Toyota Car Insurance Price List In India 2023

Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturing company with its headquarters in Aichi, Japan. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyoda and has since gone on to become a multinational manufacturer of cars, ranked worldwide both for its range of models and quality of products. The cost of Toyota car insurance varies depending on the type of policy that you choose to buy.

In India, Toyota first arrived in 1997 as part of a joint venture with the Kirloskar Group. The joint venture was named Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Limited. Their Indian headquarters is in Bangalore, Karnataka. Toyota now ranks as one of the top six automobile manufacturers in India.

Every car owner should opt for a car insurance plan while purchasing an Toyota car. The insurance policy will protect the car by providing financial coverage in situations like a road accident, theft, or a mishap for loss or damage sustained by the car. The compensation against the damages or losses in an event of a collision or a mishap provides a huge sense of relief to policyholders.

Everyone cannot afford a car; hence, purchasing it is not that common in society. This increases the significance of car insurance as it can be difficult for many car owners to get their cars repaired after fire, accident, vandalism and so on. Therefore, you should pick a standalone own damage or a comprehensive car insurance plan to cope with such situations.

Toyota Car Insurance Price in India

PolicyBachat offers a comprehensive Insurance policy that covers loss and damage to your Toyota along with liability to third parties. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured. To know the estimated Toyota car insurance cost of your brand new Toyota car, all you have to do is fill in your car's Manufacturing year, and Mobile number to purchase it easily.

Toyota Car Models Toyota Car Model Variants IDV (Insured Declared Value) Zero Depreciation Cover Toyota Car Insurance Price
Toyota Qualis Fleet A1 3.89 lakh - 21,958
Toyota Innova Crysta 2.8 AT Touring 10.5 lakh 7355 28,226
Toyota Corolla Executive 8.01 lakh 4250 22,137
Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Petrol 43.78 lakh 37,182 1.19 lakh
Toyota Commuter Diesel 17.83 lakh 15,163 50,375
Toyota Prius New 34.19 lakh 18,123 64,007
Toyota Sera Petrol 7.33 lakh - 33,129

Reasons to Buy Toyota Car Insurance Policy:

Some of the reasons why buying Toyota insurance for your car is a Smart decision:

  • It provides own damage cover to safeguard your Toyota car against damages or losses due to theft, natural calamities, accidents, fire, manmade hazards, etc.
  • The owner-driver of the Toyota car is provided with a personal accident cover
  • It takes care of the high cost of repairing your Toyota car.
  • Option to choose comprehensive or third party liability insurance for your Toyota car.
  • It comes with a large network of garages where hassle-free cashless repairs are done.
  • It offers a wide range of add-on covers, such as return to invoice, NCB protection, zero depreciation cover, etc.
  • You can reach out to customer support services in case of any query or claim intimation.
  • It provides No Claim Bonus (NCB) reward if you drive your Toyota car responsibly and do not file any claims.

How to Renew Toyota Car Insurance?

You must renew your car insurance policy before its expiry. You can easily do that by following the Toyota insurance renewal process. Here are the steps involved in the Toyota insurance renewal process.

The car insurance renewal process has been made simple with PolicyBachat online portal car Insurance where the process is quite simple. Below is the process to renew your car insurance online.

  • Enter the required details like, Make and Model of Car,
  • Enter RTO & Registration date,
  • The premium from different insurance companies is displayed.

Select the best insurance company as per your requirements and proceed to the payment page. The instant policy would be available after the payment is completed.

Documents Required for Toyota Car Insurance Claim

Following are the documents you will require for filing a claim for your Toyota Car:

  • Claim Form
  • Copy of Registration Certificate
  • Copy of Driver’s Licence
  • Copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC)
  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of PAN Card ( For claims higher than Rs. 1 lakh)
  • Satisfaction Voucher
  • Car Insurance Policy Document

Approach to get a Perfect Insurance for your Toyota Car:

Since all Toyota car series belong to the luxury class, taking full coverage is of utmost importance. Toyota cars are packed with sophisticated gadgets and electronics as well as a fine quality exterior. Therefore, any small dents or gadget failures may prove to be heavy on your pocket. You should select the coverage in such a way that it covers all kinds of accidental cases and other issues. Since coverage is maximum, premiums and deductibles will also be very high. Hence any percentage of discounts on the premium will be a good relief.

