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Updated On: 2023-03-29

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Renault captur is the smallest crossover in its segment added with additional features like jacked up suspension with an enhanced driving position. Renault Captur is updated with all new equipment stylish looks with a tweaked design in front and fuel type is petrol. Renault Captur is a comfortable and economical vehicle with most of the variants are precisely equipped. Captur come up with cheaper price than its competitors TATA Hexa, Hyundai CRETA, Honda HR-V. The cost of Renault Captur car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy.

Get the Renault Captur car insurance policy online, compare car insurance quotes on, a right place to avail low-cost premium online. Get full insurance to for the new Renault Captur for abrupt claims.

Which insurance policy is preferable?

Bumper to bumper insurance policy is preferable for new owned Renault Captur as the risk factor involved in adverse cases is high for a new vehicle. The premium for bumper to bumper insurance policy is a bit higher to indemnify future accidental damages. This insurance policy helps you from natural disasters.

Benefits availed from zero depreciation policy are:

Comprehensive coverage: Can claim for damages in case of adverse cases like earthquake, vandalism, fire accident, flood, animal damage, natural disaster etc. Renault Captur insurance holder will get compensated from the insurance company.

Third party damages: Third party damage covers claim to third-party accidental death and third party property damage.

Collision damage: If your car crashes into another car policyholder can claim for repairs and damages of the vehicle. This is a physical damage caused by hitting to something while driving a car.

Engine protection: Get coverage in case of water ingression, oil leakage in oil or other damage to engine protection coverage helps to  car insurance claim for damages.

These are the benefits of availing motor insurance policy for Renault Captur, don’t neglect to make a small investment in your car insurance for optimum protection. Policyholder also gets a discount on the car insurance plan.

  • Deductible: The amount policyholder agrees to pay at the time of settlement of claim damages. The insurer needs to pay the amount after subtracting deductible.
  • No-claim bonus:  No claim bonus ncb is the amount where policyholder avails discount for clean driving history without any accidental claims in the previous year.

How to get the lowest premium for Renault Captur

PolicyBachat provides you the best competing insurance plan for your Renault Captur car. We compare the quotes from the top 20 insurance companies, you can take the right policy which provides the best deals. Premium is considered according to the variables included in it if you avail more add-ons your insurance premium will increase. Due to the increase in slab rate for the insurance category Renault Captur insurance cost in India is higher at 18%.

Get the bumper-to-bumper insurance plan if you need extensive coverage at the time of cashless claim settlement ratio for Renault Captur. A comprehensive coverage insurance policy with a recommended car insurance add on covers to minimize your Renault Capturinsurance premium amount.

Car insurance premium calculator is the ultimate tool provide by insurance companies. Every insurance company provides calculates car insurance quotes online. To know the exact premium on your vehicle fill out the mandatory fields about the vehicle insurance policy on the car insurance calculator page.

Policyholders are in hesitation that, “are the premium paid for the right policy?” A policyholder can clarify their doubts by comparing the list of car insurance premiums. Apparently, a car insurance calculator is a valuable tool for every policyholder to configure the exact plan for their need.

With this online car insurance for Renault Captur car calculator buyers do no need to guess the premium amount, can evaluate policy through specifications, and buy a car insurance policy. An insurance calculator is useful to know the insurance cover limits, deductibles for the premium.

Benefits included in car insurance calculator

Easy to compare the quotes with the benefits each company provides.

Know yourself what are the factors that made your premium higher than another insurer.

You can avoid the agent role and the policyholder can make his own decision in buying the policy.

Car Insurance Premium: Own damage premium - NCB Discount + Liability Premium

How to buy a Renault Captur Car insurance Policy?

Before buying the policy firstly, a policyholder should compare the car insurance quotes from top companies to conclude the best Renault Captur car insurance online. is the right destination to compare the numerous insurance quotes in one place.

Renault Captur car insurance price is cheap if taken from the portal due to the good discounts offered by the insurance companies for policies booked online through our PolicyBachat registered office. Buy/Renew insurance for my Renault Captur car insurance renewal online and save big!

PolicyBachat is an IRDA-certified Insurance Web Aggregators insurance company limited. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. We share your submitted information only with the insurers. 

We give the best security to your information submit also We are providing the best insurance from general insurance companies like royal Sundaram, HDFC ERGO, IFFCO TOKIO, Acko general insurance company, etc.

Cheap Renault Captur Car Insurance

Cheap Renault Captur car insurance quotes can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill in the details of the applicant for quote generation such as type of car, RTO location, registered date, email address of the applicant, name of the insured, mobile number, etc.

Third-party car insurance premium rates are decided by IRDA and are subject to change each year depending on the previous year's premium collected, claims settled, and many other factors. The Renault Captur insurance claim bonus cover third-party liability is death and disability, property damage, and personal accident cover for car owner/driver under your car insurance plan.

Best Renault Captur Car Insurance

Best Renault Captur car insurance quotes can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill in the details of the applicant for quote generation such as type of car, RTO location, registration number, email address of the applicant, name of the insured, phone number, etc.

Third-party premium rates are decided by IRDA and are subject to change each year depending on the previous year's premium collected, claims settled, insured declared value and many other factors. The claims process covered in third-party liability is death and disability, property damage, and personal accident cover for car owner/driver under your car insurance policy.

Types of Car insurance Policies

1. Third Party Car insurance:

Third-party car insurance or “Liability only” car insurance or “Act only” car insurance is the compulsory car insurance in India as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Any party other than the insurance company and the customer of the car is referred to as a third party, hence the name third party car insurance.

The death, disability, and damage to goods or property of the third party are covered under the TP policy of the car insurance. The claim amount in case of Third party claims would be decided by the honorable courts and direct the insurance companies to settle the claim amount to the third parties on behalf of the car owner. This is the basic type of car insurance policy available in India and is compulsory to be taken for any car to ply in public places.

The premium to be paid under the Third-party type of insurance policy is decided by the Governing body for insurance, IRDA known as the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. The car insurance rates in the Third party premium type of car insurance are subject to be revised each year depending on the loss ratio and other factors which are decided by the IRDA.

2. Comprehensive Insurance:

The other type of car insurance policy in India is the “Comprehensive Car Insurance” which includes the Own damage section as well as the Third party section. The Own damage section covers any loss or repairs to the car owned by the incurred due to an insured peril.

The premium to be paid by the customer under the own damage section is decided by the insurance company, unlike the third party insurance premium which is decided by the IRDA. The own damage premium rates are given by the IRDA and the insurance companies can decide the premium within those rates.

Insurance companies take utmost care while deciding the premium rates for own damage type of car insurance such that too high price may result in failure of the product and too less price might impact the profits of the insurance company.

Secure your brand new Renault Captur with optimum benefits for unfortunate circumstances get assistance from the right platform to get the low-cost insurance premium with full benefits. PolicyBachat is the ideal website to get low Renault Captur insurance premium online.

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