Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in Hyderabad, Telangana 2023

Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in Hyderabad, Telangana

With the increase of vehicles in India, car insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. In the last few years, we have seen car insurance grow into an industry that has innovated to meet its customer needs. Today, there are more options than ever before and so it is hard to choose who's right for you. This article will help you decide which company is best for you by providing information about the 10 best car insurance companies in Hyderabad, Telangana.

There is a wide range of companies offering car insurance in Hyderabad, so finding a provider you can trust is also important. Ultimately, insurance is just a promise to pay out when something goes wrong. So you want to make sure you pick the best insurance company that has a good track record of doing the right thing for their customers.

The best car insurance in Hyderabad gives you the right cover at the right price and is there in your hour of need. We’ve also picked out the top 10 car insurance policies that give coverage in specific categories. That being said, it’s always a good idea to compare quotes from a range of providers to make sure you’re getting the right cover at the right price. To choose the best, you need to have at least basic knowledge of all the top options in front of you. The same goes for the car insurance companies in Hyderabad India.

  1. Raheja QBE Car Insurance - “High Claim Settlement Ratio”
  2. Edelweiss Car Insurance - “Best for Discounts”
  3. Universal Sompo Car Insurance - “Best for Low Complaints”
  4. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance - “Best for Customer Satisfaction”
  5. SBI Car Insurance - “Best for Rates”
  6. IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance - “Best for highest customer satisfaction”
  7. Acko Car Insurance - “Best for End to End Digital Experience”
  8. Navi Car Insurance - “Best for After Sales Services”
  9. Oriental Car Insurance - “Best for Advanced Digital Options”
  10. Shriram Car Insurance - “Best for Reliable Claim Assistance”.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Hyderabad, Telangana:

Car insurance is essential to protect yourself from the financial risks caused by damaging your car, damaging another person’s property or vehicle, injuring someone with your vehicle, and more.

With so many car insurance providers in Hyderabad, it is easy to be overwhelmed when looking for the best car insurance company in Hyderabad for your needs and many choose policies based on price alone through comparison websites, when finding an insurer should be about much more:

  • The best coverage for a reasonable price
  • Excellent level of customer service
  • Efficient claims process
  • Accessible ways to manage policies and make payments

Here are the top 10 leading car insurance companies in Hyderabad based on high scores for customer service and reviews handling from financial services as well as the quality of the cover on offer, including additional add-ons.

Find the Right Car Insurance For You in Hyderabad, Telangana:

Of the top cheap car insurance companies in Hyderabad, each company offers customers quite different premiums, features, and experiences. Here's what you should know about these companies before you decide which is best for you.

There are several options that you can choose from, naturally, and we have picked the best 10 out of them to help you zero down to the one that’s best for you. Following is a comprehensive layout of the top car insurance companies in Hyderabad with a brief introduction of plans and benefits that they offer:

1) Raheja QBE Car Insurance

Raheja QBE has very competitive car insurance rates for many types of car insurance customers, which makes it worth a look if you want cheap car insurance. Its low level of car insurance complaints is another reason to consider Raheja QBE.

Why Choose:-

  • The quick claim settlement process
  • Readily available customer support
  • Instant policy issuance and faster process.

2) Edelweiss Car Insurance

The Edelweiss Group is one of the largest financial services groups in India. Edelweiss provides a broad range of financial products and services, catering to a substantial and differentiated client base, including corporations, institutions, and individuals. They combined with a relentless focus on systems, processes, and the highest governance standards, enable us to deliver quality services to customers.

Why Choose:-

  • Good customer support
  • Priority services at preferred workshops
  • Quick claim settlement.
  • Good and hassle-free pre-sales and post-sales services
  • Towing facility – spot repair services
  • On-time Services
  • 24x7 claim assistance.

3) Universal Sompo Car Insurance

Universal Sompo Car Insurance shines with its optional coverage options, its claims process, and its low level of complaints, which helps it overcome only average rates. Universal Sompo car insurance policy offers aid to the car owner if he/she meets with an accident that causes damage to the car. Universal Sompo car insurance plans not only cover damages but also have a compulsory personal accident cover.

Why Choose:-

  • Quick claim settlement
  • Instantaneous purchase
  • Wide range of add-ons
  • Towing facility – spot repair services
  • 24x7 claim assistance
  • Robust customer support system.

4) Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Royal Sundaram offers decent car insurance rates for all customers and many helpful add-on coverages. The level of complaints against it for car insurance is very low. The company also has many optional offerings that can give you better insurance protection, making it a good choice to look at when comparison shopping.

Why Choose:-

  • Good and hassle-free pre-sales and post-sales services
  • Towing facility – spot repair services
  • Free coverage for flat tyre and emergency fuel delivery is available under its car insurance plans
  • On-time Services
  • 24x7 claim assistance.

5) SBI Car Insurance

An SBI car insurance policyholder will not have to worry about paying the garage bill or the hospital bill if he/she meets with an accident. This full Government-owned insurer offers a wide range of effective car insurance products which can help deal with different types of situations on road. This SBI car insurance protects your finances against any losses incurred when your vehicles meet with accidents or are damaged during natural and man-made calamities.