Be judicious before buying insurance for your Toyota car. Certain things that you can keep in mind before taking the policy are:

  • Since the car is a luxury one, Bumper-to-Bumper coverage is a must.
  • Explore the different coverage available and find out the one that is right for your car.
  • Compare the risks covered and the premiums being offered by different carriers through a Toyota car insurance online insurance aggregator so that you can put your hand on the best deal, i.e., maximum coverage at a lesser premium.
  • Look for discounts being offered by different insurers and find out if you are eligible for any.

Variants Cost of Toyota Car Insurance

Are you planning to purchase insurance for your brand new Toyota car? Regardless of the fact that your car is a luxury one like the Land Cruiser or a small family car like the Etios, you need to think wisely while buying insurance for your car so that you get maximum coverage at minimum possible rates.

PolicyBachat gives you the option of calculating the IDV, deductibles and premiums of different available insurance plans from different carriers, through the Toyota Car Insurance Calculator, based on certain information provided by you. This is the best way you can make a smart choice and put your hands on the car insurance that will be appropriate for your requirements as well as suited to your budget.

Bewildered with the tons of car insurance plans available in the market? Not able to decide which policy to choose to get the best deal? Getting the most suitable car insurance is simple if you follow three simple rules before purchasing a policy.

  • Familiarize yourself with the available coverages offered by different insurance carriers and then choose the one you need.
  • Always compare the various plans available and then decide which policy to take.
  • Look out for discounts being offered by various insurance companies and also look for ones you are entitled to.

PolicyBachat presents this information to you so you don’t have to do the research on your own. We help you get the best quotes for your Toyota to compare and choose from.

How much should I spend on my Toyota Car Insurance?

Optimal car insurance is one that gives maximum coverage at the lowest premium. Choosing car insurance that covers all your requirements and also charges you less premium or gives you certain discounts or offers would be the most suitable choice.

The class and price of the car often decide the amount of coverage required. Toyota cars range from high-class Sedans to SUVs to compact Hatchbacks and the coverages for each of them also varies accordingly. Some would opt for bumper-to-bumper coverage while others might just want to get major issues covered. The premium increases or decreases based on the coverage required. Major factors that decide the quality of the insurance plan risks it covers, its IDV (Insured Declared Value), the monthly premium and deductibles that you can afford, and discounts that you are eligible to get.

Coverages for Toyota car insurance:
  1. Roadside assistance: It assists you during a car breakdown while on your drive. You just need to contact the nearest network garage to get help at the spot.
  2. Cashless settlement at all network garages: Your car has broken down in the middle of a highway? You don’t have enough money to pay for the repair services? These are exactly the situations where you need this coverage. You will get cashless repairing service if it is done from any of the network garages.
  3. Engine protection coverage: It covers damages or leakages caused to the engine of the car due to an accident. This coverage, however, is not available for all Toyota cars.
  4. Third-party liability coverage: This gives coverage in case of an accident or collision, where injury or death has occurred to another person or property and you are responsible for the situation.
  5. Personal accident coverage (driver and owner): This gives you financial coverage in case of any injury caused to the owner or driver.

Toyota Car Models

The list of TOYOTA car variants for new or used cars are:


Toyota Camry sedan is a petrol drive with a 6-speed automatic gear system with features steering mounted control, central locking system, anti-lock braking system, front-seat airbags, and cruise controls. The automobile provides a drive of comfort and convenience.

Insurance for Toyota Camry 2.5G automatic is provided by Bharti AXA and Bajaj Allianz with their plans covering Standard, Flexible, Best Value, and Zero Depreciation. The list below shows some of the premiums provided for the vehicle.

Toyota COROLLA H2 1.8 E:

Toyota corolla is a sedan with VVT-I motor 125 BHP and with 5 gear system. The petrol run machine has power steering, power windows, and rake steering adjustment. The car provides comfortable travel for the user.

Policy Bachat provides distinct policies for Toyota Corolla H2 1.8 E offered by major insurers along with their insurance plans which are IFFCO-TOKIO- minimum IDV and maximum IDV, L& T- minimum IDV, Maximum IDV and standard, HDFC-ERGO- standard, and emergency assistance and Bharti AXA-standard. The below is a list of some of the premiums for the vehicle.

