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Does your Car Insurance cover damages due to Rat Bite?

Electrical installations in car are one of the most sensitive parts and even the slightest damage to them could render the car malfunctioning the car. We have seen many instances where the damages to the electrical systems in cars are caused by the rodent or rat bite leading to the repairs. A rodent or rat might chew the wires in the electrical system of the car which causes the malfunction of the car and damage to the electrical system.

Rat Bite Cover In Car Insurance

There might be many questions popping up in your mind regarding the rodent bite such as Is rat bite covered in insurance in India? Is rat damage to the car covered in insurance? Does car insurance cover rat damage? What is the process for a rat damage insurance claim? how to avoid rat bite in car? Etc. will be answered in this article.

Real Life Scenario:

Ms. Ruby has purchased a brand new Audi car and has taken Comprehensive online car insurance for the period 2020-21. She has done car insurance comparisons for car insurance online before purchasing car insurance policy. Due to insufficient parking space, she was forced to park her car on the road near her house. Her house is near an underground tunnel many residents including her are facing the menace of rodents. These rodents are roaming around the colony freely causing all possible kinds of damage to the properties around.

Ms. Ruby and her family had left for an outstation trip leaving their car behind parking on the road. After the trip, while taking out her car she found that the car was not starting. After examining the system she found that the wires connecting the engine are chewed off by a rodent. She has taken the car to a nearby garage and after careful examination, the final repair bill came around Rs.45, 000. The Audi car insurance for comprehensive cover can reach as high as Rs.2 Lacs when the extra coverage has opted in the form of add-ons or Riders.

Is Rat Bite Covered in Car insurance?

Ms. Ruby has then intimated the incident to her online car insurance company stating that the loss has occurred due to rodent damage. The insurance company has sent a surveyor to examine the loss and arrive at the quantum of loss. After a couple of days, she has received a mail from the insurance company stating that the claim is rejected.

Upon enquiring with the insurance company, they replied that the damage is caused due to wear and tear and not due to the rodent bite. Even though it is clearly visible that the wires are chewed off by a rodent, the insurance company is not ready to settle the claim.

This behavior from the insured forced Ms.Ruby to file a complaint in the Ombudsman against the insurer. The Ombudsman has observed that the damage is caused by the rodents which is accidental and is by external means and ordered the insurance company to settle the claim with interest payable above bank rate.

It can be observed here that the damage is caused by an external visible means and the damage was accidental in nature. As per the policy wording of the Comprehensive insurance, any accidental damage which is external and by visible means should be covered under the policy.

How to Prevent Rodent Damage to your Car?

If you have experienced rodent damage or you would like to prevent your car from rodent damage then the following preventive measures are to be taken.

  • Don’t throw leftovers outside: Leftovers from your last meal are to be disposed of properly. If they are thrown out or near the car there is a high chance that it will attract not only the dogs and cats but also rodents. If it becomes a habit, then the rodents try to get accommodation near the leftovers which would be your car. In the search for accommodation, rodents can cause severe damage to your car.
  • Stay away from Rodent Zones: Avoid parking your vehicle in the rodent prone area. Rodent prone areas such as a forest, tall grass, shrubs, near drains, etc. If you are parking outside, stick to open areas and gravel roads.
  • Seal the Hiding places: Anyplace in your garage or your house you feel can be used as a hiding place for rats and rodents should be sealed off completely.
  • Protect Car engine: One more important thing to do is to block any entrances to the engine with any available material while taking care that it doesn’t disturb the functioning of the vehicle. If possible use rodent or rat repellents near the car to prevent rats from entering the engine of the car.

How to Protect Car from Rats

Rodents can be found everywhere and the chances of entering into the car and damaging it. Let us know how to prevent rats in car? how to prevent rodent damage in cars? how to prevent rats from entering car? how to avoid rats in car?

  • Rats hate lighting so keep your car in a spot with ample lighting and let light disturb the creature that might be nesting there.
  • There are several types of repellents to avoid rats in the car. Use peppermint oil and strategically place them in different corners to keep the rodents away.
  • Keep food out of their reach and keep your surroundings clean.

How to Protect Car Engine from Rats?

  • Remove or seal off rat hiding places near the car
  • Block small entrances to the car engine compartment
  • Use electronic deterrent devices
  • Make your engine clean

Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Rodent Damage?

The Comprehensive auto insurance policy not only covers third-party damages but also covers damages due to an animal attack on your car. So, under the own damage section of the comprehensive auto insurance policy, damage due to rodents that get inside your car may be covered.


After understanding the rodent or rat bite damages caused to the car, we can finally conclude the below points.

  • Rat bite coverage in motor insurance is covered under the own damage section of the comprehensive car insurance.
  • Rat damage insurance claim is admissible under the Own damage section of the Car insurance as the damage is caused by Accidental and visible external means.

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