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How To Lower Insurance Premium For Teens

Teenagers are more prone to accidents than other age groups this is due to rash driving, teen drivers' age factor, negligence driving, an influence of alcohol while driving, etc. There were 9 road accidents out of which 3 people were killed every 10 minutes in India. The insurance premium for teenagers is relatively high due to accidental risks involved.

Cars with safety features:

Get the car, which has optimum safety features which reduce the car insurance premiums. For parents, a hike in insurance for their teens is a big dig, however, there are ways to reduce the car insurance premium for the teens.

Share your old vehicle:

Instead of having a new insurance policy in the name of your child, change the old car insurance in the name of a teen. Teen policy or older cars have less premium comparatively.

Economical vehicle:

The value of your vehicle determines the insurance premium insurer concludes the damage cost of repairs and replacement. Concluding the risk factors insurer will surge the premium.

Gender differences:

The teenage boy's insurance premium is higher than girls', statistics revealed that teenage boys are prone to accidents than girls. Teenage boys have a harsh driving record history than girls, here “gender equality” doesn’t apply. Statistical numbers play a factor in concluding insurance premiums.

Assign low-cost cars:

Your insurer asks you to assign the car to the family members, assign a low-cost vehicle to your child to reduce the car insurance premium. Designating a luxury car in the name of your teen will depreciate your wallet in the form of a premium.

Low mileage discount: Driving less than 6000 km per annum will tend to lower your premium, less driving lowers the risk of accidents.

Driving class:

Take a driving class online to get skilled in Indian Traffic Rules and Regulations for safe driving this course reduces the teen insurance premium. Teenage drivers' training classes reduce your premium up to 8%.

Car premium decreases annually:

For teenagers year on year, there will be an ample decrease in the insurance premium if the policyholder owns good grades driving history. NCB additional discount is also the major factor in dwindling teenager car insurance premiums.

Type of coverage:

Select the type of coverage carefully to reduce your annual premium, if you opt for full coverage to the teen premium increases. Only collision coverage might acquire half of the premium, better to opt for a standard (comprehensive) plan to lower teen insurance plans.

Know all the factors that influence your teen insurance plan and take the required decisions to lower teen car insurance policy online. For the cheaper quotes, we choose the best insurers for teens to deliver you the cheaper quotes in the comprehensive plan.

Comprehensive Coverage:

The term comprehensive cover in car insurance denotes the type of coverage selected by the insured customer. There are two types of car insurance policy available in the market, one is Only Third party car insurance and the other is Comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive insurance includes both the third party cover as well as the Own damage cover while the only third party liability insurance cover doesn’t include the damages to the car.

Comprehensive cover also known as the Package policy covers the loss or damage to the vehicle due to an accident and other insured perils. Any third party bodily injury or property damage is also covered under the comprehensive policy under the third party damage section. The own damage claims in comprehensive policy are settled by reducing the depreciation amount.

Zero Depreciation Coverage:

The Comprehensive cover in car insurance carriers can be equipped with add-ons or riders for extra coverage. One of the famous add-ons in auto insurance is the Zero depreciation cover or Bumper bumper cover. The zero depreciation add-on covers the depreciation insurance costs incurred on the damaged part due to an accident. Zero depreciation cover can be included under the own damage section at the time of policy purchase by paying an extra premium to the insurance company.

The zero depreciation cover can be considered as an extended version of the Comprehensive cover of the car insurance policy which can be availed on paying an extra premium.

Looking for the best insurance for teens it is beneficial to compare insurance quotes from the best insurance company offers. Please read the terms and conditions before proceeding. Instead of getting quotes from each insurer, get a good student discount from the top insurance companies on PolicyBachat and save money.

 Need Help? call Policy Bachat at 1800-123-4006 or 1800-123-4003 and our insurance specialist will be there to assist you.

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