Toyota COROLLA H7 1.8:

Corolla holds the most sophisticated safety options which secure your travel. Its GOA body, break assist with ABS and EBD, dual SRS airbags, front and rear fog lamps, and rear camera with display binds together to provide the commuters a harmless drive.

Insuring your Toyota is mandatory. Find the best insurance plan through Policy Bachat which partnered with the major insurance companies in India like HDFC Ergo, Bharti AXA, and IFFCO-TOKIO. The insurers hold some premium plans like standard, minimum IDV, maximum IDV, zero depreciation, and emergency assistance for your car. The chart given below represents the sample premiums for the car from various insurers.

Toyota COROLLA ALTIS 1.4 D-4D J:

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.4 D- 4D J is a practical sedan with a highly fuel-efficient diesel engine. It has a manual gearbox system of 6-speed variations along with relaxed interiors. One can buy this car for its durability and reliability.

The policy plans like standard, Maximum IDV, Minimum IDV, Best Value, Flexible, and Zero depreciation are provided by major insurers like IFFCO-TOKIO, Bharti AXA, and Bajaj Allianz. The table gives some sample premiums for Toyota Corolla Altis 1.4D-4D J.


This revolutionary new design of Corolla Altis assures an enviable luxury, sophisticated drive with comfort, and Hi-Tech facilities, which makes the car more desirable.

Policy Bachat provides car insurance for Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 VL from insurers like HDFC ERGO, IFFCO-TOKIO, Bharti AXA, Bajaj Allianz, and L& T with their premium plans like standard, the best value, emergency assistance, flexible, minimum IDV, maximum IDV, and zero depreciation. A list of some sample premiums is provided here below.

Toyota INNOVA 2.5 V 8 STR:

Toyota Innova is a highly sold SUV, which offers comfort with spacious seating arrangements and a safe ride with a seat belt and open door warning system. This SUV is one of the best options for comfortable long rides.

Policy Bachat provides various insurers with distinct premium plans for Toyota Innova 2.5 V 8 STR. Bajaj Allianz with their premium plans like standard, the best value, flexible and HDFC-ERGO with their plans as zero depreciation and emergency assistance. Policy Bachat provides the list of some premium plans for the vehicle as follows.


The automobile with 2 electric motors resulting in 190 HP maintained the trend of minivans. It comes with facilities like hot and cold storage, night parking sticks, raised glass J top roof which are major necessities for a long travel.

Major Insurer Bajaj Allianz provides insurance for Toyota Estima STD offering premium plans like Standard, best value, and Flexible. The below list informs about the sample premiums offered.

Toyota ETIOS 1.4 D - 4D GD:

This car gives you a real sedan experience with its passionate, dedicated, and highly performed engine. The car also comes with durable, reliable, and qualitative functionalities that accommodate the passengers with high comfort and safety.

Insurance for this model is offered by insurers like IFFCO-TOKIO, L& T, Bharti AXA, HDFC Ergo, and Bajaj Allianz. They provide premium plans like standard, the best value, zero depreciation, flexible, minimum IDV, and maximum IDV. The data given below represent some of the sample premiums offered.

Toyota ETIOS 1.4 D - 4D VXD:

This model from Toyota is slim with a 5-speed gearbox, with a diesel engine, multi-functional steering wheel, tachometer, child safety locks promise a drive with fun and security.

Policy Bachat’s varied list of Vehicle insurers like Bajaj Allianz, IFFCO-TOKIO, Bharti AXA, and HDFC-ERGO provides insurance for Toyota Etios 1.4D-4D VXD. The insurers offer various plans for their premiums like Standard, Best Value, Minimum IDV, Maximum IDV, Flexible, and Zero depreciation. A tabulated form is given below for some of the premiums offered.

Toyota ETIOS 1.5 G PETROL:

Toyota Etios is a sedan with affordable pricing and with a 5-speed gearbox. The model has updated its features like airbags, spacious cabin, frugal and powerful engine. It is known for its reliability and low cost of maintenance.

Policy Bachat gives a varied list of insurance companies which offer insurances for Toyota Etios 1.5 G petrol. They include L& T, HDFC-ERGO, Bajaj Allianz, and Bharti AXA. These companies possess some premium plans under them which are Standard, flexible, minimum IDV, maximum IDV, zero depreciation, and emergency assistance.

