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Updated On: 2023-04-05

Author : Team Policybachat

PolicyBachat is an insurance web aggregator company started in India with an aim to let the customers “Shop Insurance for less” which is also the tagline of our company. An insurance web aggregator is essentially an insurance portal that helps the customers to compare insurance products from different insurance companies thereby enabling them to purchase the insurance product from the insurance company. The insurance web aggregators are a form of insurance intermediary between the customer and the insurance company. The insurance companies pay brokerage to the insurance web aggregators for doing the sale.

PolicyBachat is the third largest insurance web aggregator in India in terms of the customers served. We have established ourselves amongst our customers as the best insurance intermediary to deal with at the time of insurance purchase. PolicyBachat has tied up with the top car insurance companies to display and compare the car insurance quotes from different car insurance companies with the coverage provided by each insurance company. We have also a display and comparison of Health insurance products and Life insurance products.

Apart from the sale of insurance products we also provide few exclusive services to our customers in return for purchasing the insurance products from our portal policybachat. The exclusive services provided by PolicyBachat for its customers are listed below:-

Dedicated Agent’s Team:

PolicyBachat has a team of highly qualifies and rigorously trained agents to carry out the day to day activities in the organization. The agents are trained to understand the insurance requirements of the customer and then suggest the insurance product as per the need of the customer. The agents are quite knowledgeable on the insurance products and guide the customer with the correct insurance product. Car insurance agents can be in Banks, Brokerage companies, Individual agents, online web aggregators and other registered agents.

There are different team for Sales, Claims and other allied activities in the company. Some of the agents are on the Sales team who take care of sales, our agents are pro active to serve the customers and assist the customer 24*7 on all the days of the year. Car insurance renewal tips can now be done within 5 minutes with the help of our portal where we have a dedicated agent network to help you with your insurance requirements. The agents in the Claim team take care of the customer’s Claims demands and assist them with the best claim service. Our agents act as the bridge between the insurance company and the customers, collecting the required documents from the customer and sending them across to the insurance companies for claim settlement.


Hypothecation is the practice where the customer pledges his/her car to the Bank or any other financial institution which lends the Loan to the customer to make the purchase. The bank or the financial institution keeps the Car as Collateral against the loan sanctioned to the customer. Technically the Bank will be the “Owner” of the car during the Hypothecation period even though the physical possession is with the customer.

Banks or financial institutions demand that the Car to be hypothecated in their name even in the insurance document. This is done to prevent the insurance amount from being settled to the customer, where the bank is the real owner of the Car. The hypothecation clause in mentioned in the RC Copy of the car as well and the insurance copy will have the mention of the hypothecation.

When the customer clears the loan from the bank, he/she becomes the real “Owner” of the Car. Now the customer should get the Hypothecation removed from the RC copy as well as the Insurance policy copy as he/she is the owner of the car after the repayment of the loan. Banks provide a letter stating that the hypothecation can be removed from the insurance policy copy as the loan repayment was done.

Our agents’ collect the Hypothecation letter provided by the Banks and send it to the insurance company to be removed the Hypothecation clause from the insurance policy copy. Customer needs to collect the No Hypothecation letter from the Bank and submit to our agent to process the removal of Hypothecation clause from the policy copy.

In case of theft or total loss the claim amount is paid to those to whom the car is “Hypothecated”. So it of utmost importance for the customer to get the Hypothecation clause cleared from the insurance policy copy as soon as the loan repayment is done.


An insurance endorsement is an amendment to an existing insurance contract that changes the term and condition of the original policy. The endorsement can be either financial or non financial. If the endorsement requires amount to be paid, it is known as financial endorsement. An endorsement can be done at the time of policy issuance, mid –term or at the time of renewal. Below are the types of endorsements that can be availed from the insurance company.

  • Change in Registration number of the car in the policy copy.
  • Address updation in the policy copy due to change in the Communication address of the customer. It is of utmost importance to update the communication address correctly as the insurance company will be sending renewal notices and other documents to the address mentioned in the policy copy.
  • Contact details updation such as Mobile number, Email ID is also done by our team.
  • Ownership change in case the vehicle is sold or used vehicle is purchased by the customer.
  • No Claim Bonus corrections in the policy copy are done by our agents as per the request from the customers.
  • Policy cancellation if the customer is not satisfied with the service provided by the insurance company.

Hassle Free Claim Assistance:

We at PolicyBachat have a team of agents who handle the claim related queries from our customers. We strongly believe that the essence of insurance is known only at the time of Claim settlement and the customer rates the company based on the assistance provided at the time of claim settlement.

PolicyBachat acts as the mediator between the insurance company and the customer by helping the customer to get their claim from the insurance company. The required documents for claim are sent to the customer and collected from customer after filling them. From lodging the claim to the settlement of claim, we assist our customers and provide them with real time claim updates.

For best online car insurance quotes please visit policybachat and get the best renewal car insurance quotes from the top car insurance companies at affordable premiums.

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