BMW Car Insurance Price List In India 2024

Updated On: 2023-04-27

Author : Team Policybachat

To Calculate Premium for BMW Car Insurance goes through online our portal which has a dedicated team of agents to help you regarding your requirements. We at PolicyBachat try hard to bring impartial comparisons of different car insurance companies and the coverage offered by them. We try hard to give 24-hour service to our customers for selecting the best car insurance quote from the best insurance company. The cost of BMW car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy.

About BMW: BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a German multinational corporation that manufactures luxury vehicles and motorcycles. The corporation was founded in 1916 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines. The company has its headquarter in Munich, Germany.

Premium small car brand Mini also works under the BMW India division, similar to the Motorrad division. In the near future, BMW plans to launch models including the all-new X6, BMW i8 Roadster, and the 8 Series. These models could also be displayed at the 2020 Auto Expo ahead of their launch.

BMW India has a wide range of products ranging from sedans to SUV’s and even sports cars. The model line-up includes the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, X1, X3, X4, X5, X7, 3 Series GT, 6 Series GT. Models from the M and Z range including the M2 Competition, M4 Coupe, M5 Competition, M760 Li, and the Z4 are CBU units imported into the country.

BMW car price starts at Rs 39.44 Lakh for the cheapest model which is X1 and the price of the most expensive model, which is M8 starts at Rs 2.17 Crore. BMW offers 18 car models in India, including 7 cars in the SUV category, 6 cars in the Sedan category, 4 cars in the Coupe category, 1 car in the Convertible category. BMW has 1 upcoming car in India, X8.

BMW Car Insurance Price in India

PolicyBachat offers a comprehensive Insurance policy that covers total loss and damage to your BMW along with liability to third parties. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured. To know the estimated BMW car insurance cost of your brand new BMW car, all you have to do is fill in your car's Manufacturing year, and Mobile number to purchase it easily.

BMW Car Models BMW Models Variants IDV (Insured Declared Value) Zero Depreciation Cover BMW Car Insurance Price
BMW 3 Series 330D Convertible 22 lakhs 22,815 37,074
330i M Sport 32 lakhs 19,591 35,878
BMW 5 Series 530D 30 lakhs 21,197 55,475
530i Sport 37 lakhs 22,539 33,649
BMW 7 Series 730LD DPE Signature 63 lakhs 44,296 1 lakh
740li DPE Signature 92 lakhs 55,914 71,791
BMW 6 Series X Drive 30D 41 lakhs 29,253 72,380
630i Luxury Line 39 lakhs 20,963 40,544
BMW 8 Series 840i Gran Coupe 98 lakhs 33,987 1 lakh
BMW X3 xDrive20d Luxury Line 32 lakhs 22,834 59,759
xDrive20d Luxury Line 39 lakhs 29,708 24,241
BMW X1 XDRIVE 20D M Sport 15 lakhs 12,419 41,885
BMW X5 xDrive40i M Sport 34 lakhs 24, 161 63,231
BMW X4 xDrive30i M Sport X 40 lakhs 21,539 41,442
BMW X6 X DRIVE 40D 46 lakhs 32,475 84,991
BMW M8 Coupe 1 crore 56,210 2 Lakhs
BMW M2 Competition 58 lakhs 49,568 2 Lakhs

Reasons to Buy BMW Car Insurance Policy:

Some of the reasons why buying BMW insurance for your car is a Smart decision:

  • It provides own damage cover to safeguard your BMW car against damages or losses due to theft, natural calamities, accidents, fire, manmade hazards, etc.
  • The owner-driver of the BMW car is provided with a personal accident cover
  • It takes care of the high cost of repairing your BMW car.
  • Option to choose comprehensive or third party liability insurance for your BMW car.
  • It comes with a large network of garages where hassle-free cashless repairs are done.
  • It offers a wide range of add-on covers, such as return to invoice, NCB protection, zero depreciation cover, etc.
  • You can reach out to customer support services in case of any query or claim intimation.
  • It provides No Claim Bonus (NCB) reward if you drive your BMW car responsibly and do not file any claims.

How to Renew BMW Car Insurance?

You must renew your car insurance policy before its expiry. You can easily do that by following the BMW insurance renewal process. Here are the steps involved in the BMW insurance renewal process.

