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Top 7 Tips To Prevent Car Theft

Mr.Rizzu has recently purchased a top end luxury car on his wedding anniversary. He lives in a locality with congested parking place which forced him to park his car outside of his house. One bad night while he was sleeping, his car was stolen by unidentified miscreants. All the efforts done to recover the car have gone in vain as the car could not be traced.

This is the situation faced by many car owners, while this cannot be prevented completely. By following few tips the chances of car being stolen can be reduced considerably.

  1. CCTV Camera: Installing CCTV cameras in the premises where the car is parked can help to identify the robbers and can significantly decrease the chance of your vehicle being stolen and improve outdoor security.
  2. Keep your vehicle Locked: It is highly important to keep the vehicle locked at all times to prevent the theft. Locking your car also prevents animals and rodents from entering. When your car is parked, don’t leave the keys even though if it is for a few seconds. Leaving the keys in the car is a sheer case of negligence which is not covered under insurance.
  3. Avoid leaving valuables unattended: Avoid leaving valuables such as Laptop, Phone etc., in the car. In case you have to leave them, make sure that you keep them out of sight or somewhere hidden the drawers of the car. Avoid travelling to high risk areas in the dark as there are chances of vehicle being stolen.
  4. Park your car securely: Most of the Indians park their vehicles outdoor due to lack of indoor parking. It is one of the major reasons for theft of vehicles. Since the vehicles lie unattended anyone can steal the vehicle. It is highly recommended to park your car if you have adequate parking space inside your house.
  5. Install Dash Cam: Dash cam is a device which can be fitted in the car near the front windshield. The dash cams have the ability to record 24/7 even when you are not using your car. You can also choose to keep the dash cam “ON” to record any suspicious activities such as attempted break-in or attempted damage to your car.
  6. Anti-theft System: According to a survey only 10% of the car owners have anti-theft systems installed. Anti theft systems are designed to prevent your car’s engine from starting unless the key is present. In the same way anti theft alarms are also designed to alert the owner if there is forcible entry into the car. Installing any of these anti theft devices can help the owner of the car from getting the vehicle stolen. Many thieves are reluctant to steal the cars which have anti theft devices as they become easy to track and recover. Insurance companies offer discount to vehicles fitted with anti theft devices.
  7. Insurance: Last but not the least thing to do is to take comprehensive insurance for your vehicle. Having proper insurance can help cover the loss that occurs from the vehicle being stolen. The premium for insurance depends on the make, model, age and other factors of the car.

While the above tips helps in preventing the car from being stolen, insurance helps you with adequate monetary support in case your car is stolen.

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