Mahindra Reva Car Insurance Price List In India 2024

Updated On: 2023-03-29

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As Mahinda Reva Electric Car is new to the Indian market there will be a phenomenal risk factor in case of repairs or damage. Get Mahindra REVO car insurance policy and get the damaged part assurance. Ensure optimum coverage for your electric vehicle for hassle-free claims. The cost of Mahindra Reva car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy.

REVO Electric Car Company was founded in 1994 by Chetan Maini, conglomerate to Mahindra REVO after Mahindra & Mahindra acquisition. Mahindra REVO emerged as a successful electric car manufacturer in India. Fast Company elected Mahindra REVO as the “World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies”.

Everyone wants to save money on their car expenses, if you are doing good to the environment by saving money is splendid. As electric car compensates fuel engines to save money on fuel, then, what the cost of insurance does electric cars cost? Nowadays, electric vehicles insured have become mainstream in the automobile industry.

Insurance premium for electric vehicles

Statistics revealed that electric cars are cheaper than gas-powered cars. Electric car owners can save 40% compared to gas-powered cars.

Is Mahindra REVO car insurance cheaper?

Cost of repairs: Both gas and electric vehicles have the potential danger of accidents. Here, the risk involved in repairs and replacements cost lower than gas cars also.

Engine capacity: Cars with high cubic capacity possess a higher risk of accidents and engine durability.

Parts: Spare parts compared to gasoline cars are very less like a clutch, fuel injectors, spark plugs.

Mahindra REVO Electric Car Insurance Coverage Includes

Third party coverage: Coverage includes the medical cost of an injured person or the property damage of the third party.

Collision coverage: Collision coverage is an optional coverage to policyholder caters 100% coverage to damaged parts.

Comprehensive coverage: Covers damage caused due to natural disasters, theft, vandalism, other than collision.

Medical coverage: This coverage helps to claim medical bills for owners and passengers in case of an accident.

As electric vehicles are new to an Indian market especially Mahindra REVO, it may be difficult to find certain parts in a marketplace for repairs directly, this clause makes a factor in the increase of Mahindra REVO car insurance policy. Get the various quotes online and compare the plan to avail best insurance plan for Mahindra REVO car insurance.

For more detailed information and the suggested plan reach or support team to get the right Mahindra REVO car insurance premium.

Ways to avail discount on Mahindra Reva insurance policy

  • Online web aggregator provides you extensive discount options to save on your Mahinda Reva insurance premium.
  • A safety Anti-lock braking system is equipped to avail a discount.
  • Safety restraint factory in-built systems like airbags, seatbelts save your money in terms of discounts.
  • Anti-theft devices and features secured equipment helps to avail the discount.
  • To know more about Mahinda Reva cars and about the possible discount go through our online portal.

Factors that have an adverse effect on your insurance premium

  • Any changes made for exterior or to enhance engine performance after the purchase of a vehicle.
  • How cheaper are your parts and labor for the model.
  • Driver's past claim and driving history reflect the premium. The lost cases that impart the right motor insurance premium online reflect the premium.

How to get the lowest premium for Mahinda Reva

PolicyBachat provides you the best competing insurance plan for your Mahinda Reva car. We compare the quotes from the top 20 insurance companies, you can take the right policy which provides the best deals. Premium is considered according to the variables included in it if you avail more add on covers your insurance premium will increase. Due to the increase in slab rate for the insurance category Mahinda Reva insurance cost in India is higher at 18%.

Get the bumper-to-bumper insurance plan if you need extensive coverage at the time of claim settlement and a comprehensive car insurance policy with a recommended add-on to minimize your Mahinda Revainsurance premium amount.

Car insurance premium calculator is the ultimate tool provide by insurance companies. Every insurance company provides calculates car insurance quotes online. To know the exact premium on your vehicle fill out the mandatory fields about the vehicle and policy on the car insurance calculator page.

Policyholders are in hesitation that, “are the premium paid for the right policy?” A policyholder can clarify their doubts by comparing the list of car insurance premiums. A car insurance calculator is a valuable tool for every policyholder to configure the exact plan for their need.

With this online car insurance calculator buyers do no need to guess the premium amount, can evaluate policy through specifications, and buy the best insurance policy. An insurance calculator is useful to know the insurance cover limits, deductibles for the premium.Cashless garages are the list of network garages that are tied-up with the insurance company to provide cashless service to their customers.

Benefits included in car insurance calculator

Easy to compare the quotes with the benefits each company provides.

Know yourself what are the factors that made your premium higher than another insurer.

You can avoid the agent role and the policyholder can make his own decision in buying the policy.

Car Insurance Premium: Own damage premium - NCB Discount + Liability Premium

How to buy a Mahinda Reva Car insurance policy?

Before buying the policy firstly, a policyholder should compare the car insurance quotes from top companies to conclude the best Mahinda Reva car insurance online. is the right destination to compare the numerous insurance quotes in one place. Mahinda Reva car insurance price is cheap if taken from the portal due to the good discounts offered by the insurance companies for policies booked online through our PolicyBachat registered office. Buy/Renew Mahinda Reva car insurance policy online and save big!

PolicyBachat is an IRDA-certified Insurance Web Aggregators insurance company limited. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. We share your submitted information only with the insurers.

We give the best security to your submitted information also. We are providing the best health insurance, life insurance,etc from general insurance companies like royal Sundaram, HDFC ERGO, IFFCO TOKIO, etc.