The car insurance renewal process has been made simple with PolicyBachat online portal car Insurance where the process is quite simple. Below is the process to renew your car insurance online.

  • Enter the required details like, Make and Model of Car,
  • Enter RTO & Registration date,
  • The premium from different insurance companies is displayed.

Select the best insurance company as per your requirements and proceed to the payment page. The instant policy would be available after the payment is completed.

Documents Required for BMW Car Insurance Claim

Following are the documents you will require for filing a claim for your BMW Car:

  • Claim Form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Driver’s Licence
  • Copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of PAN Card ( For claims higher than Rs. 1 lakh)
  • Satisfaction Voucher
  • Car Insurance Policy Document

Approach to get a perfect insurance for your BMW car:

Since all BMW car series belong to the luxury class, taking full coverage is of utmost importance. BMW cars are packed with sophisticated gadgets and electronics as well as a fine quality exterior. Therefore, any small dents or gadget failures may prove to be heavy on your pocket. You should select the coverage in such a way that it covers all kinds of accidental cases and other issues. Since coverage is maximum, premiums and deductibles will also be very high. Hence any percentage of discounts on the premium will be a good relief.

Be judicious before buying insurance for your BMW car. Certain things that you can keep in mind before taking the policy are:

  • Since the car is a luxury one, Bumper-to-Bumper coverage is a must.
  • Explore the different coverage available and find out the one that is right for your car.
  • Compare the risks covered and the premiums being offered by different carriers through an BMW car insurance online insurance aggregator so that you can put your hand on the best deal, i.e., maximum coverage at a lesser premium.
  • Look for discounts being offered by different insurers and find out if you are eligible for any.

Coverages that are Applicable for BMW

Roadside assistance:  If your insured car experiences any trouble in the middle of the road, roadside assistance is provided from the nearest network garage.

Cashless settlement at all network garages: All the network garages provide cashless service for your insured BMW when you have no cash to pay.

Engine protection:  Due to an accident, if the engine of your new car malfunctions due to leakage or any internal damage, coverage to the engine of the insured new car is provided.

Third-party liability:  If you are the cause of the accident that occurred, the damage experienced by the third party car insurance person i.e. another car or another person is covered under this coverage.

Personal accident (Driver and owner): The driver who is injured in an accident that occurred to the insured car is provided by a financial assistant under this coverage. BMW Series falls under the category of luxury cars which are of mid and full size. Cars over 15 lakh rupees need a full-coverage i.e. bumper-bumper insurance policy to avoid any extra service charges over damaged or even scratched exteriors.

Find out the BMW Car Insurance Cost

Ensuring your car at the most economical premium covering your necessities is mandatory. The premiums are calculated based on your insurance requirements. Learn about the coverage that is needed and find the cheapest and best-suited BMW car insurance price in India for your car.

The Luxury car needs full coverage. These discounts and coverage are the keys to reducing your BMW car insurance premium.

Best BMW Car Insurance

Best BMW car insurance quotes can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill in the details of the applicant for quote generation such as type of car, RTO location, registered date, email address of the applicant, name of the insured, phone number, etc.

Third-party premium rates are decided by IRDA and are subject to change each year depending on the previous year's premium collected, claims settled, and many other factors. The claims covered in third-party liability are death and disability, property damage, and personal accident cover for car owner/driver under your car insurance policy.

Premium: Factors like model and age of the car, fuel type, your age, the city where you live, profession, etc. depend on the amount you pay for car insurance. You can use your NCB points and other discounts to cut down on your premium.

Note: We at PolicyBachat have motor insurance offer customized car insurance plans. Keep a track of your existing car insurance expiry date and renew as per timelines given by the insurer. Renewing the insurance cover after expiration may lead to additional costs in terms of inspection of the car. This leads to inconvenience.

