh 3,003 12,732
Volkswagen Polo Highline Plus 6.12 lakh 1,941 9,372
Volkswagen Polo 1.5 TDI Comfortline 4.79 lakh 1,941 9,372
Volkswagen Polo GT 1.2 TSI AT 6.49 lakh 1,873 13,322

*Above mentioned values are for assumption purposes if you want exact readings, please compare quotes for the Volkswagen Polo car at the car insurance comparison tool.*

Choose the Right Package & Policy Based on Your Needs:

The decision to purchase car insurance is not just about the cost. One should also take into account the coverage, deductible, and other factors. This article will help you choose the right package and policy based on your needs.

  • What kind of coverage do you need? If you are a first-time driver, or if you have an old car that has a low resale value, then liability coverage may be all that you need. If your car is newer or if it has a high resale value, then collision and comprehensive insurance may be necessary too.
  • Do you want to pay for the premiums in one lump sum upfront or installments over time? Some companies offer discounts for paying upfront while others offer discounts for paying in installments.
  • Do you want to pay monthly premiums or annual premiums? Monthly payments are often more expensive than annual payments because they result in higher interest rates on your loan. Annual payments can help keep your budget under control because they force you to pay off your loan early and avoid paying high interest rates.

Types of Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Plans:

There are many types of car insurance policies available in India. These policies can be classified into comprehensive and third-party policies. Comprehensive covers any loss or damage to your vehicle, whereas third-party only cover the damage caused to other vehicles or property due to an accident.

  • Third party insurance: Third party insurance should be with every vehicle owner, mandated by the Government of India. The vehicle owner doesn’t get any own damage claim from the third party insurance policy. Get claimed against third party vehicle, personal and property damage, third party personal accident cover is also included in a third-party insurance plan.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Get protection against the damages caused by theft, vandalism, earthquake, floods, fire, explosions, and damage caused by animals. But the comprehensive policy doesn’t cover the case of collisions with other vehicles.

How important is Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Policy

  • Protect the Volkswagen Polo auto owner from third party liabilities like third-party accidental damage/ property damage.
  • The facility of cashless transactions in network garages for Volkswagen Polo vehicle
  • Get claimed from theft, fire accidents, and natural calamities
  • Avail collision damage cover
  • Get claimed against damage caused or accident made to the third party.

Volkswagen Polo Car Policy Doesn’t Cover:

  • Cannot be claimed by the driver in case of lapse of valid driving license
  • If a proven driver is under the influence of alcohol or any or drugs while driving
  • If a policy is made under a personal vehicle and used for commercial purpose
  • Increasing your IDV will lapse the Volkswagen Polo car insurance policy
  • Mechanical wear and tear of the vehicle as a part of depreciation.
Advantages Disadvantages
Damages incurred due to an accident, fire, or explosion influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances
Third-party injury Driving the hatchback in a reckless or negligent manner
Damages to the third-party property Driving the Volkswagen Polo for racing purposes
Third-party death Damages incurred due to regular wear and tear
Theft of the insured vehicle Damages incurred outside the specified geographical limits
Damages due to natural causes Damages incurred due to mechanical or electrical issues
Damages due to man-made causes Driving without valid documents for Insurance Policy, Driving License, etc.

How to Buy Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance Policy Online?

Buying a Volkswagen polo car insurance policy is not a simple task. It requires proper research and understanding of the different aspects to get the best possible policy for your vehicle. Buying car insurance online is the best way to get your policy. This saves you from having to go through all the hassles of buying an insurance policy.

The process of buying a car insurance policy online is simple. You can do it in a few minutes with just a few clicks. If you are looking to buy a Volkswagen Polo car insurance policy online, then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the PolicyBachat website and then click on the “Car” tab

Step 2: Fill up the details of you and your Polo cars such as RTO, model, engine capacity, fuel type, date of registration, and your name, email id, contact details, etc.

Step 3: Premiums of different insurers will display. After that, you can adjust the IDV or add riders to increase the coverage.

Step 4: Choose the best insurance for the Polo car as per your requirements. Pay your premium payment online via net banking or bank debit/credit cards, and others at your convenience. Then your motor insurer will issue your Volkswagen Polo car insurance online.

Add on Covers for Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance

If you choose to buy a comprehensive Volkswagen Polo car insurance, you can enhance the scope of the plan with the following add-on covers:

  • Car Roadside Assistance

    With this add-on cover, you can get professional help from mechanics at any location where your car breaks down, even if you are stranded in a remote area.

  • Consumables Cover

    Consumables like engine oil, brake oil, coolant, etc. are not covered under most car insurance plans. However, if you wish to get insurance coverage for these, then the consumables cover is the right add-on for you.

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

    With this insurance add-on, you can get the full value of your Volkswagen Polo’s market price during your insurance claims, without the loss of value from depreciation.