Toyota ETIOS 1.5 V PETROL:

Toyota Etios is a car with comfort and performance. It has a spacious cabin, with premium seating, well equipped digital instruments. The car is loaded with sophisticated features which makes the ride enjoyable.

HDFC ERGO, Bharti AXA, IFFCO-TOKIO, and Bajaj Allianz are the insurance providers for this car. They provide insurance under their premium plans like standard, emergency assistance, minimum IDV, maximum IDV, zero depreciation, and flexible. Policy Bachat gives the details of some sample premiums for the car from various insurers.


Car insurance for this Toyota variant is offered by IFFCO-TOKIO, HDFC ERGO, Bharti AXA, and Bajaj Allianz. These insurers provide some premium plans like Standard, Emergency Assistance, Best Value, Flexible, Minimum IDV, Maximum IDV, and Zero Depreciation. The table for some sample premiums is provided here.


TOYOTA ETIOS LIVA 1.2 G PETROL is a compact and reliable car at an affordable price. The engine is small and compact when compared to other models from Toyota and has a CRDI fuel supply system. It provides a smooth and comfortable on-road drive with good mileage.

Policy Bachat provides some premium plans like standard, flexible, zero depreciation, and emergency assistance which are offered by major insurance providers like Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA, and HDFC-ERGO for Toyota Etios Liva 1.2 G Petrol. Some of the premium plans are given below.

Toyota ETIOS LIVA 1.4 D - 4D GD SP*:

This family car is filled with the most basic needs to luxurious facilities that leave your family with a Feel-at-home experience.

Bajaj Allianz, Bharti AXA provides insurance for this variant under some of their premium plans like standard, flexible, the best value, zero depreciation. Policy Bachat gives an overview of the sample premiums offered.


The SUV with its strong built and powerful diesel engine offers exceptional performance. With a 5 gear manual speed system it provides an excellent all terrain comfortable drive with satisfying fuel economy.

Bajaj Allianz offers premium plans like standard, the best value, Flexible along with HDFC-ERGO, which provide emergency assistance and zero depreciation plans, Bharti AXA provides standard and zero depreciation and L& T’s standard policy for insurance of Toyota Fortuner FA Manual Transmission. The list discusses some of the premium plans offered for the vehicle.


The car contains a 5-speed automatic transmission gearbox with a powerful diesel engine offering good mileage and better power.

Insurance providers like Bharti AXA, L&T, and Bajaj Allianz provide insurance with their premium plans like standard, flexible, the best value, zero depreciation, minimum IDV, and maximum IDV for this model. Policy Bachat provides some of the sample premiums as shown below.

Toyota INNOVA 2.0 G2 (PETROL):

This improved MPV has got a stunning makeover, showing its stylish body. This car not only has majestic looks but comes with amazing new features showing its elegance and luxury.

Policy Bachat gives you a list of insurance providers which offer insurance on Toyota Innova 2.0 G2; they include HDFC-ERGO, Bajaj Allianz, IFFCO-TOKIO, and Bharti AXA. These insurers give some premium plans like standard, zero depreciation, the best value, flexible, emergency assistance, minimum IDV, and maximum IDV. The data given below discuss some sample premiums that are offered on the car.

Toyota INNOVA 2.5 E 8 STR:

Toyota Innova is the most desirable MPV in the market for its comfort. It's spacious in-cabin, comfortable seating, and well-organized digital panel portrays its comfort throughout the drive.

Insurers like Bajaj Allianz. HDFC Ergo, IFFCO TOKIO, Bharti AXA provides car insurance for this model with different premium plans namely Standard, the best value, flexible, minimum IDV, maximum IDV, emergency assistance, and Zero Depreciation. Policy Bachat provides some of the sample premiums offered for this model.


The car has contemporary body graphics with a stylish chrome line and is incorporated with front and rear fog lamps. The bumper of the car is sturdy with a sporty side modeling. Overall the exteriors of the car look fresh and sharp.

Standard, Emergency Assistance, best value are the premium plans of HDFC-ERGO and Bajaj Allianz, who provide insurance for this particular model. A gist of sample premiums is given below. Standard, Emergency Assistance, the best value is the premium plans of HDFC-ERGO and Bajaj Allianz, who provide insurance for this particular model. A gist of sample premiums is given below.