How important is the BMW car insurance policy

  • Protect the BMW car owner from third-party liabilities like third-party accidental damage/ property damage. This car insurance premium
  • Get claimed from theft, fire accidents, and natural calamities
  • Avail collision damage cover
  • Get claimed against damage caused or accident made o third party
  • The facility of cashless transactions in network garages for BMW vehicle

BMW 5 series car policy doesn’t cover

  • Cannot be claimed by the driver in case of lapse of valid driving license
  • Increasing your IDV will lapse the BMW car insurance policy
  • Mechanical wear and tear of the vehicle as a part of the depreciation
  • If a proven driver is under the influence of alcohol or any or drugs while driving
  • If a policy is made under a personal vehicle and used for commercial purpose

Which policy do I need to opt for BMW

Your brand new luxury vehicle BMW needs extra protection in case of any mishap happens, as you own a premium vehicle it is advised to get add on covers protection which is the comprehensive car insurance policy.

Why opt PolicyBachat?

PolicyBachat is a platform where a car owner compares quotes from different insurance companies. A policyholder can configure the right policy from the given quotes after analyzing the features of each insurance plan. PolicyBachat caters you the unbiased motor insurance quotes from distinct companies.

As you own a prestigious vehicle BMW, you should also be aware of the risk factors involved in case of a mishap. Be wise in choosing the right insurance policy, PolicyBachat has an extensive range of insurance companies to cater the right insurance plan for luxury vehicles. This imparts the policy.

How to Calculate BMW Car Insurance Premiums

Get the best car insurance renewal quotes online on, this is the effortless way to compare the car insurance quotes. If you are traveling without a valid insurance policy, you may end up paying huge damage costs in the forcible future.

Car insurance calculator is a dynamic tool equipped by the insurance company online, helps customers to know the premium amount and quotes from different insurance providers. Every customer has their own requirement in terms of safety features and low premium plans, insurance calculator helps to choose the suitable plan as per the customer needs.

An insurance policy has a variation in price depends on specific needs, reputed insurance companies will have this “car insurance calculator”. Fill the details in a required field like car make, variant, a vehicle purchased, location, fuel type, and mobile number.

Enjoy a benefitting premium for your BMW by doing these things

One should have a clear understanding of insurance and the type of insurance needed for your model. With no such idea, any insurance premium will be risky and troublesome. Take a look below to find out what is important to know before insuring your car.

  • Learn everything about your car and its requirement for premium.
  • Jot down the necessary coverage needed for your BMW keeping the state of the car in mind.
  • Analyze your risk assessment.
  • Find the discounts offered by the insurer.
  • Check whether your insurer provides a 24x7 claim service.

Tips To Avail Low Car Insurance Premium

Register under the Automobile Authority of India by installing the anti-theft system in your car.

Don't go for luxury vehicles or top-end models to claim low insurance premiums Ensure exact IDV value for your vehicle to get the right premium, this ensures the transparency of your car value.

Car Insurance Variants in BMW

Expensive cars require expensive insurance. The super-luxury BMW cars are highly expensive and hence premiums are bound to be more of insurance for these cars. You need to pick the best deal with precision so that you get all the coverage you need but at considerably lower prices.

Policy Bachat helps you get the best deal. Calculate the IDVs, deductibles and premiums of all the relevant policies available in the market from some of the top insurance providers through the Policy Bachat BMW Car Insurance Calculator and get their quotes. You can compare these quotes and then decide which policy is best suited for your needs and your budget.

BMW Car Models

List of BMW car variants for new or used cars are:


The 3 series car holds a high strength structure, intelligent light weight construction concept meeting the stringent requirements delivering efficient performance and ensures maximum protection for the passengers.

Car Insurance for BMW 3 Series 316i is provided by major insurers under their premium plans like Bajaj Allianz’s best value, standard and flexible and Bharti AXA`s standard and zero depreciation. The below list give some of the premium plans for this BMW variant.


BMW’s efficiency and dynamics complement each other perfectly. The cars’ break energy regeneration, 8 speed automatic transmission, auto start and stop function and twin power diesel engine represent the efficiency of the performance.

Policy Bachat’s insurance partners HDFC-ERGO, Bharti AXA, L&T and Bajaj Allianz provide insurance on 3 Series convertible 330D through various premium plans like standard, emergency assistance, zero depreciation, best value, minimum IDV and maximum IDV. List of some sample premiums are shown below.


The excellent quality of design, materials and finishing creates a comfortable ambience. It generates a feeling of spaciousness with exclusive quality and first class functionality.

Standard, Zero Depreciation, Best Value, Minimum IDV, Maximum IDV, Flexible are the premium plans provided by HDFC-ERGO, Bajaj Allianz, IFFCO-TOKIO and Bharti AXA for insurance on this car. A gist of some sample premiums is given below.