  • Personal Accident Cover for Passengers

    This useful add-on provides medical coverage to the passengers traveling with you in your car. Buy this personal accident cover to protect your family and loved ones

Making a Claim for Your Volkswagen Polo Insurance

If you wish to make a Volkswagen Polo insurance claim, you will need to keep the original copies of the following documents ready to submit to your insurance company:

    • Insurance policy papers
    • FIR of the incident
    • Original bills and receipts of vehicle repairs
    • Information regarding the traffic accident
    • Driving license and your car details.

The two ways to make a Volkswagen Polo insurance claim are:

  • Cashless Claims

    Under this claim, you must inform your insurer about the accident immediately and then visit a network garage. Your Volkswagen Polo will be repaired at the network garage and your insurer will directly settle the repair bills without you having to pay anything.

  • Reimbursement Claims

    Under reimbursement claims, you can get your car repaired at a garage of your choice and pay for the repairs. After your car has been successfully mended, you can submit all the original bills and receipts to your insurer. Upon verification, the insurer will provide you with the reimbursement amount.

Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance FAQs:

How to decide on the best Volkswagen Polo insurance premium?

Availing maximum Insured Declared Value for the same premium with added benefits required is the best plan to opt for, check the benefits of each carrier, also, consider the claim settlement ratio while choosing the Volkswagen Polo insurance policy.

What are Volkswagen Polo Car Prices in India?

Volkswagen Polo price starts at Rs. 7.72 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 12.64 Lakh (on-road Hyderabad). Polo comes in 7 variants. Volkswagen Polo top model price in petrol is Rs. 12.64 Lakh. Whereas the price of Polo automatic version starts from Rs 10.67 Lakh.

Car Model Prices
Volkswagen Polo Trendline 1.0 L MPI 7.72 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.0L MPI 8.66 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.0 L TSI 9.32 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1,0L TSI AT 10.67 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Highline Plus 1.0 L TSI 10.73 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Highline Plus 1.0L TSI AT 11.92 lakh
Volkswagen Polo Legend Edition 12.64 lakh
Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI Matte Edition AT 13.27 lakh

How to Renew Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance?

You must renew your car insurance policy before its expiry. You can easily do that by following the Volkswagen Polo insurance renewal process. Here are the steps involved in the Volkswagen Polo car insurance renewal process.

The car insurance renewal process has been made simple with PolicyBachat online portal car Insurance where the process is quite simple. Below is the process to renew your car insurance online.

  • Enter the required details like the Make and Model of the Car,
  • Enter RTO & Registration date,
  • The premium from different insurance companies is displayed.

Select the best insurance company as per your requirements and proceed to the payment page. The instant policy would be available after the payment is completed.

Is Volkswagen Polo Worth Buying?

If you are hesitating to buy it is likely because of the market price. Volkswagen Polo costs more than some other models, but they also have features that you can’t get from any other manufacturer. These are some reasons why Volkswagen Polo’s are worth the expense in terms of quality, luxury, performance, and reliability.

Why you should not buy a Used Volkswagen Polo Car?

  • Inexperienced owners mean poor maintenance
  • A lot of jerks drive Volkswagen Polo’s
  • Electrical Problems
  • It’s a ticking time bomb
  • Volkswagen Polo makes more money selling parts
  • Well-document reliability issues
  • Cheaper parts
  • Enjoy the best years of the car, lease a new Volkswagen Polo
  • Old VOLKSWAGEN POLOs should not be daily drivers.

Why Is It Important to Have Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance?

  • Covers for any damages/losses caused to the third party
  • Provides comprehensive car insurance coverage
  • Offers cashless transactions through network garages
  • Get end to end claims assistance

Why is Volkswagen Polo Car Insurance So Expensive?

Volkswagen Polo is known for manufacturing some of the most luxury cars in the world and hence they don’t come cheap. The engine is the major component of a car that decides the pricing. The vehicle must have high-end features that go above and below.

Which is the highest and lowest priced model in Volkswagen Polo?

Volkswagen Polo car model with car variant of 1.0 TSI Matte Edition AT is the highest priced model in all Volkswagen Polo cars. Volkswagen Polo car model Trendline 1.0 L MPI is the lowest priced model in Volkswagen car insurance.


If you are looking for the Volkswagen Polo car insurance policy you need to make research different insurance carriers that caters Volkswagen Polo car insurance premium policy. Get the discount from the carriers and compare the Volkswagen Polo car insurance quotes to compare the insurance policies side by side and get an affordable price.

PolicyBachat is the right destination to choose the insurance premium policy for Volkswagen Polo, professionals suggest a vehicle owner should opt bumper to a bumper car insurance policy with required add-ons for optimum and hassle-free claim settlement.

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