Toyota INNOVA 2.5 G (DIESEL) :

Innova 2.5 g is the most popular SUV which is released in both petrol and diesel variants. This multi-purpose vehicle is allotted with ABS and a healthy suspension mechanism. This automobile has looks, style, comfort, and good performance.

Bajaj Allianz is a notable insurer for its insurance plans like standard and best value offers insurance to this MPV. Some of the premium plans are discussed below.

Toyota INNOVA 2.5 G2 (DIESEL):

The interiors of the car look captivating with its classy dashboard and Hi-Tech features assimilated together. The sophisticated seating gives you the pleasure of comfort.

Insurance on this Toyota variant is issued by a major insurance provider, Bajaj Allianz. Insurance is given under a premium plan like standard. Some of the premium plans are discussed below.

Toyota INNOVA 2.5 GX (DIESEL):

This diesel variant of Innova has high ground clearance, ventilated front disc brake, and a powerful engine that offers great performance and generates better power.

L& T, IFFCO-TOKIO, Bharti AXA, Bajaj Allianz, and HDFC-ERGO provide insurance for this car with their premium plans minimum IDV, maximum IDV, standard, zero depreciation, the best value, flexible and emergency assistance. Some of the premium plans are given below.

Need Help? call PolicyBachat at 1800-123-4006 or 1800-123-4003 and our insurance specialist will be there to assist you.

Calculate Premium for TOYOTA Car Insurance

Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In 2016 Toyota became the world's largest automobile manufacturer and the first to produce more than 10 million vehicles in a year. Toyota Motors has the largest sales market in hybrid electric vehicles, Toyota developed advanced technology hybrid vehicles with high mileage at a single charge. Toyota Prius is the Toyota hybrid vehicle brand that sold 6 million vehicles in the global market.

Toyota Corolla is one of the most selling and the best car globally with over 40 million sales. Toyota Etios, Toyota Innova, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Fortuner are the highest selling vehicles in India.

Why Toyota car insurance policy?

As the vehicle is prone to accidents/damages one should secure their vehicle by the right insurance policy. Insurance policy helps you to claim for damages in case of adverse cases, zero depreciation insurance policy is preferred for a new vehicle for optimum claims. Insurance premium for zero depreciation is higher than the comprehensive insurance policy to provide 100% claim settlement.

What is covered?

This Accident Protection plan takes your full responsibility when you meet with an accident. There are varied other covers in this plan that will cover you effectively with your Toyota Innova insurance policy. Your personal accident cover of Toyota Etios insurance will cover your monetary expenses on Accidental death, permanent total disability, and permanent partial disability. All the Toyota Camry insurance companies will assist you with hospital cash during your hospitalization. If you were traveling on public transport, when you had met with an accident, you will receive double indemnity. However, this is applicable only under your demise in the accident or permanent total disablement. There are Toyota Corolla insurance policies issued by some car insurance companies that are applicable throughout the world.

Explore Accident Protection Plan of Your Toyota Insurance Policy

Accidents are definitely nightmares. Who won't be interested in saving their life and their precious Toyota car? The insurance market is filled with varied Toyota car insurance policies with different coverage options.

We know with a library of guiding books you will choose the best Toyota insurance policy, but the question is will that be sufficient. We all know accidents can be disastrous; one might get hurt pretty badly. With this Toyota comprehensive car insurance policy, he might not get covered completely.

Why distress yourself more? There is a perfect solution for all these imperfections, an accident protection plan. Let us get to know, what an accident protection plan actually is.


No medical Tests: What a relief! This Personal accident cover of the Toyota Fortuner insurance policy will relieve you from all-day-long pre-medical tests that keep you waiting for enjoying the benefits. Buy Toyota Prius insurance with an accident cover add-on to cover yourself and your dream motor. This personal accident cover is applicable between the ages of 18 and 65. Do you know this personal accident is one of the economic add-ons that you can add to your Toyota Land cruiser insurance policy?

There is always a bright future for you out there and the Toyota car insurance policy will assist you to reach there. Get your dream vehicle insured to make your ride secure.

Saving money on Toyota car insurance India policy

What does your dream Toyota car require more than secured coverage? What will you look for, other than reducing car insurance premiums? This is for you, who want to reduce the premiums on Toyota car insurance India policy. These simple steps will control your premium prices on Toyota car insurance India policy.