The X1 series of BMW is made for a commanding drive. The front-end and rear-end of the car have most striking design and more powerful functionality within.

Insurance for BMW X1 Series SDrive20D Innovation is provided by HDFC-ERGO, Bharti AXA and Bajaj Allianz through their plans covering Standard, Best Value, Emergency Assistance and Zero Depreciation. The list below shows some of the premiums provided for the car.


X6 series of BMW possesses 8 speeds Steptronic sport transmission which enables smooth transmission from comfortable cruising to dynamic drive. Maximum power is generated in sport mode.

HDFC ERGO, L&T and Bharti AXA are the insurance providers for this car. They provide insurance under their premium plans like standard, emergency assistance, minimum IDV, maximum IDV and zero depreciation. PolicyBachat gives the details of some sample premiums provided on car.

BMW Car Insurance FAQs:

What is BMW Car Price in India?

BMW car insurance cost in India will vary as per the Coverage Types, Fuel Variant, RTO, and Model variant, etc. BMW car price starts at Rs 47.53 Lakh for the cheapest model which is X1 and the price of most expensive model, which is M8 starts at Rs 2.60 Crore. BMW offers 18 car models in India, including 7 cars in SUV category, 6 cars in Sedan category, 4 cars in Coupe category, 1 car in Convertible category. BMW has 2 upcoming cars in India, iX and X8..

Model Car Price
BMW X1 Rs. 47.53 Lakhs
BMW 3 series Rs. 53.95 Lakhs
BMW 2 series Gran Coupe Rs. 47.53 Lakhs
BMW X7 Rs. 1.28 Crore
BMW X5 Rs. 93.17 Lakhs
BMW 7 Series Rs. 1.67 Crore
BMW M8 Rs. 2.60 Crore

How to Buy BMW Car Insurance Online?

It will take less than 5 minutes to buy BMW car Insurance policy. You can buy a car insurance policy online by visiting our website. We provide several car insurance policy premium quotes offered by different insurers from which you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.

As a car owner, you can easily buy BMW insurance online:-

  • Go to the form on the top of the page
  • Fill up the details of your BMW car such as RTO, model, engine capacity, fuel type, etc.
  • Provide your contact details including your name, email id, etc.
  • Choose the best insurance for BMW car as per your requirements
  • Pay the BMW insurance price online via net banking or bank debit/credit cards
  • Your motor insurer will issue your BMW insurance online.

Is BMW worth buying?

If you are hesitating to buy it is likely because of the price on market. BMW cost more than some other models, but they also have features that you can’t get from any other manufacturer. These are some reasons why BMW’s are worth the expense in terms of quality, luxury, performance, and reliability.

What are the BMW Car Insurance Exclusions?

  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Drunk driving the BMW car
  • Wear and tear of the car
  • Driving outside the geographical limit
  • Consequential loss of the car
  • Damages due to nuclear perils
  • Depreciation in the value of the BMW car
  • Damages due to war or related perils.

Why you should not buy a Used BMW Car?

  • Inexperienced owners means poor maintenance
  • A lot of jerks drive BMW’s
  • Electrical Problems
  • It’s a ticking time bomb
  • BMW makes more money selling parts
  • Well-document reliability issues
  • Cheaper parts
  • Enjoy the best years of the car, lease a new BMW
  • Old BMWs should not be daily drivers

Why Is It Important to Have BMW Car Insurance?

  • Covers for any damages/losses caused to the third party
  • Provides comprehensive car insurance coverage
  • Offers cashless transactions through network garages
  • Get end to end claims assistance

Why is BMW Car Insurance So Expensive?

BMW is known for manufacturing some of the most luxury cars in the world and hence they don’t come cheap. As the engine is the major component of a car that decides the pricing. The vehicle must have high-end features that go above and below.

Which is the highest and lowest priced model in BMW?

BMW M8 car model with car variant of the coupe is the highest-priced model in all BMW cars. BMW X1 car model with car variant of XDRIVE 20D M Sport is the lowest priced model in all BMW cars.

Compare and Buy BMW Car Insurance, If Need Help? call PolicyBachat at 1800-123-4003 and our insurance specialist will be there to assist you.

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