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Updated On: 2023-03-29

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Honda Amaze is an admirable 4-door sub-compact sedan vehicle launched in 2013. Honda Amaze is available in Petrol, Diesel, and Gasoline variant fuel type with a 1.2-liter engine. Honda Amaze is a successful car model in the Indian market, people comfort themselves as professional drivers in the Amaze cars. The cost of Honda Amaze car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy.

Types of Honda Amaze car insurance policies

Third-party insurance: Third party insurance should be with every vehicle owner, mandated by the Government of India. The vehicle owner doesn’t get any own damage claim from the third-party insurance policy. Get claimed against third party vehicle, personal and property damage, third party personal accident cover is also included in a third-party car insurance plan.

Comprehensive insurance: Get protection against the damages caused by theft, vandalism, earthquake, floods, fire, explosion, damage caused by animals. But the comprehensive policy doesn’t cover in case of a collision with other vehicles. 

How important is Honda Amaze auto insurance policy

Protect the Honda car owner from third-party liabilities like third-party accidental damage/ property damage.

Get claimed from theft, fire accidents, and natural calamities

Avail collision damage covers for your Honda Amaze.

Get claimed against damage caused or accident made to the third party.

The facility of cashless transactions in network garages 

Honda Amaze car policy doesn’t cover

Cannot be claimed by the driver in case of lapse of valid driving license

Increasing your insured declared value IDV will lapse the motor insurance policy

Mechanical wear and tear of the vehicle as a part of depreciation.

If a proven Honda car driver is under the influence of alcohol or any or drugs while driving.

If a Honda car policy is made under a personal vehicle and used for commercial purposes.

Get these add-ons for extensive coverage

Collision coverage:

Collision coverage add-on is useful to car insurance claim amount 100% damages due to accidents. Depreciation is not included while calculating the damage cost, whole IDV is taken into consideration without deducting depreciation.   

Engine protection:

Monsoon season is the major culprit in engine damage, get an engine protection add-on to cover your engine damages. Floods, accidents might cause engine damage other causes of damage due to water ingression, gearbox damage, hydrostatic lock, leakage of lubricant oil. 

Accidental coverage: Prepare yourself for any mishap, personal accidental damage may also lead to permanent medication or physical imbalance. A personal accident causes a financial burden for hospital charges and medication by passenger cover add-on.

Discount on Honda Amaze car insurance policy

NCB protection: No claim bonus is a discount given to the policyholder for zero accidental claims in the preceding years.

Secured devices: Installation of additional security devices in the car to dodge theft helps to avail discount on Honda car insurance premium.

Get your brand vehicle Honda Amaze insurance policy with the extensive add-ons for risk-free claims. 

Get your brand vehicle Honda Amaze insurance policy with the extensive add-ons for risk-free claims. Get and compare Honda Amaze car policy quotes from unbiased web aggregators like PolicyBachat. Buy the Honda Amaze policy which adheres to all the credible facts and high claim ratio are beneficial factors to opt for the policy. Buying a Honda Amaze insurance policy is the best option which saves your time in getting a Honda car insurance policy copy within 5 minutes.

Honda Amaze car insurance coverage:

Accidental claims depend on the extent of insurance claims you opt for, get extensive insurance coverage for hassle-free claims. As Honda Amaze Car price is above the economical segment; the insurance premium for Honda Amaze vehicles is also higher to compensate for the risk factors.

Third party car insurance: Protection to the third party involved in an accident, third-party property damage due to crash is also covered. In case of the demise of the third party in a car, accident compensation will be made by court order on behalf of the policyholder.

Comprehensive insurance: In a comprehensive car insurance policy, a policyholder can claim damages caused due to

  • Natural calamities: Damages caused due to fire, floods, cyclones, earthquakes, self-ignition, rockslide, storm, thunder.
  • Man-made disasters: Damage due to riots, robbery, unlawful acts, vandalism, damages to public properties, terrorism, assault also, the destruction caused in transit by road, rail, and inland waterways.

Zero depreciation: This add-on helps to claim full damage expenses caused in case of an accident by an insured car. Bumper to bumper damage loss can be claimed by a policyholder.

Engine protection cover: Protection against leakage of oil from the engine, water ingression in the engine. Honda Amazecar engine protection gives your claim in case of any mishap.

Roadside assistance: Get assistance with a car breakdown, engine start trouble, punctured tire, this add-on is helpful to get your repairs done in the nearest network garages.

Consumables cover: In an accident, there will be charges apart from the claim, those are the expenses for nuts, bolts, brake oil, engine oil, etc. In order to evade these expenses get consumables coverage.

Personal accident cover: Get financial assistance to claim for medical expenses and hospital charges from an insurance company in case of a personal accident.

How to Buy Honda Amaze Car Insurance Online

Buying or car insurance renewal online is a concern, what you see is what you get. One of the best benefits of buying car insurance online is that you can validate your own premiums with different car insurance companies.

You can explore your insurance provider's what they provide and Review Our Portal to look at how we assist our customer's needs through car insurance policy covers. Policybachat leads you to choose the best car insurance policy needs.

  • Comprehensive coverage: This Comprehensive coverage includes cover against damages to your own car or damages to a third party person/ property. And if this is not enough it can be customized with your choice of add-on covers, giving you coverage as per your requirement in a cost-effective way. while you secure your car with comprehensive car insurance online in a matter of minutes.
  • Third-party Liability Cover: This coverage only protects you against liabilities arising from damage, injury, or total loss to a third party person or property. As established in the Motor Vehicles Act 1987, this is a mandatory cover approved by the government and it is a punishable offense to not have a valid third-party liabilities cover.
  • Stand Alone Own Damage cover: If your car already has third-party coverage? Well, then the stand-alone own damage cover is the perfect missing cover that helps you against financial losses arising to the car owner due to damage to the car.
  • Coverage for Popular Car Brands: Bought a newly brand car? Then this cover offers 1-year coverage against damage to your own car along with a 3 year cover against damages to a third party person/ property.
  • No Claim Bonus(NCB): No Claim Bonus can be gathered together as a discount on the premium amount over years. NCB discount ranges from 20% to 50% on the own damage premium. No Claim Bonus (NCB) can be claimed even if someone changes its vehicle, as it is transferable to the new vehicle bought by the policyholder.

How to compare Honda Amaze insurance cost

Before buying a Honda Amaze insurance premium, get multiple Honda Amaze insurance quotes from different insurers to conclude the best policy. Make your research in finding the right policy online. Compare Honda Amaze car insurance prices online with the benefits insurer caters, PolicyBachat is the right platform to get the best insurance for Honda Amaze, crosscheck the premium amount with features and confirm your policy.

Visit PolicyBachat and get the best car insurance quotes from the top general insurance companies and you can also check the details on risk factors terms conditions and please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale. Need Help? call Policy Bachat at 1800-123-4006 or 1800-123-4003 and our insurance specialist will be there to assist you.

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