Now is the time to review your insurance and filter unnecessary coverages that only add up your premiums. Remember to compare Toyota car insurance India policy online with varied other policies issued by other insurers to make sure you’re not paying excessive premiums. Here are the secrets that save your Toyota car insurance India policy premiums:

Buy online :

This is the best practice to buy the best Toyota car insurance India policy. Online web aggregators will provide you with varied car insurance policies of different coverages from varied insurers. Comparing different coverages and benefits will definitely bring out the best Toyota car insurance India policy. It clearly matters to save premiums for you and this definitely is the best option. This is your chance to choose the best Toyota car insurance India policy. Log on to and compare prominent car insurance policies to buy the best. Still have queries call us on 1800-123-4003.

Your Toyota car insurance India policy becomes even more beneficial when you completely provide all the details required to your insurer from your age to your profession. These are the main aspects that decide your premium amount.

Toyota Car Insurance FAQs:

What is Toyota Car Prices in India?

Toyota car price starts at Rs 8.97 Lakh for the cheapest model which is Glanza and the price of most expensive model, which is Vellfire starts at Rs 1.06 Crore. Toyota offers 6 car models in India, including 1 car in SUV category, 1 car in Sedan category, 1 car in Hatchback category, 2 cars in MUV category, 1 car in Compact SUV category. Toyota has 3 upcoming cars in India, Belta, Rumion and Hyryder. Toyota car insurance prices in India will vary as per the Coverage Types, Fuel Variant, RTO, and Model variant, etc.

Car Model Price
Toyota Fortuner 36.94 lakh
Toyota Innova Crysta 20.86 lakh
Toyota Glanza 8.97 lakh
Toyota Belta 9 lakh
Toyota Camry 47.02 lakh
Toyota Vellfire 1.06 crore
Toyota Urban Cruiser 10.41 lakh

How to Buy Toyota Car Insurance Online?

It will take less than 5 minutes to buy TOYOTA car Insurance policy. You can buy a car insurance policy online by visiting our website. We provide several car insurance policy premium quotes offered by different insurers from which you can choose one that suits your needs and budget.

As a car owner, you can easily buy TOYOTA insurance online:-

  • Go to the form on the top of the page
  • Fill up the details of your TOYOTA car such as RTO, model, engine capacity, fuel type, etc.
  • Provide your contact details including your name, email id, etc.
  • Choose the best insurance for TOYOTA car as per your requirements
  • Pay the TOYOTA insurance price online via net banking or bank debit/credit cards
  • Your motor insurer will issue your TOYOTA insurance online.

Is Toyota worth buying?

If you are hesitating to buy it is likely because of the price on market. Toyota cost more than some other models, but they also have features that you can’t get from any other manufacturer. These are some reasons why Toyota’s are worth the expense in terms of quality, luxury, performance, and reliability.

What are the Toyota Car Insurance Exclusions?

  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Drunk driving the Toyota car
  • Wear and tear of the car
  • Driving outside the geographical limit
  • Consequential loss of the car
  • Damages due to nuclear perils
  • Depreciation in the value of the Toyota car
  • Damages due to war or related perils.

Why you should not buy a Used Toyota Car?

  • Inexperienced owners means poor maintenance
  • A lot of jerks drive Toyota’s
  • Electrical Problems
  • It’s a ticking time bomb
  • Toyota makes more money selling parts
  • Well-document reliability issues
  • Cheaper parts
  • Enjoy the best years of the car, lease a new Porsche
  • Old TOYOTAs should not be daily drivers

Why it is Important to Have Toyota Car Insurance?

  • Covers for any damages/losses caused to the third party
  • Provides comprehensive car insurance coverage
  • Offers cashless transactions through network garages
  • Get end to end claims assistance

Why is Toyota Car Insurance So Expensive?

Toyota is known for manufacturing some of the most luxury cars in the world and hence they don’t come cheap. Engine is the major component of a car which decides the pricing. The vehicle must have high-end features that go above and below.

Which is the highest and lowest priced model in Toyota?

Toyota car model with car variant of Vellfire is the highest priced model in all Toyota cars. Toyota car model with car variant of Glanza TSI is the lowest priced model in all Toyota cars.

Compare and Buy Toyota Car Insurance, If Need Help? call PolicyBachat at 1800-123-4003 and our insurance specialist will be there to assist you.

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