Why Choose:-

  • Easy and hassle-free purchase process
  • 24x7 claim assistance.

6) IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance plan is your one-stop protection plan for your car. IFFCO Tokio was also the first company in India to offer property and liability insurance. Also, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance was the first to establish Bima Kendra across rural India.

Why Choose:-

  • Instant digital copy of the policy
  • Quick and hassle-free claim settlement
  • On-road protector coverage
  • Surveyors for immediate claim initiation.

7) Acko Car Insurance

Acko General Insurance understands that car insurance is a simple and effective way to protect your car from unforeseen risks. Acko Car insurance saves costs, complies with the law, and stays hassle-free with ACKO’s online car insurance policy. Having good car insurance is a necessity to protect you from financial losses that come along with road accidents.

Why Choose:-

  • 24x7 emergency assistance
  • A dedicated claims team
  • Claim approval within 7 days
  • 1 day pick up for repairs
  • 3 step door delivery at no cost.

9) Oriental Car Insurance

The company provides great and innovative products for its customers. Oriental Car Insurance Plans have been deliberated to gratify the need for protection cover for our cherished vehicle. Likewise to its various other plans, ensures all the range of misfortune events are well covered under its Car Insurance Plan.

Why Choose:-

  • Premium Discounts
  • Cashless repair facility
  • Excellent customer service.

10) Shriram Car Insurance

Shriram car insurance has highly competitive car insurance rates and low complaint levels making it worth checking out. The company continues to focus on the needs of customers, grooming talent, and bringing a great platform with the latest technology and ideas so that customers will get the best out of their investment portfolio and has a good claim settlement ratio.

Why Choose:-

  • 24x7 Hassle-free claim process
  • Survey and assistance within a day
  • Simple claim procedure
  • Updated claim status.

Reasons to Buy Car Insurance Online In Hyderabad, Telangana:

The first advantage of choosing a car insurance company online is convenience. If you have the luxury of free time and access to a computer, it is an easy process. It also allows you to compare different types of coverage, which can save both time & effort.

  • For anyone looking for the best car insurance in Hyderabad, it is easy & quick to find and many of the top companies offer great rates.
  • With online car insurance, it is possible to buy your policy from any location. No matter what time or place you choose, it is as easy as pie!
  • You can get affordable car insurance by going to the PolicyBachat website. You find the best auto insurance providers in Hyderabad, who have been rated high for quality and value.
  • You can also renew your car insurance in Hyderabad online in time even if you forget to get online motor insurance renewal in Hyderabad done before that.
  • It is not difficult to find out the best motor insurance online in Hyderabad. You can easily select the best car insurance companies in Hyderabad if you choose to compare car insurance online in Hyderabad so that you can finally obtain the best auto insurance plan in Hyderabad online.

Compare Top 10 Car Insurance Companies in Hyderabad, Telangana India:

Car insurance is an essential part of personal financial protection. With the help of this article, you can compare the top 10 car insurance companies in Hyderabad and find the best one for you.

Car Insurance Companies in Hyderabad Claims Settled Premiums
Raheja QBE Car Insurance 16 lakhs 2848 Get a Quote
Edelweiss Car Insurance 20 lakhs 2926 Get a Quote
Universal Sompo Car Insurance 1.11 lakhs 2348 Get a Quote
Royal Sundaram Car Insurance 15 lakhs 2482 Get a Quote
SBI Car Insurance 6.23 lakhs 2936 Get a Quote
IFFCO TOKIO Car Insurance 8.61 lakhs 3284 Get a Quote
Acko Car Insurance 10 lakhs 3138 Get a Quote
Navi Car Insurance 12 lakhs 2836 Get a Quote
Oriental Car Insurance 18 lakhs 2627 Get a Quote
Shriram Car Insurance 2.08 lakhs 2737 Get a Quote

Tips to deal with Claims related to your Car Insurance Policy in Hyderabad, Telangana:

Claims are often a big part of insurance companies. They are important to your company’s reputation and can be difficult to manage. You should know what to do to deal with claims and customer service-related issues as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips for dealing with claims and customer service related issues:

  • Renew the policy on time
  • Make sure you have the right policies in place for your business.
  • Have a good understanding of the different types of claims that can arise from your business such as theft, car accidents, etc.
  • Always know your company’s claims process and protocol.
  • Have a plan in place for what to do when a claim is filed.
  • Report to the Police and File an FIR
  • Provide All Relevant Documents to Your Insurance Company
  • Have Proof of Damages
  • Not familiarizing yourself with the policy’s coverage.


There are a lot of car insurance companies to choose from, but our analysis shows that these stand out. We've prioritized some factors you'll want to consider when buying car insurance in Hyderabad such as the average response time and how available the company is in your area. We evaluated large car insurance companies based on your needs for average rates, coverages, features available, levels of services, and claim assistance.

Whether you’re looking to switch insurers or you’re buying car insurance for the very first time, there are several factors to keep in mind when trying to find the right coverage for your vehicle. We recommend you go through all the providers based on their affordability, strong financial standing, and positive customer service ratings. It’s always good to compare insurers before buying car insurance in Hyderabad. Get free car insurance quotes when you shop to find the best coverage and price for your insurance needs.

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