Cheap Mahinda Reva Car Insurance

Cheap Mahinda Revacar insurance quotes can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill in the details of the applicant for quote generation such as type of car, RTO location, registered date, email address of the applicant, name of the insured, mobile number, car details, etc.

Third-party car insurance premium rates are decided by IRDA and are subject to change each year depending on the previous year's premium collected, claims settled, and many other factors. The Mahinda Reva insurance claim covered in third-party liability is death and disability, property damage, and personal accident cover for car owner/driver under your car insurance plan.

Best Mahinda Reva Car Insurance

Best Mahinda Reva car insurance quotes can be sorted from our online portal where the basic process is to fill in the details of the applicant for quote generation such as type of car, RTO location, registered date, email address of the applicant, name of the insured, phone number, etc.

Third-party premium rates are decided by IRDA and are subject to change each year depending on the previous year's premium collected, claims settled, and many other factors. The claims process covered in third-party liability is death and disability, property damage, and personal accident cover for car owner/driver under your car insurance policy.

Premium: Factors like model and age of the car, fuel type, your age, the city where you live, profession, etc. depend on the premium amount you pay for car insurance. You can use your NCB points and other discounts to cut down on your premium.

Determine Car Insurance Premiums Through Car Insurance Calculator

In your hunt for the ideal car insurance premium, it is vital for you to understand the amount of car insurance premium that you pay to your insurer every year.

If you haven't calculated your premium till now, then it is about time for you to compare your car insurance premium with other policies. This is where a car insurance calculator is required. The car Insurance calculator accesses the amount of premium that you pay by considering all the coverage options and benefits included in your car insurance India policy.

For calculating new car insurance India or car insurance renewal premiums through car insurance calculator, you should provide your details like your age, medical history, and annual income. There are many prominent companies that have designed and developed car insurance calculators to easily interface the consumers with their car insurance India or car insurance renewal policies.

Approach the car insurance calculator which is IRDA approved and provides detailed information on different car insurance policies. Find your best car insurance policy through our easy-to-use car insurance calculator by calculating car insurance premiums for different policies. Visit PolicyBachat exemplary services or call us on customer care number  18000-123-4006/1800-123-4003 for booking your best car insurance policy.

How does Car Insurance Calculator work?

  • A car insurance calculator is mainly designed to give an overview of your expected monthly or annual insurance premium. With this car insurance calculator tool, you can compare different policies issued by insurers within few clicks.
  • Rather than approaching an insurer’s car insurance calculator, you are advised to evaluate your car insurance premium through a web aggregator where you will have an option to compare and calcite the car insurance premiums for different policies from different insurance companies through their car premium calculator tool easily. For best insurance policies visit online or call 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003.
  • Enter the car insurance calculator tool to choose a policy of your own and select the details of your age, profession, income for very detailed results. Later to this, you will be displayed some coverages and their respective premium amounts for your reference.
  • A car insurance calculator or car premium calculator is the best way to find your car insurance India premiums early where you can benefit by reducing your premium costs for lower amounts by decreasing unnecessary coverages.
  • Comparison of insurance policies through car insurance calculator is beneficial as it gives you a detailed insight about different insurance policies involving different coverages. This lets you choose the best existing car insurance policy without any trouble.

One of the best places to evaluate your car insurance premium through a car insurance premium calculator is the Policy Bachat car insurance Calculator. You can visit our website or call us for various car insurance policies. Reach us on 1800-123-4006/1800-123-4003 or log on to PolicyBachat.

How to Save on Insurance Of Car Efficiently

The only means to safeguard your vehicle and yourself against damages is by enabling the protective coverage of insurance of the car.

The cost of the insurance is divided into two factors: the insured declared value IDV or Insured's Declared Value and the Premium. The IDV, in the case of car insurance India, is decided based on the market value of your vehicle and is the amount that you decide to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. The remaining costs are taken care of by the car insurance companies.

You can always take a glance at the sample premiums from various car insurance companies before car insurance purchase or car insurance renewal to get an idea about the type of premium options being offered by the insurers. You can chip in your information in the car insurance calculator and find sample premiums for car insurance online.

IDV for car insurance in India affects the premium to be paid.

The percentage of the total invested amount in the insurance of the car that you choose as deductible or the IDV determines the amount to be paid as premiums to the car insurance companies. As you increase the deductible, the premium automatically decreases.

However, this does not mean it is wise to choose a high deductible at random without considering the various factors that determine it. You need to be careful while deciding the amount of IDV you can pay and the premium that the car insurance companies are supposed to pay as the premium becomes a part of your annual expenditure.

You should take into account the following factors before deciding upon the amount of deductible and premium for the insurance of the car.

The premium that is affordable for you

Car insurance India premium is a payment you need to make regularly to take good advantage of the constant coverage of the policy. For that, you need to decide the amount of money, out of your total annual income, that you can invest in the insurance of a car. Hence, it is very important to decide carefully how much money you can pay as the premium and how much you can afford as the IDV for any kind of damage caused to your car.

In a nutshell, if you want to get the most favorable insurance of car, you need to scrutinize your driving history, your surroundings, and regular commute and the frequency of occurrences of accidents there, your affordability, etc. and then take a judgmental call on the amount you will be investing in the insurance of car.

If you are looking forward to getting the best car insurance, deciding on the above factors is not enough. You also need to be aware of the different car insurance India plans offered by various car insurance companies, compare them online through an aggregator, and only then purchase the most suitable car insurance online. Web-aggregators like PolicyBachat renders great help in comparing and purchasing insurance of car online.

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